Wine Tasting in Newcastle: 10 Places You Have to Try

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Wine Tasting in Newcastle

There are many things to do in Newcastle at night, but enjoying an incredible meal and vintage bottle from one of the many amazing eateries or wine bars is among the best. The north of England is hardly Napa Valley or Burgundy, but Newcastle has much to offer wine connoisseurs. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne makes up for the lack of boutique wineries with a number of the UK’s best wine bars lining the medieval streets. From sparkling wines to cabernet sauvignon to robust reds and even dessert wines, you can find it all in Newcastle.

Before you drink too much wine to care too much about your belongings, head to a Bounce luggage storage facility in Newcastle to drop off your bags. Then, you can enjoy all the best wine-tasting experiences without a care in the world. Here are the best bars, restaurants, and wine tours to taste delicious wine in Newcastle:

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Best wine bars in New castle

5 Quarter Cafe Bar 

This cozy wine bar, which is part of The Common Room, is located inside one of Newcastle’s oldest buildings in The Stephenson Quarter. 5 Quarter is a comfortable spot for a meal or tasting wine, and their sleek decor and mood lighting are perfect for a romantic getaway. Their wine list is small but well-curated, with brands from all over the world. Their selection really shines with wines from South America, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. They offer weekly deals on featured bottles and vineyards, and every day before 7 pm, any order of two glasses comes with the rest of the bottle for free. 


Neville Hall, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SE

Allard’s on the Quay

Located on the Quay near the ocean, Allard’s is the perfect spot for stopping in for a cozy glass of wine with friends or family after a day on the beach or a boat ride. While this isn’t the fanciest bar or most encyclopedic wine list, Allard’s has the perfect location, and the no-frills atmosphere is complemented by the very affordable prices (about £3.50 for a medium glass). 

This spot is perfect for ordering by the glass, which allows sippers to enjoy a nice variety. Their small-but-serious wine list sources vintages from boutique wineries in South America, Australia, and beyond. The list is split between Old World and New World, with sparkling, white, red, and rosé options for each. Their knowledgeable but friendly staff can help even the most clueless novice through the ordering process. The stylish bar area has great views of the water and serves Spanish-style tapas, which is great for groups to share. While the wine list rotates frequently, trying something from an obscure boutique winery is always the most fun recommendation. 


1 Union Quay, North Shields, NE30 1HJ

Carruthers & Kent

Tucked away off of the High Street in the stylish Gosforth neighborhood, Carruthers & Kent is one of the most popular wine bars for locals. This fashionable bar is modeled after a traditional Italian enoteca, with brighter colors and a casual, social space for enjoying wine and small plates. Their charcuterie and cheese boards are all delicious, but they also serve local delicacies like the Northumbrian sausage roll. 

Not only is Carruthers & Kent one of the best wine bars in Newcastle, but it’s also one of the best wine shops in England! This bar was one of the first establishments in Newcastle to adopt the increasingly-popular hybrid shop/bar business model. Customers can sample wine at the bar while exploring their racks for new bottles that they can take home. They specialize in curating wines from small boutique wineries in Europe, especially sparkling wines from Portugal and Spain. This is a must-hit for any wine tour!


3A Elmfield Road, Gosforth, NE3 4AY

Cook House

Situated in the artsy Ouseburn neighborhood, Cook House specializes in serving experimental and modern wine styles. The wine industry’s cutting-edge has exploded in popularity in recent years, with orange (skin-contact white) and natural wines becoming common on modern wine lists. Cook House has the best selection of these varieties in Newcastle, and the trendy clientele reflects this. 

They offer select wines by the glass, but the true gems are generally available for bottles only. Luckily, the expert staff will walk you through the entire menu to mitigate the risk of ordering the wrong bottle. If you’re curious about the future of wine or want to hang out in a hip bar, Cook House is the best option in Newcastle. After you’ve sampled the coolest new orange wine from Oregon or New Zealand, explore the Ouseburn neighborhood for shopping, art galleries, and more bars. 


Foundry Lane Studios, Foundry Lane, NE6 1LH

Cooke House for wine tasting in Newcastle

Dobson & Parnell

Bustling Quayside has just about everything a traveler would ever need, including an excellent wine bar and restaurant. This elegant spot creates an upscale environment with authentic Victorian decor, comfy leather seats, and an ornate dining room. 

While the wine list is incredible, what Dobson & Parnell truly excels at is creating a fancy experience without making it stuffy. This is a relaxed place for wine lovers to unwind and enjoy a meal. The tables generally lean small, which makes Dobson & Parnell better for date night than drinks out with a large group. If you really want to treat yourself, there’s a seven-course wine tasting menu with pairings. 


21 Queen Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3UG


Perhaps the best wine tasting experience in Newcastle, Kaltur brings Iberian flavors to Northern England. This cozy wine bar looks and feels like a café in Spain or Portugal, which is a pleasant change of pace from the traditional British pubs that line the streets of Newcastle. 

Kaltur’s wine list includes vintages from boutique wineries throughout Spain and Portugal, and it does a great job at promoting lesser-known vineyards. The food is the perfect complement to the wine, with traditional Spanish tapas being served alongside gourmet cheese boards.  

Kaltur is located in the bustling Quayside area by the river, so it’s situated perfectly for a bar crawl, with numerous pubs and plenty of street food.  


