13 Unmissable Things To Do In Palermo At Night

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Palermo piazza at night

If you have already booked your trip to Palermo, or you are just starting to plan, you have probably noticed that the nightlife in Palermo is really fun. For those who love to stay awake late and enjoy the nighttime of any city, this is a heavenly place to come for a vacation. You will probably have a few things that are already on your list of must-do items, but this guide will get you ready to make the most of your evenings in this exceptional city.

The first thing that you need to do when you arrive in Palermo is make sure that your luggage is in safe storage. The Palermo Airport is easy to navigate, and you will be ready to head out to enjoy delicious street food, the Palermo nightlife, or the beach. If you are ready to learn all about the things to do at night in Palermo, just read on.

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Things to Do in Palermo at Night

Palermo offers you access to nightlife that begins with an aperitif at 8 pm, and that can extend until at least 3 in the morning. This is a city that knows how to have a good time, and if you have come to visit Palermo with plans to spend the evening hours having fun, you will not be disappointed.

From the Palermo Cathedral to the beach and the city centre, there is no shortage of really great things to see and do here. Even the royal palace can be enjoyed at night, which makes the nightlife in this city both historic and exciting.

Visit Centro Storico

For access to a location in the city that gives you many different evening delights, you need to head to Old Town. This is the heart of the city and there is so much to see and do here when night falls. You can drink and dance here, and the streets will be filled with other people having a good time and enjoying the lovely weather and sidewalk tables, especially around Teatro Massimo, which is the largest opera house in the world. Take the time to explore the Teatro Massimo at night if you can. The columns are grand and the lights are often done with flag colors of Italy for some extra flair.

To be near the beating heart of the city is really special and you will have a lovely experience here tasting various street foods, sipping wine and cocktails, and enjoying good company.

Viccuria Market Stalls

While this part of the city is in the middle of being cleaned up and refreshed, you will still want to head down to the Viccuria Market stalls to see the authentic city at its finest. This is a place that offers affordable cocktails, quaint and narrow alleyways, and street peddlers selling wares and food. You will need to look past some of the age of this part of the city to see the charm, but this is a great place to spend at least part of your evening.

There is a feeling here that is almost like a circus, and there are often street performers as well as people with carts of street food and handmade goods on offer.

Piazza Magione

This part of the city offers access to pubs and other kinds of European fare, and you can enjoy live music and entertainment here with ease. This is one of the hangouts for the younger crowd but there is a lot to do near Piazza Magione and a lot to love about this part of the city. You can elect to sit at a streetside table or on the grass in the piazza and sip on a drink and snack on some food you have picked out from the shops in the area.

The hours that this area is active at night extend well into the morning hours, so this is the perfect place for night owls to head to when the sun goes down.

The Seafront

This part of the city is near many of the most popular hotels, and it can be walkable from lots of more central locations as well. This is Southern Italy at its finest, and sitting near the ocean and sipping on cocktails or dancing with the breeze in your hair is part of the experience every time you visit. When you visit Palermo, you need to make sure that the seafront is on your list of things to experience.

The oceanfront part of the city is the heart of the city for many locals, and you should plan to head here in time to see the sunset and enjoy a glass of wine as night falls. There are many street food vendors here, and ice cream and other snacks are on offer all along the waterfront at this hour. You will have fun, and you will not go hungry when you visit Palermo if this is your destination for evening fun.

Church in Palermo at night

Palermo Cathedral

If you want to visit a stunning structure at night, you need to head to see the Cattedrale di Palermo. The Palermo Cathedral is beautiful at night, and the lights and ambiance are second-to-none at this UNESCO world heritage site. The intricate facade is something to see in daylight, although there can be a bit of wait here during the daytime. Depending on when you visit, it can be much cooler and more pleasant to visit Palermo Cathedral in the evening. This is a must-see part of the city, and the beautiful church is very memorable at night. Palermo Cathedral is often on people's list of things to do when they visit Palermo, and you should not miss out on this sight at night.

Piazza Pretoria

Located right next to the Quattro Canti, Piazza Pretoria is one of Palermo's most iconic locations. Surrounded by the architectural masterpieces of San Cataldo and Santa Caterina church, this public square is home to the Fontana Pretoria. Decorated with nude statues of Greek gods and other mythological figures, the Fontana Pretoria is also known as the Shame Fountain thanks to the nudity that caused a scandal when it was first created.

Nowadays, people aren't so easily shocked. The Fontana Pretoria still makes a fantastic place to explore, especially at night, when the scandalous statues are all lit up. Located close to Palermo Cathedral and Teatro Massimo, the square and the Fontana Pretoria are easy to combine with a visit to other major attractions in the historic center of Palermo.

