Gramercy Park Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Gramercy Park, New York

Gramercy Park is a neighborhood known for the coveted gated community that shares the same name. This private park is located in Manhattan, New York, and it is extremely difficult to get a key to access it. People who live around the park are able to obtain a key by paying a yearly fee. Covering approximately two acres of land, Gramercy Park is still an excellent place to explore with a sidewalk circling the circumference. The actual neighborhood has a good reputation and is generally seen as an upscale destination. Admire the historic buildings, get a drink at Pete’s Tavern or attend a show at the Gramercy Theatre - whichever you choose, your visit to Gramercy Park is sure to be a memorable one. 

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Gramercy Park Bag policy

While you won’t be able to access the park, you will still be able to explore the Gramercy Park neighborhood. Bags are certainly allowed in this public space, but you probably won’t want to be carrying anything too heavy or bulky - it will only slow you down! If you find yourself stuck with your things or inconvenienced by your daypack, check them into Bounce luggage storage near Gramercy Park. It’s a flexible storage service that caters to tourists and locals, providing affordable storage according to the timeframes that suit you.

Gramercy Park Food policy

Looking for dining options in Gramercy Park? You won’t be disappointed! Enjoy a view of the park (even if you can’t enter it) while devouring a delectable Italian dish at Maialino. It is great for any meals, although beware of the hefty price tag that comes with the impressive location. For exceptional food in an aesthetically pleasing venue, you can’t go past Upland. Offering contemporary American food, there’s something here for everyone. For something a little more casual and budget-friendly, try L’Express. The French menu features exquisite food and everyone will leave satisfied. 

Gramercy Park Camera policy

Whether you are a keen photographer or simply looking for your next Instagram square, Gramercy is sure to impress. The neat streets, charming buildings, and leafy park areas will have you taking pictures at every turn. 

As always, be respectful when taking photos in a public area. You should never photograph someone without their permission. Personal photography is completely acceptable throughout Gramercy Park, however, if you are taking photos for professional purposes you might require a permit. This is specifically applicable if you are photographing a specific business as they will need to give you permission. 

Gramercy Park rules

Gramercy Park is only accessible to people with a key. Unfortunately, keys are very hard to come across so you probably won’t be able to enter the gated community. You will, however, be able to explore the neighborhood around the park until your heart is content. 

Make the most of local service likes Bounce suitcase storage near Gramercy Park. You won’t want to be held back by your belongings, so drop them here and get out on the town.

Gramercy Park Lockers

Bounce luggage storage lockers near Gramercy Park can be used for big and small items. The service offers secure, affordable storage so you can drop your things and enjoy the neighborhood without the hassle of looking after your bags. It doesn’t matter whether you have a late check-in, are sick of your day pack, or have over-indulged in the retail therapy, Bounce has you covered. There is no specific storage time so you can make the service work for you. Exploring a new city has never been easier. 

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