Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Porto

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As the second-largest city in Portugal, Porto is a great place for some retail therapy. Visiting the city on the west coast of the country gives many opportunities for dining, entertainment, and shopping. Whether you are looking for a huge mall full of name-brand items to buy or quaint little boutique shops, you will find it here.

The best shops in Porto for handmade items, fresh fruit, and other produce are the markets, which are mostly found in Rua Cândido dos Reis, Praça das Cardosas, Vila Nova de Gaia, and Rua de Santa Catarina. You can find a variety of items at low prices including handicrafts, antiques, and unique finds you cannot get anywhere else.

Unique shops, unique areas

The main shopping centre in Porto is the Via Catarina Shopping Centre with more than 80 shops on four levels. Located in Rua de Santa Catarina. Whether you want to do some real shopping in Porto or just window shopping, you will be spoiled for choice in this spectacular town.

In Porto, the best places are often found tucked away in hidden corners and cobblestoned alleys in the city centre. Take a walk along the Douro River where you can find a wide selection of stores that sell port wines of all kinds as well as cheeses, fresh fruit, and more. Don't miss The Feeting Room. This double-decker store has unique items like white horsehair mule slides and other stylish goods just on the first floor.

Just minutes from the São Bento train station, São Bento is one of the best Porto shopping centres with dozens of shops in one place including historical sites and fine dining opportunities. From sparkling wines to designer clothes, you can find them there. And it is easy to get to from anywhere in and around Porto being so close to the station.

Claus Porto is a fine place to shop for handcrafted soaps, candles, and lotions that smell heavenly. And Vida Portuguesa is a unique shop that only sells Portuguese items. The shop along the Douro River is full of great buys. Also along the river, you will find everything from modern boutiques to Porto chain stores.

If you like tea, you have to visit Rota do Cha Porto, which is the only store in the country that sells teas made from Europe's only tea plantations. They also have port wine, cheese, and delicious sparkling wines. With so many purchases, you'll want to store some while you buy more! Find a luggage storage facility nearby to store your belongings while you continue to shop.

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Centro Comercial Bombarda

Located in the city centre downtown on Rua de Miquel Bombarda, this unique mall is different from the rest. CC Bombarda has shops that you cannot find anywhere else so it is not the typical mall experience with the same old stores. Organii Cosmetics has nothing but organic items and Collectiva only sells jewelry made by Portuguese women.

Vertigo is another unusual shop, this one with vintage movie items like posters, action figures, and merchandising. Pink Pepper Restaurant serves food made with local ingredients, and Lagar do Mel & Companhia sells all sorts of honey and other items made from local beehives. You can also find unique art items made from local cork in Cork Matters.

Beira Rio Market

Located across the river from the city in Vila Nova de Gaia (learn about staying in Vila Nova de Gaia in our Porto neighborhood guide), you can find a vast array of cellars and wine shops at Mercado Beira Rio. Many of these shops offer tastings of both wine and cheese. With indoor and outdoor stalls selling local handicrafts and produce, you can find everything from artwork to zucchini.

The outdoor food stalls are covered and everything is fresh so you can even find something to eat for lunch while you are there. Roasted pig, gourmet sandwiches, and ice cream are all on the menu. The prices are a bit higher but you can discover some amazing deals if you look hard enough.

Flower Street (Rua das Flores)

If you start at Largo Sao Domingos and head northeast to Praca das Cardosas, you will pass more than a few dozen shops, eateries, and even a few museums. After a delicious Porto brunch, start at Claus Porto, which is a place you cannot miss during your visit. This concept store is Porto's best smelling shop with its luxury soaps, lotions, and candles and has been in business since 1887. There is even a museum upstairs.

At Mercearia da Flores, you may not find luxury soap but you will enjoy the delicious food they have to offer. You get to choose what you want from the shelves for them to cook or order off the menu. From wine, biscuits, and honey to sausages, jams, and cheeses, this Porto shop on Flower Street keeps visitors fueled to shop.

