Oslo Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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people on the roof of the Oslo Opera House

The Norwegian capital Oslo is among the most popular places to visit in Scandinavia. Sat upon a serene fjord and surrounded by lush forests, Oslo is perfect for travelers looking to mix nature and modernity. And with a Viking history dating back nearly 1,000 years, there's plenty of secrets to uncover during your visit to Oslo.

Oslo is one of the most modern and forward-thinking cities in Europe and is often considered one of the best cities to live in on the planet. Planning a visit? Leave your luggage at an Oslo suitcase storage service operated by Bounce so that you can make the most of your time in the Norwegian capital. 

8 Best Things to do in Oslo 2024

Whether you are a culture vulture or an outdoor enthusiast, Oslo is a city you need to visit. Here the beauty of nature and old architecture collide in ways that are both surprising and refreshing. The cuisine is unique and the people friendly. What’s not to like?

To enhance your experience, you are going to need to store your luggage while you explore. Bounce luggage storage has got you covered on this one. In cities around the world, they have teamed up with trusted businesses so that you can store your bags both safely and easily.

Best Biking in Oslo – Viking Biking and Hiking

Biking is big in Oslo and this company are experts at showing people their city on two wheels. There are two distinct sides to Oslo. This company offers three-hour summer tours and then in November they pop on the snow tires and convert to winter tours. If joining a public tour is not your thing, they also private tours of two, three or four hours.  

To find out more about this healthy and environmentally friendly way of exploring Oslo call 474-126-6496 or email them at info@vikingbiking.com

Best Oslo Kayaking Adventures – Oslo Kayak Tours

Experiencing Oslo from the water is a very different experience from land-based touring. This company offers guided tours that will expose you to both the city's waterfront and some breathtaking local nature. You don’t need any previous kayaking experience and tours last for two to three hours. Their guides will keep you both safe and well informed about what you are seeing.

Each tour will have a maximum of ten kayakers and unfortunately, they cannot take children under six years old. To book your kayaking experience call 479-536-8249 or email at info@oslokayaktours.no

Best Food Tours in Oslo - The Oslo Tour

Here’s one for the gourmet traveller who likes to combine informative walking tours with a taste of the local culinary delights. Tours last around three and a half hours and in that time, you will get to experience traditional hot dishes along with fish, cheese and dessert. You will get to visit between three and five food outlets and your guide will tell you some of the history and culture that goes into each mouth-watering dish.

The company also offer beer and coffee tours so email them at post@theoslotour.no or call them on 474-650-9195

Best Hiking Tours around Oslo – Oslo Hiking

If you are a keen hiker, as soon as you arrive in the city you are going to be drawn to that wild countryside that you find yourself surrounded by. Pristine forest, freshwater lakes, and of course, that famous fjords are all right on the doorstep. Whether you only have time for a short walk or would like to opt for something longer, this company has the guides and know-how to show you the wild that surrounds this city. 

All of their hikes start from the city center so all you have to do is call them on 479-902-4270 or email them at tur@oslohiking.no to arrange your escape into the great outdoors.

Best History Tours – Nordiva Tours Oslo

This city has its Royal Palace and its 17th-century churches but it was initially the Vikings who first left their indelible mark on this landscape. You can learn more about these and the many other interesting historical influences that have taken place in Oslo with Nordiva Tours. They offer both walking and minibus options, as well as private tours if that is what you would prefer. Whichever option you choose, you will be accompanied by a local guide who is well versed in the history and culture of this city and passionate about sharing his knowledge.

Book your tour and find out all about the many options available by calling 474-797-4511 or email at info@nordivatours.com 

Best Free Tours – Free Oslo Tours

Here's a company that is confident that they can offer great service. You don't pay to go on their tours. Instead, you decide what the tour was worth and only pay what you feel your guide deserved. The walking tours are around an hour and a half long and will cover most of the popular destinations in the city. Tours take place every day of the week but they are popular so call to book your place. You can phone them on 479-672-1197 or email at hi@freetouroslo.com

Best Oslo Fjord Cruises – Batservice Sightseeing

What could be more enchanting than enjoying a divine meal while cruising up the magnificent Oslo Fjord? You will have ample photo opportunities as you wind your way through the narrow sounds or weave around some of the picturesque islands that surround Oslo. The company offers a wide range of cruising experiences including night tours and breath-taking winter voyages.

