Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Orlando

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Shopping in Orlando

Orlando is a really great place to head to enjoy theme parks, fine dining, drinks, and adventures. There are few places as fun and exciting as this city, and you will never run out of things to do and see here. Orlando is a place that offers great shopping as well.

If you are ready to get off the airplane and head to Disney Springs or to the many great shopping areas in the city, you will need to think about your bags. You will want to be sure that you get your luggage stored safely at a Bounce bag storage in Orlando. Once your bags are safe, you can start having the fun that you came here to have!

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter Shopping

Where to go Shopping in Orlando

There are so many areas of the city that are good for shopping in Orlando. You will be able to find everything from outlet shopping to boutique shopping and designer brands in this city.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs might not seem like the place to head for shopping, but this is a really excellent option for access to all kinds of shopping. There are Disney stores here as well as luxury shopping stores and more. You will get more here than you would from most shopping malls, and this location is beautiful and memorable.

The Rainforest Cafe has what appears to be a real volcano complete with fire and lava eruptions. There is also a lot to do on the water here, and you can rent a boat or enjoy a ride on the ferry to the other locations in the parks nearby.

The Mall at Millenia

This is the best luxury shopping location in Orlando. You can head here for the kinds of shopping that you would find on Park Avenue. You will be able to use their concierge service to help you navigate, or you can browse the designer stores on your own. Burberry, Hermes, and other designer brands are represented here, and you will have access to lots of great dining as well.

There are lots of hotels in this area, and if you are staying here, you can use this as your jumping-off place to enjoy lots of amazing experiences. If you need some help navigating downtown Orlando, you will have an easier time when you start from this part of the city.

The Florida Mall

This is a great place for all the usual shopping locations. You can enjoy Macy's, Dillards, and even Dick's Sporting Goods here. This is a really good place for shopping for basics as well as some designed brands. The Florida Mall is also a pretty location that offers you outdoor shopping in comfort.

The Interactive Crayola experience is also located here, which can be a ton of fun for people of all ages. The shopping is a little different than what is offered near the Walt Disney World Resort and the prices are much more affordable. Disney Springs might be more of an experience, but the pricing and the shopping are better in some ways at the Florida Mall.

Orlando Memorabilia Shopping

Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets

This is the only luxury mall in the middle of Orlando. You will be able to buy any designer brand that you want here. This is a pretty location that is walkable and offers you access to the outdoors as you browse. Downtown Orlando is a really nice area of the city, and you will love everything about visiting this area.

This is the right place to head for really good eats, including some of the best street food vendors, and is a really special experience in many ways. Sometimes the shopping isn't even the main reason to head here. These outlets are a great place to find all the designer brands that you might want to buy, and you will have a great time shopping at the Vineland Outlets.

Winter Park

This is the historic part of the city, and you should head here to see museums and cultural things as well as to go shopping. There are so many boutique shopping areas in Winter Park, and you can buy handmade items here as well as limited production creations. This is a very different shopping experience than the Orlando International Premium Outlets, and you will love this creative space. This is a place that you should visit just to see the historical sites and architecture as much as for the shopping.

Orlando Premium Outlets at International Drive

This is a giant outlet location, and you will have tons of options here. You will be able to shop for designer brands and other items at great prices. This is a commercial area that feels comfortable and cozy at the same time.

Come here for Victoria's Secret, Hugo Boss, Levi's, and Nike among others. You will be able to get so much out of Premium Outlet shopping, and there are many great food options if you need a break while you are working through your shopping goals.

Buena Vista Factory Stores

This is a very unique shopping location. It is actually a part of the complex that includes a hotel, a Spa, and a shopping village. The factory stores are a part of the shopping area near the hotel, and there are so many things to enjoy about visiting the Buena Vista Factory Stores.

Dining is excellent, and you will love the quirky resort pool with the huge ship in it. This is a very unique and quaint place that offers something for everyone.