A Vida Portuguesa

Porto's A Vida Portuguesa is the only store in Porto that just sells Portuguese brands. Some of the items you may find in this unique store are port wine, soaps, and olive oils made by local companies as well as individuals. Shoes, clothing, and accessories are also popular items in this one-of-a-kind store located on top of an 1886 fabric store.

The homey feel and awesome variety of items make this one of the top two stores in Porto, the other being Claus Porto. The owners started out with just one small shop in Lisbon's Chiado neighborhood in an old perfume factory. This was their flagship store where they refurbished the building and furniture for their use. The shop in Porto is no different with restored items including jewelry, toys, books, ceramics, and more.

Vandoma Flea Market

Every Saturday from 8 AM until 1 PM, the streets along the Duomo River are packed with secondhand goods from books to vinyl records. This flea market has been going on since the 1970s when students would gather there to sell old schoolbooks and uniforms.

Today, you can find the market at several locations around the city from de April to the riverbanks. Although it only happens on Saturdays, during the week you can find Atelier Amiga Roupa Clothing Store, Pedro Coisas do Tempo Gift Shop, and several other shops to peruse.

La Portuguese Porto Market

At the La Portuguese Porto Market, you can go shopping to find clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories, and much more from the major Portuguese brands like the Yellow Boat, Rota do Cha, MIMO Store, and Aguas Furtadas. There are also several dozen restaurants to get lunch.

Located right on the river and next to the Tram Museum and several hotels like the Hotel Vila Gale Porto Ribeira, you can find this modern shopping mall easily in downtown Porto. The shopping mall has a variety of shops selling clothes, home decor, and everything else you may need.

Bolhão Market

One of the most popular markets in Porto, the eclectic Bolhao Market on Formosa in the Bolhao neighborhood is a treasure trove of shops and kiosks to explore. The historic market is in a two-floor neoclassical building with souvenir shops and produce shops in the same space.

From luxury items to fresh food, visitors enjoy having such a diverse collection of shopping spots. Locals often shop there on weekends, doing their weekly grocery shopping. Mercado do Bolhão is also easy to reach with public transportation so you can get there from wherever your hotel may be located.

Via Catarina

Via Catarina Shopping Centre can be found on Rua de Santa Catarina across from Hotel Sao Jose, just a few blocks from the Bolhao Market. This shopping center boasts more than 75 shops including 58 retail stores and 20 eateries. They literally have it all from A to Z including Acium Fashion Accessories on the first floor to Zippy Kid Store on the third floor.

The second and third floors of Via Catarina are the hotspots for those looking for fashion and the fourth is where the food court is, which includes everything from Ali Baba Kebab House to McDonald's. If you want traditional Portuguese food, O Patio or Sabores do Porto are the best choices. Via Catarina is one of Porto's favorite malls.

Rua de Santa Catarina

Right outside of Via Catarina, just head left or right and you will be on the best shopping street in Porto. Santa Catarina is a street full of shops. Starting at de Janero by the Igreja de Santo Ildefonso Church and ending several miles to the north at the Palace of Marquis of Pombal.

You can start with Parfois Perfume & Accessories and Pikolinos Porto Shoe Store at the beginning of the street to Hugo Durao Jewelry Store where it ends. Along this long stretch of road, you will find over 100 stores including Zara, H&M, and Porto Souvenirs Shop. You can also find several hotels like Grande Hotel do Porto and Hotel do Norte - Porto Portugal.

Porto Shopping

With such a diverse culture, shopping in Porto is especially interesting as you can find major differences in each store. From clothes to shoes and everything in between, visit some of the shops in Porto to find everything you want and then some. Whether you like shopping centres or small boutique shops, you'll be content.

The best shopping in Porto according to the locals are the shopping malls because you not only get the fancy shops, discount stores with low prices, and flagship stores, but you can also find entertainment, dining, and services like salons and spas. One thing to note: many of the shops are closed on public holidays and Sundays.

While shopping in Porto, check out some of the shopping streets where you can find items like port wine, olive oil, Portuguese wool, and specialty accessories. For example, Flower Street (Rua das Flores) has amazing handcrafted items that make awesome souvenirs or gifts. The city center is also packed with shopping spots from art galleries to stores filled with designer clothes and shoes.

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