Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Newcastle

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Newcastle is a city in North Eastern England of the United Kingdom. It was first built as a Roman fort back in 122AD but has transformed over the years to become the beautiful town that it is today. Thanks to its location by River Tyne, Newcastle has some beautiful natural landscapes that are complimented by impressive buildings and ancient architecture from when Newcastle Upon Tyne was first established. If you are interested in the town's story you will be pleased to hear that Newcastle has more than enough museums and art galleries to keep any historian or arts enthusiast occupied.

If you have come to Newcastle for shopping then you will not be disappointed. It has its own collection of designer stores and unique shops for you to explore, as well as huge malls housing all of the top high street favorites from around the world. By the time you are done shopping your hands will be full of new clothes, accessories and items, and you will need both hands to carry it all. Make your life easier by storing your suitcase or backpack at a luggage locker in Newcastle. Then, shop to your heart's content!

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Popular Malls and Outlets in Newcastle


You will find MetroCentre not too far away from the city centre in Gateshead. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in the city, in fact it is Europe's largest shopping centre, and should definitely be your first stop if you are looking to spend an afternoon shopping. In total there are around 330 different stores set up in this one mall, and with such a big variety of choices, anyone can find something to bring home.

You might recognize some of the flagship stores like Debenhams, Bhs or House of Fraser. Come here for specifically tailored clothing, accessories, shoes, electronics, toys and beauty products. Aside from all of the shops, you can find up to 50 different restaurants and eateries in the MetroCentre, and even a theater.

Central Arcade

Make your way to Grainger Street to find one of Newcastle's great shopping centres that has been around since 1837. The Central Arcade is old but serves as a nice break from the crowds since it is not one of the busiest shopping destinations in the city. In the past it has been a commercial exchange center, a newsroom, art gallery and now shopping mall with 18 unique stores for you to discover.

Here you can find shoe stores, resellers of musical instruments, coffee shops, cafes and homeware vendors. It is worth a visit just to see the building itself which has vaulted glass ceilings, mosaic tiles and marble detailing. On site, you will also see the Newcastle Tourist Information Centre which can guide you towards other fun activities and places to visit on your trip, such as Newcastle museums.

Royal Quays

Go to the Royal Quays for a completely different shopping experience than the rest of the malls inside the city. This is the place to go if you want some of the top fashion clothes at a discounted price, as most of these outlets sell products for up to 60% off.

You will see clothing and accessories for men, women and children as well as jewelry, accessories, sports equipment, beauty products and more. The buildings are located near the ferry terminal so if you get hungry you can grab a snack from one of the cafes and go eat it by the water.

Trinity Square

If you want to shop in style then make your way to this shopping and leisure centre which is also found in the area of Gateshead. All of Trinity Square's independent eateries and fantastic retailers are ready to sell you amazing products for you and your home.

It is a good spot to shop for the whole family with several trendy clothing boutiques, toy stores, homeware stores and more. Trinity Square also offers its shoppers plenty of places to eat if they get hungry. If you need a break between visiting stores you can catch a film at the Vue Cinema located inside the mall.

Monument Mall

You will find Monument Mall close to the historic Greys Monument which is found in one of the city's top shopping streets. The building is not too big but it is beautiful, spanning up four floors high and home to a total of 15 stores. These include names like Toni & Guy, Body Shop and Evans.

As usual, the shopping centre has a food hall with eateries ready to serve you in a variety of different cuisines. You can get here easily through the Monument metro station or by car; check out the options at Newcastle Central Station.

Eldon Square

Eldon Square is another shopping center in Newcastle that is open 7 days a week and has plenty of places for you to browse. There are more than 140 stores inside this complex selling everything from clothing and accessories to craft supplies and jewelry. Eldon Square also has several beauty salons, footwear stores and gift shops.

The restaurants housed inside the mall allow you to shop for hours without having to leave the area. Found attached to the building is a slightly smaller mall called Eldon Gardens which houses luxury chain brands and independent merchants. Eldon Square is easy to get to by bus or light rail and also has a parking lot if you choose to drive.

Designer Stores in Newcastle

Leaf Clothing

If you want to see one of the city's specialist shops, you can check out Leaf Clothing. They are a small business that is family run and values their loyal customer service and boasts some exclusive clothing choices. Everything is of the best quality and can't be found anywhere else, so you can go home with some truly unique fashion pieces.


