Everything You Need To Know About Shopping in Nice

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Shopping street in Nice, France

If you're looking for a beach destination that ticks all of the boxes, it's hard to look past Nice. The coastal city is the cultural hub of the French Riviera, offering stunning beaches, exceptional weather, and unrivaled views.

Many people flock to the Cote d'Azur each year to soak up the sun and sand, but the popular vacation spot is also a premier shopping destination. From charming flea markets to modern shopping malls, there's no shortage of opportunities for some retail therapy in Nice. Whatever your taste and budget, you'll find it!

Days can easily be filled wandering shopping streets and browsing market stalls, so put on your comfiest shoes, grab your shopping buddy and indulge in some retail therapy next time you're in Nice. The best part? There's luggage storage in Nice to look after your bags when your hands get full, allowing you to keep on shopping!

Where to shop in Nice

For shopping on the French Riviera, Nice does not disappoint. It offers all of the luxury and opulence one would expect from this luxurious destination, as well as alternative retail options that epitomize French quaintness and charm. This means that there really is something for everyone.

The best shopping will depend on your personal preferences, so we recommend taking a look at the list and adding the relevant ones to your itinerary. If time permits, you could even visit them all! Our guide to getting around Nice will help you to maximize your time so you don't miss a thing.

Le Carre d'or (Golden Square)

Shopping in Nice doesn't get more iconic than Golden Square. This is the go-to destination for high-end products, home to big brand stores such as Chanel, Armani, and Louis Vuitton.

A wander down Avenue de Verdun or Rue Paradis will showcase the best shops that Nice has to offer, especially if you are seeking a luxury purchase to remember your trip to the French Riviera. While you're at it, explore the surrounding streets for beautiful architecture and more shopping opportunities.

Street of the 100 Antiquaries

As the name suggests, this street is all about antiques. Rue Catherine Segurane, also known as Street of the 100 Antiquaries, is one for the history buffs, art lovers, and antique hunters.

The neighborhood is renowned for its small shops hiding all kinds of vintage books and antique trinkets, so take your time and see if you can find a treasure to take home with you.


There's something special about French markets and Nice has some of the best.

Palace Garibaldi Antique Market is a monthly event that is held in a stunning, tree-lined street. Enjoy the beautiful location as you stroll around the open-air market and bargain to get a great price on some antique items.

Another great market option is Place du Palais de Justice Market. This flea market runs once a week and has a diverse range of arts and crafts from local producers. You'll find something different here each visit so make sure to allow enough time to have a proper browse.

For fresh produce, head to Marche de la Liberation. This market operates Monday-Thursday in the Place du General de Gaulle and has all of the fresh fruit, vegetables, and cheese your heart could desire.

Most of the markets are centrally located, making it easy to reach them from Gare de Nice Ville.

Old Town

Old Town is one of the best shopping areas in the city if you are seeking a memento for your trip. With shops dedicated to men's and women's fashion, more than one souvenir shop, and independent boutiques with local products, you are guaranteed to find the perfect token.

If you've also been wondering where to find the best street food in Nice, this is it. Shopping is guaranteed to work up your appetite, so make sure to check out the streets eats in Old Nice. You'll be able to enjoy a meal with great views and a side of people watching!

Nice Etoile Shopping Mall

There is no shortage of unique retail opportunities in Nice, but if you are looking for a traditional mall experience head to Nice Etoile. The shopping mall houses a diverse range of department stores that sell everything from electrical appliances to luxury fashion. Don't be fooled by the opulent exterior - Nice Etoile has department stores that cater to all budgets. With numerous bars and cafes, it's also the perfect place to get good coffee!

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Street in Nice, France

Nice Stores to add your itinerary

Now that we've run through the best shopping areas and types of retail available in Nice, let's take a look at specific stores that you won't want to miss. We've put together a collection of retailers that offer something unique, whether that be local produce, the best souvenirs in Nice, or simply distinct French charm worthy of a visit!


Looking for your new scent? Molinard is a traditional perfumery that has a reputation for high-quality products. Founded in 1849, the business is adept at creating beautiful scents and has a long history of providing them to the rich and famous, but that doesn't mean you can't improve your aroma too! Head to the Rue Francois de Paul and you will find this luxury institution. You might even find yourself in town for one of Molinard's workshops where you will be able to create your own unique perfume.

Boutique Sylvie T

Take home a souvenir that you'll actually enjoy with a visit to Boutique Sylvie T. This beautiful art gallery is home to a collection of impressive works by local resident, Sylvie T, and also has a retail store on-site where you can make a purchase. The artist predominantly uses pastels and watercolors to create landscapes of Nice, the perfect way to remember your trip!