19 Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1PQ

Nest in the North

A visit to the Nest Restaurant and wine bar is definitely worth it for any foodies or wine connoisseurs. Their team of sommeliers has put together one of the most thoughtful wine menus in Newcastle. With a focus on curation rather than an encyclopedic length, this experience is as cool as any winery visit. While every variety of wine is available, they truly specialize in offering small-batch wines from lesser-known vineyards. Nest also excels at finding the best natural and organic wines. Nest’s wine menu is also differentiated by its focus on dessert wines, which can be rare on even the most serious wine lists. 

The restaurant is absolutely worth a visit, as they prepare gourmet food with local produce that draws from a variety of flavors. If you don’t have time for a full meal, they serve excellent meat and cheese boards along with other shareable bites. Because Nest in the North is located on the vibrant and fashionable Chillingham Road, it can get pretty busy during peak hours. Reservations are definitely recommended!


260 Chillingham Road, Heaton, NE6 5LQ

St. Vincent 

This delightful little wine bar also functions as a cafe and restaurant, but its superb wine menu makes this a destination for connoisseurs. Self-described as a ‘snack-with-a-glass-or-two’ hang-out, the decor is casual but elegant, and the atmosphere is relaxed even when busy. The owners took inspiration from the neighborhood cafes and corner bars from their travels in Italy and France, and there’s certainly evidence for this. The dining room and bar area are full of smaller tables, and it’s not uncommon for small groups to relax with a bottle and some shared plates over a few hours. There are also frequent wine tastings, sometimes the vintners are even there!

St. Vincent doesn’t take itself too seriously, but this is a very serious wine list. You’ll find familiar favorites, but there are some serious deep cuts on this menu. Like many modern wine bars, St. Vincent seeks out the best natural and organic wines from around the world, specifically from Italy and the United States. These biodynamic wines are all the rage in trendy wine bars, and St. Vincent was on the cutting edge of the trend. The knowledgeable and friendly staff really excels at educating customers about these delicious wines, breaking down descriptions, and helping drinkers find the best wine for their taste. 

Traveling with someone who doesn’t drink wine? This won’t be a problem at St. Vincent. The cocktail menu and spirits list are some of the best in Newcastle. Their cocktail menu features dependable (and familiar) classics along with some obscure creations their team of bartenders has discovered in their travels. They’ve also concocted a few of their own recipes you won’t find anywhere else. Their list includes rare aperitifs, vintage whiskeys, and an impressive array of liqueurs from all over the world.

St. Vincent hosts numerous (ticketed) events throughout the year. From wine tastings to cocktail classes, there is always something cool happening at St. Vincent, so check their calendar before you go.


29 Broad Chare, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3DQ

Places to go wine tasting in Newcastle

Cheese and Wine Tour from Triple A Food Tours 

Triple A Food Tours operates a number of wildly popular walking private tours that explore Newcastle’s thriving culinary scene. Unsurprisingly, their “Ultimate Cheese & Wine Tour” is their most popular private tour. For around £60, wine enthusiasts will embark on a wine-soaked adventure with an expert wine guide. The wine tour guides have a pleasant mix of knowledge and humor, so you’ll laugh throughout the whole tour and learn a thing or two about grapes. 

Each private tour consists of five to six stops at popular wine bars and restaurants, where there will be a space set aside for the group and a tasting is arranged. The list of stops rotates, but Triple A Food Tours only picks the best of the best for their itinerary. An underrated aspect of the food tours is the information about the neighborhoods in Newcastle. This is a great activity for the start of your visit to Newcastle because the tour guides do a great job detailing each neighborhood, which will be useful when you’re jetting around the city. The private tours are also known for creating a personalized experience for larger groups, which makes Triple A Food Tours popular with stag and bachelorette parties. 


150 Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5AF, United Kingdom


This is one of the OG wine bars in Newcastle, and it’s certainly one of the best in town. Vineyard Wine Bar is located on the bustling Grey Street and should be the first stop on any bar crawl or wine tour. The wine list is massive, with a nice variety that covers all the bases. Because they believe in tasting wine before ordering a bottle, there is always a selection of premium wines that can be ordered by the glass, and the prices are very reasonable, starting at £6.50 for a medium-sized pour. The list is exhaustive, but with a friendly staff, it’s fortunately not exhausting to navigate and find the right bottle for you! 

Vineyard isn’t strictly about wine, they curate an incredible beer menu. While they feature brews from around the world, their selection of Belgian beer is one of the best in Newcastle, and they even keep vintage bottles from world-famous breweries like Duvel. Their cocktail menu is also legitimately impressive, with a number of their own creations along with classics. The bar is an incredibly comfortable place to hang out, with booths and armchairs to sink into. Whatever brings you to Vineyard, this is a great local bar to relax with a glass of wine or a beer on a Sunday afternoon or weeknight.


1 Grey St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6EE, United Kingdom


As a travel destination, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is a true gem in Northern England, and the wine, street food, and restaurant scene are a huge part of that. Whether you’re spending 3 days in Newcastle or stopping through for an afternoon, you can find the best northern hospitality at one of these amazing wine bars. Leave the luggage with Bounce so you can get comfortable as you sample your way through the best wine tastings and food tours in Newcastle. 

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