Wine Tasting in Orlando: 9 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in Orlando

Orlando is a really amazing place to visit. If you plan a trip to this state, you might already have a long list of things you want to see and do while you visit the area. Check out our guide to the best nightlife in Orlando when making your evening plans for your stay.

As many know, Orlando is a city in central Florida that is best known for its theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld. But there are plenty of other things to do in Orlando besides visiting these famous attractions. You can visit one of the many museums in the area, such as the Orange County Regional History Center or the Mennello Museum of American Art. Take a scenic walk or bike ride through one of Orlando's many beautiful parks, such as Lake Eola Park or Harry P. Leu Gardens.

Once you've exhausted all the family-friendly attractions and done all your sightseeing, it's time to turn your focus to wine. The city is home to a selection of wine bars, wineries, and wine tours that will definitely keep you busy. You won't have to look very far for some amazing wine tasting experiences here.

Before you enjoy other adventures in Orlando, you need to make sure that your bags are well looked after. This is where Bounce comes in. Head to one of our luggage locker locations in Orlando, and let us worry about your suitcases and backpacks for a while. Besides, it will be even harder to keep track of your bags after a few glasses of wine.

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Wine bars in Orlando

Best Places to go Wine Tasting in Orlando

From shopping at Disney Springs to beach days or water park visits, there are so many amazing things to do in Orlando. You will want to add these wine tasting adventures to your stay to make sure that you get to make the most of your time enjoying what Orlando has to offer. From wine bars in the heart of the city to enjoying wine at Universal Orlando Resort or Disney's properties, there are many ways to enjoy a tipple on your next trip to the city.

When you are planning a trip to Orlando, you will find that there are almost as many wine bars or wine tasting locations as there are theme parks. Other than the Magic Kingdom, all of the Disney parks currently allow you to walk around the park with a drink, and you will find that most places with live music on offer also have an impressive selection of wines. You might even find the perfect wine at the various food trucks in this cool city! Orlando is a city that is full of excellent dining, and what goes better with delicious food than a glass of wine?

Lakeridge Winery Vineyards

The Lakeridge Winery Vineyards are one of the premier vineyards in the state of Florida, and you can head here for everything from a simple wine tasting to a wine tour or a tasting tour. The helpful staff will offer you different wines to try, and you can enjoy blush, red, or white varieties grown and made on this property.

Weekends at this winery are some of the best times to head out for a wine tasting because events usually add to the fun. There might be live music, a local chef cooking fresh food to sample with your wine, or other unique art and crafts events. Make sure that you try to budget time for the wine tour options here since you will get to learn about the winery itself as you drink wine and enjoy the beautiful Lakeridge Winery property.


19239 U.S. 27 North, Clermont

Quantum Leap Winery

Located near downtown Orlando, this fun, family-operated winery is a great place to head for a cozy wine room and a personalized tasting that is often done by one of the owners. You will be able to enjoy wine glass tasting or samplers here, and the tasting room is open until later into the evening, which is nice. This is a great addition to any day that is spent looking for places to enjoy food and drink, and you will love the quiet and friendly atmosphere here.

This winery is also known for their "wine on tap" tasting in their tasting room, which is unique and makes for a fun tasting experience. This sustainable winery is one of the best in the state, and you should make time to come here to enjoy its varieties and the friendly team of wine experts that work here.


1312 Wilfred Dr, Orlando, FL

Orlando wine bars

Wine Tasting Tours With Lunch

Various wine tour companies will gladly take you around Orlando to various tasting rooms or the local wineries you might want to visit. Make sure to check out the tours that have a meal included, as the local cuisine in Orlando is excellent and often involves delicious seafood and even delightful Cajun food. You will love these tours because you will be given transportation out of the Orlando area or around town, and you don't have to worry about finding your next stop or planning the day. Simply sign up for the tour of your choice and have a great time with your friends and family, being shown the best of what the wine tasting experience in Orlando can include.


Pick-up locations vary in Orlando, FL

Wine Bar George

In 2012, Disney began allowing alcoholic beverages at its park, and lucky for us, that includes wine! Wine Bar George is a great place to enjoy excellent service as well as access to a wide array of wine tasting varieties during your day at the park. You can also have lunch here, which can make this the right place to stop for a break during your busy Disney park days. Just try to pace yourself if you're at the park with the kids.