This shop is perfect for any women who want to find practical and modern clothing to spice up their wardrobe. The shop was founded in Newcastle back in 1996 and has been a local favorite since. They have pieces suitable for wearing to work, in a casual setting or formal event. Make sure to stop by their shop during your stay in England.

The Yesterday Society

This is one of Newcastle's hidden gems where you can find some retro clothing and accessories to create your own dream outfit. The Yesterday Society is described as Aladdin's cave, packed full of unique shirts, pants, jewelry and other miscellaneous items for you to fall in love with. At places like this that sell vintage and retro clothing, you never know what could be in stock so don't miss out on your opportunity to find something great. The Yesterday Society has racks full of items for you to check out.


If you are looking for a retailer selling great products at an affordable price then you should take a shopping trip to Havetolove. This store has been featured not only once but twice in the famous Vogue magazine as one of the best boutiques, which shows exactly how great it is. The shop features lots of unique designs for women's clothing suitable for any event, from relaxing loungewear to activewear or even something nice to wear out.

Peak Boutique

If you are looking for some modern and trendsetting clothes then you will love the Peak Boutique fashion. Everything sold here is of the best quality and made in limited amounts, meaning that you can find exclusive pieces that aren't sold anywhere else in the world and are sure to make you stand out. Their shop in Newcastle is one of a kind, so make sure to include them in your shopping spree!

VJW Jewellery

If you have already found your dream outfit in the other local stores then the next step is to accessorize. This small retailer sells some of the best necklaces, bracelets and other retro jewelry perfect for making a fashion statement with any outfit. They also offer jewelry repairs so if you have anything on you that is broken they might be able to help out. You can find them at one of the stalls in the popular Grainger Market.

Laura Lea Boutique

This shop might not be what you need for casual clothing or everyday wear, but if you happen to be a bride in search of a wedding dress or someone looking for a similar gown then this is the place for you. It can be a good spot to find stunning prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses as well, along with other clothing and accessories for special occasions. The staff can help you pick out the perfect gown and add the personal touches that will make it flawless.

The Best Shopping Areas in Newcastle

Northumberland Street

Northumberland Street takes the title of the best high street in all of Newcastle by far. Here you can find everything from world-renowned brands, independent retailers, department stores and food vendors. You will recognize names like TK Maxx, Marks and Spencer or H&M. Head to Fenwick, the premiere department store, to shop for home décor, cosmetics and stylish clothing to fit every budget.

Your stroll through Northumberland Street will most likely include street performers and live entertainment. When you get hungry you can head to the Fenwick Food Hall to grab a snack or stop by one of the local coffee shops.

Quayside Market

Head to Quayside to find the lively Quayside Market where you can shop for basically anything. All the stalls are set up with products made by local artists, fashion designers, jewelers, food producers and more.

The whole area around the market is beautiful, so it is well worth the stop even if you don't want to buy anything. Quayside Market opens every Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm, making it a great activity for a relaxing weekend morning.

Grey Street

Grey Street is another great place to go shopping and is located in the Newcastle city centre not too far away from Northumberland Street. It is where you can find the Theatre Royal which is a great place to visit for some entertainment, as well as the Grainger Market mentioned below and other independent stores, cafes, bars and art galleries.

Take your time to wander around the area and appreciate the classical architecture dating back from the 1830s. These old buildings have made the area one of the most historically significant spots in the city.

Grainger Market

This market is old and has been around since 1835. Grainger Market is covered so you will be protected by the elements and can find a selection of stalls set up for you to peruse. It is a great place to find meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and local produce. Other than food, you can find a fantastic mix of stalls selling CDs, clothes, books, games, shoes and other niche products.

The market is open every day of the week except Sunday and times vary so do some research before heading out. If you want to get creative, try to visit on the second Saturday of the month when they host the arts and craft market.

Real Retail Therapy in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle is home to many shopping centres with flagship retailers, several independent shops selling unique items and a few specialist outlets perfect for a bargain hunter. Whether you want to visit one of the department stores as a one-stop shop or take your time exploring a market and independent shopping heartland, Newcastle has something for you.

If you are up to it, spend all day shopping in Newcastle. Most of the malls and shopping complexes are just a short walk away from casual dining restaurants that can serve you a delicious sit down meal to recharge. You can also make your way about the city and find a street food vendor for a quick bite. Make sure to visit some of the locations on this list to stock your wardrobe with the latest high street fashion in England.

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