The Louvre Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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The Louvre, Paris

The Louvre is a museum in Paris that houses some of the world's most outstanding artworks. The incomparable collection there includes famous paintings and statues like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. It's a collection that has grown in quantity and importance since the museum first opened in the late 18th century, and one that continues to expand with new acquisitions every year.

The Louvre building is just as much a work of art as the creations it contains. Originally built as a royal palace in the 13th century and then renovated extensively over the years, it was declared a museum for public use during the latter days of the French Revolution. The latest additions to the grand structure are the Louvre's iconic glass pyramids which were added at the end of the 20th century.

At the Louvre you'll need your hands free to hold the information brochure that describes the artworks you'll be seeing. If you're carrying baggage, stash it at a luggage locker facility near the Louvre before you go in.

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The Louvre museum, Paris, France

Bag policy at the Louvre in Paris

You cannot take large bags and suitcases into the Louvre. Small bags have size restrictions too and should measure no more than 55cm x 35cm x 20cm. That size of bag can be stored in on-site lockers, but the museum doesn't accept any responsibility for loss of property, nor are bags covered by protection. There are security checks of both people and bags at the entrance to the Louvre which includes a bag scan and body scans. If you have something private or valuable in your baggage it's a good idea to store it at a luggage storage service like Bounce nearby.

Food policy at the Louvre in Paris

It can take hours to go round just a couple of exhibitions at the Louvre. If you're hungry, you'll need to eat on-site, as once you leave the building your entrance ticket is not valid for re-entry. Even if you don't mind paying twice, you'll probably waste half a day queuing to get back in. There are some great choices of cafes and restaurants at the Louvre inside the main building and also in the garden which is great as taking your own food in is not allowed. Nor is eating or drinking while viewing the exhibitions.

Camera policy at the Louvre in Paris

You are allowed to take a camera into the Louvre and take pictures of artworks displayed in the permanent exhibitions. The photos must be for personal use only and not be reproduced commercially without prior permission from the museum authorities. What isn't permitted is the use of flashes, any other form of lighting, or selfie sticks. You should also avoid taking photos of any security cameras, members of staff, or the public. It's possible that photography may be banned at some of the temporary exhibitions so ask first before getting your camera out.

Rules at the Louvre in Paris

Everyone entering the Louvre has to go through a thorough security check before being admitted. Bags above the acceptable size will not be allowed inside and won't fit into the museum's lockers, so don't take them. Rules apply in the exhibition rooms too and smoking, eating, drinking, shouting, touching the items on display or running around, even for children, is strictly prohibited. There are a few items that are also not permitted inside the museum building which include sharp or blunt objects that could be used as a weapon or cause damage, aerosols, and flammable substances. These will be removed from bags or pockets by security staff at the entrance.

Lockers at the Louvre in Paris

The locker storage at the Louvre Museum in Paris is adequate for small hand luggage only. Any bag over 55cm x 35cm x 20cm won't fit in the locker units and is not permitted on the premises. There is nowhere at the Louvre to store large bags or suitcases of any kind so if you have that type of baggage you'll need to find somewhere to keep it before starting your visit.

Bounce has over thirty luggage storage facilities distributed throughout Paris as well as lockers near the Louvre. There are no size restrictions on the baggage you can keep in your Bounce locker. If you can pick it up and carry it then we will store it for the same daily fee as we charge for a small bag. There's no extra charge for extra dimensions with Bounce.

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