The atmosphere here is really comfortable and cozy, and the staff is knowledgeable and really helpful. Get a wine tasting flight or just pick a bottle and share it with the table. This is a key stop in the wine tasting adventures you might be planning and since Disney World is usually already on most people's itinerary, it's easy to squeeze this one in.


Disney Springs, 1610 E Buena Vista Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Vines Grille & Wine Bar

This high-end steak house is located along Restaurant Row, one of the best Orlando wine-related locations you can visit. Make sure that you are planning to have dinner here when you try their extensive wine tasting list, as the food is second-to-none. This is a spendy location, but the perfect way to blend your wine tasting plans with a fancy or romantic dinner. Make sure to get a reservation, dress up, and prepare for a lovely experience at this restaurant.


7533 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL

Imperial Wine Bar

This more casual setting is a great place to try all kinds of local wines, and the helpful team that waits tables here will be able to tell you all about all the various offerings that they have on their menu. You can also enjoy craft beer if you have someone in your party who is not a wine tasting fan.

Imperial Wine Bar has three locations around the city, and they are all built with the same boutique, personalized, and cozy atmosphere. The one on N Orange Avenue is even housed in an old furniture store to further increase the charm. You will love your experience here, and you will be able to try some exotic and exceptional wines alongside local favorites.


1800 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL

Wine tasting near Lake Eola, Orlando

Orlando Winery Picnic Tour & Citrus Tower Visit

Lake County is where all the best wine tasting room places are and all the best wineries as well. This tour will pick you up from your hotel in downtown Orlando, outside the city, or at the Universal Orlando Resort. You will be taken to various winery locations with lovely grounds where you can picnic and enjoy the weather and scenery.

These different locations will offer traditional wines as well as unique wine flights, and you can expect to be tempted by classic food like fried chicken for your lunch. This tour is the ideal way to take a break from the downtown Orlando area and see beautiful Lake County.


Various - Lake County, FL

Eola Wine Company

If you love wine flights or you have a specific wine that you want to try by the bottle, you need to stop by this cozy wine bar for award-winning wines and comfortable outdoor seating. The Eola Wine Company is one of the best wine bars in the city for many reasons, and you will love the variety of other unique drinks like canned beer and cocktails that you can enjoy here. Located in Lake Eola Park, this is a great place to head to for tastings by the glass, snacks, and a pleasant outdoor setting. The menu is quite extensive here as well, so you can plan to enjoy lunch or dinner here too.


430 E Central Blvd, Orlando, FL

The Wine Room on Park Ave

Located in Winter Park, this fun wine tasting location is an easy cab or rideshare trip away. You will love the wine cellar-inspired seating, and the self-service wine tasting is a unique thing to try. You can also have wine delivered to your table when you order by the glass or the bottle here.

The Wine Room offers a full food menu, so you can pair a nice lunch or dinner with your wine tasting. This is one of the best places to go if you are not quite sure what wines you want to try and if you want access to a wide array of different wine types.


270 S Park Ave, Winter Park, FL

Wine experiences in Orlando


Orlando is one of those places where there are so many things to do that it can be hard to fit in all your plans during any trip. If you only have a couple of days to spend in this amazing city, you might be worried that you will not be able to make the most of your stay. Check out our guide to 3 days in Orlando so that you can make sure to plan the best long weekend in Florida of your life. There is definitely no reason to worry about not having much fun when visiting this city!

When planning your stay in Orlando, you need to try to make time to visit a winery for some excellent wine tasting options. There are at least a few impressive wineries here, like Lakeridge Winery Vineyards and Quantum Leap Winery. There are many wine bars in Orlando, and many of the downtown Orlando bars offer food as well as wine tasting. Plus, with many tours available, there's really no excuse not to imbibe.

Traveling, in general, is easier when you're not laden down with your suitcases or backpacks, so don't forget to visit a Bounce locker before you set off on your Orlando wine tasting exploration. The city won't know what hit them!

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