Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Palermo

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Best vegetarian restaurants in Palermo

Palermo is a great place to visit for so many reasons. You might have chosen Palermo for its good food, its lovely museums, or its amazing historical sites that you absolutely must see. Palermo also has excellent weather for most of the year and it is a great place to enjoy cultural experiences that you cannot access in other parts of Italy. You will find that this city is very inviting as well as very walkable, which makes it a great choice for a whole list of other reasons when compared to other places in Europe that you might visit.

The first thing that you should do when you visit Palermo, is make sure that you get your luggage into secure storage. Having your luggage placed in a Bounce secure storage will make your entire stay less stressful and more fun overall. If you're planning to enjoy lots of adventures while you are in this historical city, you will not want to be tripping over your bags everywhere you go.

Once your bags are in storage, you will be ready to head out to find the vegan options or vegetarian restaurants that you have wanted to try since you started planning your trip to Italy!

Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants In Palermo

It can be hard to find vegetarian restaurants or vegan restaurants in lots of places around the world. There are many places that just don't offer these dining options, which can be very frustrating if you have this eating preference or food allergies that make this necessary. Thankfully, Palermo is a great place to get all the classic vegan and vegetarian meals that you love, from vegan burger choices to pasta dishes that are made for vegetarians and vegans. You will love everything about these lovely vegetarian restaurant locations and you will have no trouble tracking down vegetarian options and vegan dining during your stay.

From the moment you land at the Palermo Airport, you will have access to delicious restaurant options that cater to vegetarian and vegan dining. You will be able to find food that is friendly for your needs around nearly every corner and you will love that there is everything from soup, to sandwich options and pizza at most of these quality locations. Living a vegan or vegetarian life is really easy when you travel to Palermo.

Vegetarian meals in Palermo


What It's Like:

This is a great place to head for your vegetarian or vegan meal if you want access to international menu options. You can get kebabs, antipasto, and pappardelle. The staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming and laid back. Haiku is considered a perfect vegetarian comfort food stop. This is a great choice for a varied menu that will suit lots of flavor preferences and you will get access to vegan options as well as vegetarian options here.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend all the pasta dishes, and the vegetarian kebabs are a great choice as well. There are so many good food options on this menu that you can't go wrong with anything that you order here. You will love that there are Italian food options on the menu here as well as items you might enjoy in other countries. Having access to all the classic meal options that are not normally offered without meat makes this location a great option for your needs. Opt for a combination of drinks, dessert, and dinner or lunch and you'll have a decadent and memorable meal.


Via Ricasoli, 30, 90139


What It's Like:

If you want access to vegetarian and vegan pizza, you will love Verdechiaro. You can get all kinds of different pizzas here as well as vegan options for classic pasta dishes too. This spot also offers you access to delicious desserts and wines. This is casual dining but it is not fast food. You will want to sit down to enjoy one of the best meal experiences in the city. This is also a fast place to grab a bite to eat which can be great if you are in a hurry to get to your next adventure or tour.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend the tiramisu as well as all the pizza varieties, particularly the vegan ones. There are lots of great vegan options on the menu here and this is a really good choice if this is your eating preference. Although Italians are known for pizza, they generally always include either meat or cheese, but not here. And, you simply can't go to Italy without getting at least one pizza!


Via Giuseppe Alessi, 40/42


What It's Like:

This is classic Italian dining with a vegetarian or vegan twist. You'll get the authentic Italian experience here and the friendly atmosphere is really enjoyable. Vegetarian restaurants in Palermo consistently deliver quite well on the promise of classic Italian food like this even with dietary restrictions in place. Spinno offers large portions and classic menu options.

Our Recommendation:

You will want to try the burgers here are well as the tagliatelle. There are also excellent spaghetti and classic pasta meals that are sure to tempt you. If you have any doubt, ask your friendly server for a plant-based recommendation. No one knows the menu better than they do!


Via Marche, 12

Where to go for vegetarian food in Palermo

La Casetta Verde Bio di Antica Forneria Porzio

What It's Like:

This is a classic deli-style dining experience and you can sit down here as well as get takeout if that suits your travel plans better. This is not really fast food, but the deli counter offers you access to pre-made meal options and desserts if you are on your way to other things to do and see in the city when you stop in. You will love that there are so many great pizza and pasta choices on the menu and if you want to enjoy deli-style meals, you will consider it a good sign when you see the deli counter when you walk in.