To find out more about these and some of their many other tour options, email them at sales@boatsightseeing.com or call them on 472-335-6890

Best Green City Walks – Oslo Guidebureau

In 2019 Oslo was awarded the European Green Capital Award by the European Union. For the walking enthusiast, that means that there is ample to experience on foot as you wander through car-free streets and neighborhoods where the care of the environment is not just something people talk about. Green City Walks offers several tours with options like the Historic River Walk or the City Contrast experience.

To find out more about why this city has chosen such an environmentally positive approach, join one of their tours by calling 472-242-2818 or by emailing them at info@osloguide.no

boats docked in front of buildings

A weekend in Oslo

A wonderful weekend away in Oslo is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. From unique Viking museums to sublime natural wonders, Oslo offers much more than meets the eye. Drop your bags at an Oslo luggage storage service, and add some of these top attractions to your weekend itinerary. 

  • Set sail at the Viking Ship Museum. Operated by the University of Oslo, the Viking Ship Museum is home to three original Viking burial ships found at archeological sites across Norway. These ships are considered the best-preserved Viking burial ships in the world. 
  • Catch a show at the Oslo Opera House. A symbol of Oslo's modern architecture, the Oslo Opera House is one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. Before enjoying a ballet or operatic performance, step up onto the roof and enjoy panoramic views of Oslo's skyline. 
  • Take a tour of Akershus Fortress. Constructed in the late 13th century, Akershus Fortress is one of Oslo's oldest buildings and has been used as a Royal residence, a military base, and a prison. 
  • Feed your inner foodie at one of the world-class restaurants in Oslo. The Norwegian capital is known for its world-class eateries, and top picks include Grand Cafe, Syverkiosken, and Maaemo. 

Oslo lockers

Oslo is a pristine, walkable city with a very low crime rate, making it perfect for touring by foot. However, many of the city's best attractions prohibit large bags, so you may want to find some place to stow your stuff before seeing the city. Bounce provides the best luggage storage services in Oslo, where you can unburden yourself of your heavy belongings before taking a tour of Oslo's best attractions. Book online via the Bounce app today, and see if you can find the perfect Oslo storage lockers to suit you!

Off the beaten path in Oslo

Oslo is a green city, with tons of parks and wilderness areas to explore in and around the city. If you're sick of the busy streets and looking to escape the crowds, consider one of these excursions off the beaten path. 

  • Frogner Park is a superb way to relax and enjoy some art simultaneously. Oslo’s most popular park includes the Vigeland Sculpture Park, which boasts around 200 statues by 18th and 19th-century sculptor Gustav Vigeland. Enjoy a picnic, and then take a tour of these incredible statues. 
  • Soak up some sun at Sognsvann. This lake is a popular spot for a variety of watersports, including boating and fishing. There are also a few bathing spots where you can sunbathe and take a refreshing dip. 
  • Uncover the hidden gem that is the Gol Stave Church. Located at The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, this church is the museum's top attraction. It's a re-creation of a 13th-century traditional church constructed entirely of wood, with intricate carvings and original 17th-century paintings.

What to do alone in Oslo

people outside the Oslo Opera House

Oslo boasts a plethora of activities, and you're sure to find something fun to do whether you're traveling with family, friends, or by yourself. If you're looking to kill time between business meetings or just planning a solo adventure in Scandinavia, you won't be short of options. Keep your bags safe by storing them at an Oslo luggage locker and then head to one of the best attractions for lonesome travelers.

  • Learn about the life of one of Norway's most famous artists at the Munch Museum. One of art's most influential figures, the Munch Museum holds dozens of works by Edvard Munch, including one of the world's most famous paintings, The Scream. 
  • See how royalty lives at The Royal Palace. The King and Queen of Norway's residence is open for tours, where visitors can see several lavish rooms, including the King Haakon Suite, the Banquet Hall, and the Ballroom. 
  • Shop til you drop at Byporten Shopping. Located next to Oslo Central Station, this modern shopping center is home to around 60 shops, including prominent Norwegian stores like Høyer Woman, Grændsens Skotøimagazin, and Mikkelsen.

The best souvenirs in Oslo

Fancy a Scandinavian souvenir to remember your time in Oslo? You'll find many unique nicknacks in Oslo that you can bring home to remember your trip. A classic Norwegian troll figurine will intrigue friends and family, and a rosemaling-painted spoon or cup is sure to look great on your mantle. Another classic souvenir is a Norwegian knitted sweater to keep you warm during the winter. If you'd prefer to bring back some edibles, pick up some Christmassy rosette cookies or one of Oslo's strangest delicacies, Norwegian brown cheese.

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