For people who enjoy an evening in the square, the Piazza San Domenico is another one worth visiting. A majestic church anchors this impressive square ideal as a quiet place to dine on some street food.

La Cala

The marina area is a very lovely part of this city, and you might want to make sure that this is one of your list of nighttime things to do here. This area can be quite crowded during the peak of tourist season but there are few seaside places that are so picturesque. There are many roof terrace locations here that are worth visiting, so you can see both the new city and the old city in one glance.

La Cala is a great place for wine, the setting sun, and street food of various kinds. The city center is not far away from this spot either, so you will be able to make the most of your evening here when you are visiting Palermo. This can be a great place to start your evening the right way and then wander into the historic centre of the city for more fun.


This part of the city can offer you access to a truly beautiful and scenic stay because there are many excellent hotels here with amazing scenery. You might also choose to come here to enjoy the nightlife on balconies that offer you an amazing view of the city. There are many architectural styles here to enjoy as well as lots of delightful food and drink options.

This is a spot that is located right by Old Town, and you will love that the city center is so close to this place. Many people find the views here to be a pleasant surprise and want to come back here, again and again, to see the sights, dine, and party at a popular nightclub.

Visit the Norman Palace

As if this city did not offer you enough amazing things to do, you can come to see the seat that was the home of four Spanish Kings. This is one of the most impressive sites in the historical center of the city and you will love taking in the baroque architecture at night. You can head here during the day as well, but there is something gothic and mysterious about this place when the night falls over it.

You should consider taking a look at this beautiful feature of the city center at both times of the day. This is one of the best examples of the architectural styles that this part of the world is known for and it will stun and amaze you both at night and during the day.

Sea at night in Palermo

Drink Outside

Whether you are in old town or another part of the city, most Italians will enjoy their wine or other cocktails on the street. Chatting and catching up streetside is common in the evening, and this beautiful city makes the best backdrop for this part of the nighttime experience here in Palermo. When you are visiting Palermo, you should plan to spend at least part of one night chatting outside in the humid air and sipping on a drink.

Locals are very friendly here and will love getting a chance to chat with you about life and their lives here in this beautiful location. The best nightlife activities in this city are sometimes the most simple and Italian life is based in large part on socializing and sharing memories and discussion in this way.

Find a Live Music Event

Because the club scene is not centered on dance spots in this city, live music opportunities often crop up spontaneously around the city. You can follow the sounds of music at night with ease and wander up to a local musician or band holding a show. Sip your wine and listen to the impromptu concert. This is a common event all around the city. Palermo's markets areas, as well as the various squares in the city center, often host to this kind of entertainment.

You will likely be able to wander from one such event to another throughout the night if you wish.

Visit Mondello Beach

While you might think of the beach as a daytime activity, you can also head to this historic beach location at night. This spot is usually easily reached with a bus ride, but you might be staying close enough to walk. If you head down here at night, you will be able to listen to the ocean and sip on a cocktail.

Mondello Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and seeing it at night adds another element to your visit to the Sicilian capital.

See the Palatine Chapel

If you have headed over to see the Norman Palace, you will be close to the Palatine Chapel as well. This is a place that dates back to the 12th century in Palermo, and you will be transported back in time when you head here. Even the church entrance is memorable, and you will feel like you have been swept up into the history books when you visit this spot.

Seeing the Palatine Chapel at night is an experience that is very different than visiting by day. You might want to enjoy this spot at both times to really make the most of your Palermo visit.

The Capuchin Catacombs

For a macabre and really interesting experience, you need to put the Capuchin Catacombs on your list of things to do. This is one of the most interesting places in the city, and you can come here to see where death and life blend in this ancient place.

The Capuchin Catacombs are open to the public, which is unusual for this kind of location. You will struggle to find anywhere else in the world that will allow you to visit this kind of spot with such ease. Head to the Capuchin Catacombs to start your night off with a spooky and exciting trip into the past.

Street food in Palermo at night


There are few places in the world that offer you access to amazing historical sites, the beautiful beach, and phenomenal food and drink all at once. You can head to Palermo for all of these things and more. When you are planning a trip to this lovely city, you will need to make sure that you have time planned to enjoy the city during its evening hours.

There are few places on earth as lovely as this ancient city and you will find that there is no shortage of delightful things to do. Whether you have come to enjoy the beach or to see sights like the Palermo Cathedral, you will love everything about your time spent in this world-class and often underrated city.

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