30th Street Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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30th Street Station, Philadelphia

Located in West Philadelphia, 30th Street Station has a long pedigree as a landmark of the city. Opened in 1933, this grand station has gone through many changes over the years and now doubles as an art center where some of the city’s most prominent artists are displayed. Still, this is no stuffy museum. Over 4 million passengers use the station each year, making it a vital part of the city’s transportation infrastructure.

If you find yourself traveling to Philadelphia by train, chances are good you’ll end up at this bustling station. You can make things easier on yourself by dropping off any unneeded bags at a luggage storage service near 30th Street Station. Knowing your belongings are safely looked after will give you peace of mind and leave you ready to explore the city.

30th Street Station food policy

There are no rules against bringing your own food to 30th Street Station. If you’d like to bring a meal to enjoy on the train, you’re welcome to do so. However, there is no need to. The station itself has several food outlets. If you’re hungry for more, its location close to downtown Philadelphia ensures you’ll always be able to find something to eat.

Food in 30th Street Station

Inside the station, you’ll find grab-and-go food outlets like Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Pret a Manger. For something a little more unique, visit The Porch, a park outside the station that's home to some of the city’s best food trucks.


Whether you just want to grab a coffee, or you're looking for something more substantial, there are plenty of breakfast options near 30th Street Station. There's a Dunkin Doughnuts, an Au Bon Pain, and the Pret a Manger in the train station itself, as well as plenty of other options within a 10-minute walk radius, such as the Walnut Street Cafe.


There are the usual suspects if you just want a coffee, but if you want something more substantial to eat then just outside the station is Jersey Mike's Subs for those who want hot or cold sandwiches, or the CO-OP Restaurant and Lounge just a 10 minute walk away. Serving everything from toast to salads to burgers, it's perfect for anyone who prefers a sit-down meal.

30th Street Station camera policy

Cameras are allowed inside 30th Street Station. And it’s a good thing, too. The station’s antique architecture and vintage feel that harkens back to the golden age of rail travel is well worth capturing with a few photos. However, commercial photography equipment such as tripods and large lighting rigs are not allowed. Also, be careful taking photos of secure areas and security personnel. This can arouse suspicion and cause problems. It may be better to leave any high-end camera equipment at a luggage locker near 30th Street Station so that you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules.

How to get to 30th Street Station

By car: If you're driving to 30th Street Station, you'll find same-day and overnight parking available at the station, as well as a number of parking lots nearby. If you're catching a ride from a friend or using a ride-share app, you can be dropped off outside or nearby the station - just check what the traffic is like before you leave.

By bus: If you're traveling to the station by bus, you'll want to use route 21.

By train: If you're getting to the train station by train, you can use either the Market-Frankford Line or Trolley Lines into the station, or reach it by Regional Rail, which is just a short 20-minute walk away at Jefferson Station.

By foot: 30th Street Station is located near downtown Philadelphia and inside the University City area, just a 20-minute walk from Philadelphia City Hall and 25-minutes from Reading Terminal Market.

Other 30th Street Station rules

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the station. To smoke, you’ll need to head to the street outside.
  • Public intoxication is not allowed and may cause you to be banned from the station.
  • There are some power outlets around the station, but if you can’t find one and need to charge your devices, there is a service that will rent you a charging device to power up your phone.
  • The station has an executive lounge that is available for ticket holders for one of Amtrak’s Amcela trains. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy free snacks while you wait for your train.

30th Street Station bag policy

As a busy railway station, 30th Street receives plenty of passengers carrying heavy baggage. The station has a checked baggage service where you can leave suitcases behind while you explore. However, the service can quickly fill up. Plus, the station offers no baggage carts, which can make navigating the facility tricky if you have a lot to carry. You may find it easier to drop off your bags at a baggage storage service near 30th Street Station but not actually inside. That way you will need to go to the station every time you want something out of your bags.

30th Street Station lockers

30th Street is one of the last grand old railway stations left in the United States. Although very much a part of modern Philly, the station still retains the feel of a different age. Once you’re done marveling at the impressive architecture, you may find the station can be tricky to navigate, especially on your first visit.

Things will go much easier if you’re not carrying more than you need to. Dropping off your unneeded bags at a suitcase storage spot near 30th Street Station can make any trip much easier and more pleasant. While there aren't any luggage lockers at 30th Street Station, Amtrak does offer a parcel check service at $10 per bag per 24 hours.

If you want to save some cash and still store your bags safely, use our website or app to book luggage storage in a convenient location near you.

Knowing your bags are safely looked after while you travel will be a load off your mind will help you to enjoy everything Philadelphia has to offer visitors.

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