Oslo Central Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Oslo Central Station, Oslo, Norway

Oslo is regularly voted as the city with the highest standard of living in the world, so it should come as no surprise that the main railway station is regarded as being well above par. It is bright, modern, and, in keeping with much of the rest of the country, extremely efficient. If Norwegian is one of those languages you just never quite found the time to pick up, don't worry, travel announcements are also made in English.

Oslo Central Station lives up to its name by being extremely central and from there, you can visit much of the city on foot. In fact, walking routes and trails are everywhere and you will have no difficulty getting around. The main Karl Johans Gate is a pedestrian-friendly street that connects the station with the Royal Palace. Along the way, it passes the National Theatre and the Oslo Cathedral so it makes a good point from which to start exploring. 

In addition to an abundance of green spaces, breathtaking architecture, and hiking trails, some  museums are well worth your attention, including the Viking Ship Museum and Norsk Folkemuseum. Drop off your bags at a luggage storage near Oslo Central Station to make exploration easier

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Train tunnel at Oslo Central Station, Norway

Oslo Central Station Baggage policy

Oslo Central Station has no hard and fast rules on how many bags you are allowed to bring. If you bring more than you can carry, you will find storage lockers at the station itself. However, during busy periods, there is often a long line to access these lockers. 

Another important thing to note is that though this city is very accessible to pedestrians, many of its streets are traversed by small water gutters, while those near the waterfront are often coated in sand. Both of these factors make it a bit of a nightmare if you are dragging a suitcase. Though there is a locker rental option in the station itself, bear in mind that the station closes late at night and doesn't reopen until early the following morning. If you need to access your bags, you would need to do so during opening hours. One option would be to rent a locker from one of the many rental facilities in the city.

Oslo Central Station Food policy

As one would expect with most modern railway hubs, Oslo Central has a wealth of eating options in its food court. For the unadventurous eater, much of what you will find there will be familiar. If you are one of those people who prefers to dive a little deeper into local food culture, then push on into the city. There you will find Scandinavian meat stews, world-class smoked salmon or delicious meatballs. For the really daring, smalahove is a traditional dish prepared using sheep's heads.

On trains, you can bring your own food but you must purchase alcoholic beverages from the catering car on the trains themselves. Be aware that Norwegians seldom eat with their hands. Even sandwiches are normally eaten using utensils.

Oslo Central Station rules

  • Bag policy varies from train service to train service so you will need to check the rules for the particular route you plan to take.
  • Alcohol can be consumed on trains but there are some restrictions. One of these is that all alcoholic beverages need to be purchased and consumed in the buffet of the train.
  • To purchase beer you need to be over eighteen. For spirits, it is over twenty.
  • There is no smoking allowed in public buildings and that, of course, includes this station.

Oslo Central Station lockers

This is a city that begs to be explored. Also, it really is on the far side of the world and so to travel that far without delving into all the city has to offer would be something of a shame. Close to the station, there are several locker rental options. Dropping off your luggage will leave you free to take advantage of a city that definitely has geared itself towards being explored on foot. You might like to look for a facility that includes insurance and which allows for online booking so that you know there will be a suitable locker waiting for you when you get there.

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