Psychic Shop in Orlando

East End Market

This is a great shopping location with a local feel. There is an arcade here to enjoy as well. This is like an upscale farmer's market, and it offers the same kind of local feel that Winter Park can offer. If you want to get away from the commercial part of the city and have a more peaceful shopping experience, this is the right place to go.

East End Market is a unique and memorable shopping experience in Orlando, often with live entertainment. This is the opposite of the Park Avenue experience and sometimes this is the perfect thing to add to your trip.

Mount Dora

Mount Dora is a really nice shopping location that is right by the lake that goes by the same name. You will be able to dine here as well, and there are street cafes to enjoy a drink and people watch. This is a really charming shopping location that will remind you of other quaint outdoor malls in California and other sunny places. This area encompasses only a few blocks, so you can easily wander around to experience a more relaxed type of shopping in Orlando.

Kennedy Space Center Shop

This is actually a huge shopping location where you can get everything from souvenirs to Space Center items. This is a shopping experience that's a little bit like heading to Walt Disney World stores. You will also get access to an Imax theater here and the Space Center makes an appearance with some history about the space center and the trip to the moon. This is a really neat location to visit even if you are not sure that you want to buy something.

Orlando Farmers Market

The farmers market in Orlando is quite large, likely due to the growing-friendly climate. You can get fresh produce, flowers, and handmade items here with ease. You will love the laidback local feel of this location, and the vendors are friendly and offer lots of attention to each person that visits their stall.

This is a weekend event, and you can start your day here with a coffee in hand to see the local wares that are on offer. This is a great experience and one that is different than visiting a mall or outlet store.

Photography shop in Orlando

Pointe Orlando

This is a fun location that feels like so much more than a shopping mall. You will have access to a theater here, and you will be able to shop through many of the local anchor stores in this area. This is a really nice shopping area that is great to visit if you have kids or teens with you.

You will have a great time here with any kind of group, and this will be a great fit for family shopping since there are so many options here to enjoy.

Universal Orlando Resort

Shopping at Disney parks is always really special. If you want to be able to find Disney souvenirs, buy some Minnie or Micky Mouse ears, or shop for clothing and home goods, all of the resorts can be the right place to visit. You will find the best shopping in Universal Orlando Resort, and this park is really enjoyable as well.

Universal Orlando is unique, and you can take photos and see all your favorite movie sets and characters. The magic of the movies is everywhere here, and you will love that you chose this location for your shopping plans.

Thornton Park

Thornton Park is a whole shopping district. There are flea markets, local salespeople selling their wares, and much more. There are also live events all the time, which can make your shopping experience even more fun. This area is an experience as much as it is a shopping location, and you should plan on spending some time here to really take it all in.

This is a place that locals head to buy things, and people of all ages love shopping here. Thornton Park is quirky, but it is memorable and really fun to visit.

Orlando Chinatown

Chinatown is always a really special place to visit in any city. You will love Orlando Chinatown because it is so unexpected. There is so much to see and do here, and you can shop for many different kinds of things in this part of town.

There are many great restaurants and bars here as well. This is a place where you can spend most of the day and get lost in your shopping for everything from Asian-themed items to unique foods and clothing.

Shoppes of West Church Street

This is a very unique location that offers you access to a local shopping experience and you will love the African American shopping experience that West Church Street curates. Gifts, art, clothes, and more are on offer here. You will love the shopping centers here, and this is so much more fun than the discount outlets or specialty stores in the city. If you want to enjoy things like flea markets and local retail therapy, this is one of the places that you should certainly see.

Produce shelves at grocery store in Orlando


If you did not plan on shopping when you headed to Orlando, you need to add at least a few of these suggestions to your plans. There are so many great shopping experiences in this city, and they make a great complement to the theme parks and other exciting things that you can do here. This is a city that can be fun to visit with a family, with kids, or with friends to have a wild time.

Shopping in Orlando offers everything from department stores and boutique shopping to theme park shopping and farmers markets. There are malls, flea markets, and all kinds of special local experiences in Orlando, which is why the city has some of the best shopping in the whole state.

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