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Plan your luggage storage in Palermo

Make the most out of your time and find luggage storage near Palermo hotspots before checking-in into your hotel or AirBnb.


1 April

9 must see parks in Palermo

Southern Italy offers scenic wonders and the parks in Palermo are an excellent example. Start with Giardino Garibaldi.

27 June

7 best hostels in Palermo

Palermo is located in Sicily and is full of intriguing cathedrals and museums as well as places to dine on Italian delights. Hostels in Palermo are right in the midst of things and this guide details several of the best accommodation options in the city.

Beaches near Palermo
20 April

6 beaches near Palermo: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

Whether you're looking for lively beach resorts with plenty of restaurants, beach clubs, and nightlife or an isolated rocky beach where you can get away from the rest of the world, Palermo beaches have a lot to offer.

6 March

Is Palermo safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Heading to Southern Italy and Palermo? You may be wondering if this bustling city is safe. This guide tells you all you need to know about travel to Palermo and how to stay safe in Sicily.

16 August

Best Day Trips from Palermo

Sicily has some absolutely incredible locations to explore, and day trips from Palermo can take you to some unforgettable locations, from the ancient ruins of Greek temples to a gorgeous seaside town on the Mediterranean Sea.

What to eat in Palermo
16 August

What to Eat in Palermo: 16 Treats You Should Not Miss

Even as far as Italian cities go, Palermo is known for its food. From caponata to granitas to arancini, you'll never go hungry as you wander the streets of Sicily's capital city.

Rooftop bars in Palermo
16 August

Rooftop Bars in Palermo: 10 Places to Drink with a View

Whether you’re on a rooftop terrace or sunny patio overlooking a historic piazza, Palermo has so many amazing bars and restaurants with stunning views. Here is a list of our ten favorite rooftop bars in Sicily's capital.

Wine tasting in Palermo
10 August

Wine Tasting in Palermo: 11 Places You Have to Try

There are many different ways to enjoy wine tastings in Palermo. You can do it independently by visiting the city's specialist wine shops and restaurants, take an organized wine tour around the city, or go on wine tours through the countryside with a tour provider. Here are all the can't-miss options.

Palermo on a rainy day
15 June

Palermo On a Rainy Day: 8 Things To Do

Palermo is known for sunny weather, but that doesn't mean that it never rains here. It couldn't hurt to consult this list to have a few rainy day activities in your back pocket should the clouds choose to open up.

The best music festivals in Palermo for 2022
15 June

Music Festivals in Palermo in 2022

Palermo is a great place to visit if you love music. Although mostly in the summer, there are music festivals year-round to draw you to this beautiful Sicilian city. Here are our favorite music festivals in Palermo for 2022.

Best vegetarian restaurants in Palermo
15 June

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Palermo

A trip to the charming city of Palermo doesn't have to affect your vegetarian or vegan diet. Check out this list of all the best plant-based spots to eat as you explore the capital of Sicily.

How  to spend 3 days in Palermo
15 June

3 Days in Palermo: Everything You Should Know

Sicily's capital has plenty to offer. If you find yourself in just a few days in Palermo, here are the things you have to see.

Palermo, Italy
6 June

The Best Time to Visit Palermo 2024: the Ultimate Guide

Sicily's scenic capital is a great place to visit at any time of year. But if you're planning a visit, check out our guide to find out the best time to travel.

Busy Palermo shopping street
21 March

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Palermo

Italian leather, gourmet foods, unique souvenirs, and stylish clothing await on your next shopping trip in Palermo.

Fruit Market in Palermo
16 March

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Palermo

Sicilians are the kings and queens of street food. Read on to find the best spots to satisfy your food cravings on the go.

Things to do with kids in Palermo
1 March

14 Things To Do In Palermo With Kids

Palermo has something for everyone, and if you're traveling with kids, there's no end of fun things to see and do.

Aerial View of Palermo
1 March

Where To Stay In Palermo: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Palermo is full of fun and unique neighborhoods, each with a different vibe. This guide will help you decide where to stay for maximum convenience and the best overall experience.

Church in Palermo
1 March

The Top 14 Free Things To Do In Palermo

Palermo is heaven for travelers on a budget. The city abounds with free things to do to suit any preference.

Best Museums in Palermo
1 March

The 12 Best Museums In Palermo

Palermo is a Sicilian city full of history and art. This is your guide to finding the must-visit museums for your next trip.

Views near Palermo
1 March

The 10 Best Hikes In Palermo

The countryside in and surrounding Palermo is stunning. Get out and explore some of the best hikes in the area.

Best Brunch in Palermo
1 March

Best Brunch In Palermo: The Definitive Guide

Italians are known for tasty and elaborate meals and the brunch scene in Palermo is no different.

Piazza San Domenico Palermo
1 March

How To Get Around Palermo

Navigating this beautiful Sicilian city is easy if you know your options. This guide will help you get to all your must-visit destinations.

Palermo piazza at night
1 March

13 Unmissable Things To Do In Palermo At Night

The nightlife in Palermo is unparalleled with lively piazzas, lit-up churches, and amazing food and wine. There's something for everyone in Palermo at night.

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