La Cave de Stephane

If you appreciate a fine drop, you won't want to miss a stop at La Cave de Stephane. This little cellar is a bit of a hidden gem but boasts a collection of wine that is sure to impress even the fussiest of wine connoisseurs. It's the perfect place for a little wine education, turning even the most amateur wine drinker into a knowledgable taste tester, and there's a bottle to match every budget. Great for souvenirs, gifts or simply to enjoy in Nice.

Tresors Publics

Located in central Old Town, Tresors Publics is not your typical souvenir haunt. Forget about your plastic knick-knacks and tacky key chains - this store is all French class. The store itself is just as much of an attraction as the products themselves. Picture elegant shelves laden with handmade creations, luxurious, scented soaps lined up in rows, and soft berets hung atop coat racks and any available corner. This store is simultaneously sophisticated and quirky, housing a product range that is sure to delight every visitor.


Calling all foodies - make sure you add Alziari to your list! This store was founded by the Alziari Family in 1868 as a way of selling their olives and olive products. Over the years, the Alziari Family has continued to hone their olive growing skills and today produce some of the best in the region. Their olive mill on Boulevard de la Madeleine is the last in the city and can be toured for free. The tour is worth checking out, as long as you don't miss a visit to one of their two retail stores for all of your olive oil, pesto, and homeware needs. A French institution and a shopping opportunity in one.

La Maison Auer

France is known for its wines, but did you know it also produces great beer too? One place to get a sample of the country's high-quality brew is La Maison Auer. You'll find it in the Liberation district and is perfect for any lover of craft beer. Take a tour to learn more about brewing or just head there for a taste of all the unique beers.

Nery's Fromagerie

Have you even been to France if you don't have cheese? Fromage, as the French say, is a staple in local cuisine, and you simply must indulge when in Nice. Whether you opt for creamy camembert or a sharp Romano, Nery's Fromagerie will deliver. The store has an extensive range that will delight all tastebuds. You can buy small portions to make your own picnic or just buy a ready-made cheese platter. Either way, it is guaranteed to be delicious.


For an outfit that screams French Riviera, head to Escales. It is the ultimate choice for finding sophisticated clothing that is just nautical enough to remind you of your Nice vacation. Located on the Rue Paradis, this boutique is near high-end brands like Louis Vuitton so it will give you an excuse to browse the area and window shop. Definitely add this one to your list if you're looking for quality clothing when shopping in Nice.

Kosimi Records

The record shop scene is typically known for being somewhat grungy, something certainly not associated with the sophisticated coastal town of Nice. However, if you are keen to see a different side of the city and enjoy a hunt through an old-fashioned record shop, Kosimi is for you. If you can navigate your way through the chaotic rows and precariously stacked boxes, you just might find a real gem in one of the packed crates. There's an especially good selection of French music if you're looking for a unique souvenir.

What to buy in Nice

Now you know where to shop, let's take a look at what to buy. We've put together a comprehensive list to make shopping easy, whether you are indulging in some retail therapy for yourself or seeking out the perfect souvenir for a loved one.

Local produce

While you won't be taking any fresh produce home with you, there are plenty of locally-grown options that will survive a plane ride. Think high-quality honey and tasty jams - gifts that are sure to delight! Also an excellent option for anybody packing a picnic. Local French produce, a bottle of wine, and coastal views - perfection.

Handcrafted goods

There's no shortage of artists in Nice and handcrafted goods make the perfect souvenir. You can choose something that represents your trip, but that you will also use or enjoy. Check out the small stores and markets as you never know what you will find.

Luxury clothing

The French Riviera is all about opulence so indulge with a luxury purchase. A designer handbag, perhaps? Maybe a timeless jacket? There are plenty of high-end brands to choose from, all you need to do is get shopping!


Areas like the Street of the 100 Antiquaries are filled with hidden treasures. Spend an afternoon sifting through tables laden with past treasures and you just might be surprised by what you find. Whether it's a vintage book or pre-loved homeware, there's something special about finding an antique hidden away in a little store.


While flowers might not seem like an obvious choice for travelers, some suppliers in Nice create stunning dried arrangements that you can take home with you. It's a souvenir guaranteed to fill you with joy every time you see it.

Shopping in Nice, France


Nice is a premier shopping destination offering retail opportunities ranging from flea markets to designer stores and everything in between. While most people's minds go straight to luxury brands when they think of Nice, some of the best finds are actually likely to be in hidden boutiques and small market stalls. Whether you head to the main shopping districts or wander the back streets to see what you find, Nice does not disappoint when it comes to retail therapy. Make sure to factor some shopping time into your itinerary so you have a chance to grab the perfect souvenir for your French Riviera vacation.

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