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Best Vegetarian Restaurants in New York

Published by: Bounce23 June, 2022

New York City, also known as New York or NYC, is the most populous city in the US. As of 2020, there were more than 8.8 million residents in 300.5 square miles, which is pretty crowded. And New Yorkers like to eat. So, it just makes sense that there are tons of excellent eateries in the city.

However, you may have trouble finding good vegetarian restaurants in NYC because a lot of the famous foods from there are well... not exactly healthy. For example, some of these include the New York Style cheesecake, pizza, and pastrami sandwich as well as the Manhattan clam chowder.

But you can definitely find some awesome vegetarian restaurants in New York if you know where to look. We can help you with that. From corner cafes to the fine dining restaurant in town, New York does have some outstanding eateries that serve vegetarian and vegan dishes.

In fact, many restaurants in NYC serve their own vegan versions of some of these favorites such as veggie burgers with vegan cheese. You can even find some fine dining establishments that serve a vegan tasting menu. But don't drag your bags and other belongings along while you dine. Find the nearest luggage storage facility to safely leave your bags while you indulge in some vegan cooking, New York style.

Delice & Sarrasin

You will not find too many authentic vegan French restaurants, even in France. But Delice & Sarrasin offers a plant-based twist on traditional French cooking. They make some of the most delicious French dishes such as coq au vin made with pea protein, carrots, onions, and mushrooms and tagliatelle aux fruits de mer with vegan squid.

The family-owned restaurant is casual-classy, making you feel special as soon as you walk in the door. Although they are known for their crepes, both sweet and savory, you will find a whole menu full of comfort food that tastes even better than its meaty alternative. You can find this hidden gem at 20 Christopher Street in the West Village.

abc cocina

Chef Jean-Georges has been serving up delicious vegan eats for many years and he has truly perfected every recipe he has tried. Located at 38 East 19th Street, abc cocina is a uniquely casual cafeteria-style restaurant with a bright and airy atmosphere. There is also a bakery and a farm-to-table diner next door owned by the same abc company.

They even have a rooftop garden where they get the produce used in the dishes Chef Jean-Georges lovingly prepares. We recommend the roast carrots and avocado salad with creme fraiche or the hearts of palm with mandarin orange and toasted chili vinaigrette. This is truly one of the best vegan restaurants in NYC.

Seasoned Vegan

Seasoned Vegan Restaurant is situated at 55 St. Nicholas Avenue in Harlem by Central Park. The mother and son, Brenda and Aaron Beener turn soul food dishes into vegetarian comfort food. You may see a lot of meaty words like beef, chicken, and fish but everything is vegan here.

This is one of the best vegan restaurants in New York City, serving classic dishes we all grew up loving but making them vegan. The lemon-crusted "fish steak" is divine. Add a side of baked mac & cheese and then enjoy vegan cupcakes for dessert. It's the perfect meal after a New York hike!

Vegan Hood

Just across the street from Seasoned Vegan at 2100 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Vegan Hood is also one of the best vegan restaurants in the city. Between the two, you don't have to choose just one. Have lunch at one and dinner at the other so you can enjoy both. They both serve vegan soul food, and the competition is fierce, so you always get the best.

Chefs Lanise and Janine turned all their favorite dishes from childhood into 100% plant-based dishes that their vegan friends loved so much that they decided to open Vegan Hood. If you only have room for one thing, get the vegan fried chicken. It is amazing.

Screamer's Pizzeria

Whether you go to the pizzeria at 620 Manhattan Avenue or 685 Franklin Avenue, you will get the most delicious vegan pizza in New York. The easygoing atmosphere makes you feel comfortable instantly and the aromas will make your mouth water.

There are dozens of specialty pizzas to try such as the White Pizza made with almond ricotta, vegan cheese, and olive oil or the Artichoke Pie made with long hot pesto, vegan sausage, and artichoke hearts. If you don't want pizza, they also have vegan calzones.

Amanda Cohen's Dirt Candy

Don't let the name fool you; this is not a place that sells sweets that have been dropped on the floor. Instead, Dirt Candy features the delicious food we get from the earth; plant-based food. Located at 86 Allen Street on the lower east side, Dirt Candy boasts an exciting menu filled with unique vegetarian dishes.

But this is not a casual cafe as you would expect from the name. It is a sophisticated vegetarian restaurant with a tasting menu like you would not believe. You can get five or 10 courses with vegetarian and vegan food. Each course features different ways to eat a vegetable from the smoked onion lox tower to the asparagus mousse.

Bunna Cafe

Thinking about some Ethiopian food? Bunna Cafe in Brooklyn at 1084 Flushing Avenue serves huge platters filled with savory spiced veggies and other vegan options. And with an indoor dining room and outdoor seating, you have plenty of spots to choose from. From brunch to dinner, everything on the menu is made with 100% plant-based foods.

Who said healthy ingredients had to taste bland? At Bunna Cafe, everything is spiced to perfection with special blends of Ethiopian herbs and spices. Some of the recommended menu items include the Enguday Tibs with cremini mushrooms, Gomen steamed collard greens with ginger, and Misir Wot red lentils made with spicy berbere sauce. You should also try one of their natural wines.

Toad Style

This cozy place at 93 Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn is as casual as they get with a cute name to boot. It is a tiny cafe for sure and since they are very popular with the locals, you will find a line there just about any time of the day so be prepared to wait unless you want to order carry-out.