Our Recommendation:

The pizza is excellent here as are the chili and the sandwiches. You will love everything from the pizza to the condiments and sides. You can create the perfect to-go order, and why not venture down the street to find a charming park or bustling piazza to eat your meal picnic-style?


Via Val di Mazara, 48

La Cucina Di Alu

What It's Like:

If you love homey Italian dishes, this is the right place to head for vegan and vegetarian dishes. You can get everything from a burger here to a delicious pasta dish with authentic flavors. You will want to consider this location a must for your dinner experience, but you can also head here for lunch or a to-go order. You will love sitting down to eat here and if you have a picky eater in your group, this is the restaurant for you to visit. The menu is flexible and large and there is something for everyone.

Our Recommendation:

The mushroom pizza and all the pastas are so excellent here and you will also love the burger choices and the coffee and beer that they have on the menu. The food is uniformly good, so you can't go wrong when you choose any of the Italian food options for your lunch or dinner. For any vegans out there, La Cucina Di Alu also has plenty of choices.


Via Velasquez 27/33

VERA Coffice Break

What It's Like:

Just a three-minute walk from the Teatro Massimo, this is a delicious dining option with a casual and comfortable atmosphere. This restaurant is mostly used by locals as a coffee shop, but you can sit down here for good food at lunch as well. There are many Italian classics on the menu and their vegetarian and vegan options for desserts are to-die-for. You will love the coffee and cappuccino on the menu as well, and if you want to sit down and have a relaxing meal, this is a great choice. Plus, the service is always top-notch.

Our Recommendation:

Make sure that no matter what else you eat here, you have a dessert. There are always new dessert options to try and you can pair any of them with a delicious cup of coffee or espresso. This is also a classically Italian deli, and the pizzas and the sandwich options are as good as the sweets and breakfast options. If you want to stop in and get great breakfast food, or you are looking for a meal that is served in a pleasant and homey atmosphere, this is the right restaurant to visit.


Via generale Magliocco, 31

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Palermo

Nero Miciok Cat Cafè

What It's Like:

If you love cakes and sweets, this is a great place to visit. You can get an afternoon snack here along with a strong cup of coffee and watch the hustle and bustle out the window of this café as you eat. This is a delightful location that offers you access to comfortable dining, fast service, and deli-style options that you can eat in-house or pick up and take with you.

Our Recommendation:

The vegan options here include milkshakes and all the cakes and desserts are excellent. You can also get beer and wine here and strong coffee that will wake you right up if you are lagging a bit behind during the afternoon. There are so many attractions to see in Palermo that you're bound to need a pick-me-up at least once during your trip. The crepes and cheesecake here are so good you might even come back again later in your trip. This is a great location that is near one of the main transportation hubs for public transit, so you can get breakfast as well as other meals as you head out to have adventures in this lovely city.

But, the best recommendation we can give is to plan to stay a while. As you may have guessed from the name, this café is also home to rescue cats that you can pet and play with as you eat and drink. Heads up though, if you're allergic to cats, you'll want to give this one a pass.


Via Generale G. Arimondi, 71

Vegetarian Restaurants and Vegan Options Are Everywhere in Palermo

If you have been struggling in other locations to find restaurants that suit your needs, you will be delighted to find that Palermo will take care of you so effectively. Even if you want to enjoy vegan wine or gluten-free beer, there is a location in nearly every part of the city that will offer you food that you can enjoy. You will be able to get all the classic Italian dishes here and replace the meat products with vegan or vegetarian options with ease.

For those who have traditionally struggled to find diet-friendly dining around the world, this city will be a lovely change of pace. From breakfast food that is safe for your to eat, to fine dining with an extensive vegetarian menu and vegan options, you will find it all in Palermo. If you have come to this city for the history and the art, you will not have to compromise on your diet while you are in town.

Make sure that you put your luggage into secure storage as soon as you arrive in the city so that you are free from worries about the safety of your items as you tour around. Having your hands free will make it much more straightforward to make the most of your time in Palermo and to enjoy restaurant options and historical museums and shops without tripping over your bags all day long.

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