When the smallest place in New York also happens to be one of the best vegan restaurants, you know there will be a crowd. But you can enjoy a basket of deep-fried cauliflower, banh mi, and veggie burgers made of mushroom and lentils with almond cheese as well as pizza fries and a marinated eggplant parmesan sandwich.

The Picnic Basket

The Picnic Basket not only has vegetarian options galore, but you also get a splendid view of the Hudson River on one side and the East River on the other. You will find this petite eatery at 65 West 47th Street near Times Square, which is also in view as you enjoy your meal.

This is one of those vegan eateries that feature the basics with a twist. Their Mediterranean/Asian/Italian menu includes more than 20 different sandwiches and most of them are vegan. We also recommend the hummus bowl. It comes with two handmade pitas, and you can pick your own toppings.

Hart Breakers Vegan

At Hart Breakers in Brooklyn, you can enjoy dishes like vegan fried chicken with seitan bacon, loaded waffle fries, and delicious salads. Created by the same people who own Screamers Pizzeria and Champs Diner and inspired by dishes from the 1970s, this is a unique place with a fun atmosphere.

Whether you want small plates of different veggies or expertly prepared plant-based versions of your favorite comfort food, the menu at Hart Breakers is long and enticing. Located at 820 Hart Street, you enjoy a stellar view of Maria Hernandez Park as you devour the best vegan and vegetarian foods in New York.

Spicy Moon Vegan Restaurant

This East Village vegan restaurant serves items like mapo tofu, dan dan pasta with impossible meat, and several delicious eggplant options. Traditional Chinese dishes are remade to be some of the tastiest vegan food in New York. All they do is get rid of the animal protein and replace it with soy protein. You get vegan comfort food served in style.

You will find spicy wontons, amazing spring rolls, and veggie dumplings as well as our favorite, General Tso's mushrooms, and honey walnut edamame nuggets. The eclectic decor and quaint atmosphere make every meal here a pleasure and it is one of the best vegan restaurants in NYC.

Avant Garden Vegetarian Food

Just east of Spicy Moon, head to the upper east address of 130 East 7th Street where they serve vegetarian meals that are as delicious as they are inventive. The east village view is splendid with Tompkins Square Park as well as the East River right outside.

We suggest you try the chickpea parmesan hero with chickpea cutlets and papita parm or the greens & dreams bowl filled with smoked tempeh, pesto broccolini, and garlic carrot mash. In addition, Avant Garden restaurant offers a gluten-free menu for those with dietary restrictions.

Superiority Burger

If you want a fast meal of burgers and fries vegan style, Superiority Burger at 119 Avenue A is right next to Avant Garden in the East Village. Although many people still believe a veggie burger will never taste as good as a real one, you have to try one of these.

They may call it faux cheese, but what comes out of this vegan kitchen is nothing short of amazing. In fact, all of their vegetarian food tastes like the real thing, or even better! Because the place is so small, many people get their food to go and enjoy it next door at Tompkins Square Park. But come here to eat even if it's raining outside. While dining, peruse our guide about rainy day activities in New York.

Guevara's Restaurant

Speaking of parks, Guevara's just opened a second location in the perfect spot next to Domino Park and the East River. At 319A Kent Avenue in Brooklyn, not far from their location at 39 Clifton Place, not only do they sell delicious food, but they also have plants, greeting cards, and pantry items for purchase.

In fact, both locations are considered plant palaces serving coffee, pastries, and vegan food. The breakfast torta is one of the favorites but we recommend the bagel & "lox" or black bean soup. For dessert, everything is good but if you pass up the cinnamon or chocolate babka, you will be disappointed.

Greedi Vegan Food

The Greedi Vegan Restaurant has a menu full of soul food made vegan so you can feel great while indulging in some comfort foods. The mac & cheese bowl with quinoa fried chicken is so good, that you will not believe it is plant-based at all. The pine nut ricotta in the southern fried lasagna is also something you should not miss.

Located at 180 Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn gives you stunning views of both the Hudson and East Rivers. The smoked grits & oyster mushrooms and vegan crab cake sliders are also recommended. The walnut burger is outstanding as well. This vegetarian restaurant is truly one of the best for those who want lots of choices.

Samudra Indian Restaurant

For those looking for a vegan Indian Restaurant, you cannot go wrong at Samudra. We recommend the Masala Dosa, which is a crispy crepe filled with potato masala and served with sambar and coconut chutney. The Onion Dosa is also outstanding, made with crispy rice and lentils sprinkled with cilantro and onion.

In fact, there are over 20 dosa entrees and 23 curries on the menu. This casual and friendly restaurant at 75 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights has a wonderful view of Flushing Bay and the East River to the north and Flushing Meadows Park to the south so dine in rather than picking it up.

Blossom Vegetarian Restaurant

Blossom has several locations in New York City starting with its flagship location which opened in 2005. Located at 507 Columbus Avenue by Central Park, the large open dining area was opened by two animal lovers who wanted to introduce everyone to how delicious vegetarian food can be. There is also an outdoor dining space during the warmer months.

Being located on the upper west side between the Hudson River and Central Park, you will have some superb views no matter where you are seated. The menu boasts items like jackfruit tacos, blossom burgers, and vegetable dishes of all sorts. There are no animal products here.

Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

You will not have to look far to find some of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in New York because they are pretty much everywhere. Whether you want something fast from the Caravan of Dreams food truck or mozzarella sticks and chickpea parms from Modern Love, you can find all that and more in New York. And if you are wondering what time of year to see the city, read our guide on the best time to visit New York. Then, come and eat to your heart's content!

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