Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Prague

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Best vegetarian restaurants in Prague

The capital of Czechia, formally known as the Czech Republic, Prague is a legendary European vacation destination. This beautifully well-preserved city has survived through wars and revolutions that have given it a rich history and a wealth of incredible architecture. And while Prague is no longer the bargain for budget travelers it once was, it still offers a surprisingly good deal for Western tourists who come to the city in droves for cheap beer and atmospheric pubs as well as historical monuments and world-class cuisine.

Traditional Czech cuisine may not be as well-known as the food of other European countries like Italy or France, but menus in the capital offer both traditional Czech food and recipes from around the world to appeal to the millions of tourists who flock here every year. And the old-fashioned Czech focus on meat is slowly changing. Restaurants across the city are embracing vegetarian food and vegan options. So if you're looking for vegetarian restaurants in Prague, you shouldn't have to look too far. Great vegetarian and even delicious vegan food can be found just about everywhere you turn in this picturesque city.

Whether you're looking for delicious vegan desserts, vegan Indian dishes, a hearty Indian curry, or traditional country-style food, you can find so many vegetarian dishes and even vegan food in Prague. So drop off your bags at a Bounce suitcase storage in Prague and get ready to enjoy the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants the city has to offer. Eating cruelty-free never tasted so good.

Vegan restaurants in Prague

Prague's Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Maitrea Restaurace

What it's like:

Vegetarian menu meets Eastern influence are the watchwords at Maitrea Restaurace. The interior of the restaurant, which is steps away from Old Town Square and the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, is contemporary with a flair for the odd Buddha head or two. The restaurant's cuisine clearly influences the decor, and the tables are comfortable with some bench seating, ideal for chowing down on some comfort food. There's also a fireplace to increase the coziness factor and lots of wood to keep things warm and inviting.

Every dish at Maitrea is vegetarian, some are vegan, and some can be made vegan upon request. They offer a tasting menu that changes weekly and the permanent menu has a full selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts if you prefer to create your own.

Our recommendation:

From the appetizer section, everyone should try the tofuie gras. It's a vegan food take on foie gras made with smoked tofu, cashews, barley miso, and cranberries. As for main dishes, try the jackfruit nachos or the buddha bowl. In truth, everything is amazing here and the goulash is a good choice for something with more local flavor.


Týnská ulička 1064/6, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Loving Hut

What it's like:

With three locations in Prague, Loving Hut is one of the more popular vegan restaurants in town. In fact, this worldwide vegan restaurant chain is popular everywhere! Both vegetarians and vegans can order anything off the menu, and likely the most convenient location is in Quadrio near Old Town. The bistros are sleek and modern inside and the Asian menu has all your favorites without any meat or meat by-products.

Our recommendation:

It's not common to find vegan buffet restaurants, so you shouldn't pass up the chance to opt for the buffet. Sample a little of this and a little of that because everything will suit your diet if not your taste buds as well. If the buffet seems like too much, try their legendary pho. Or, stray away from the Asian flavors and go for the amazing vegan schnitzel with mashed potatoes.


Spálená 2121/22, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia and others.

Traditional Czech vegetarian restaurants

Vegan's Prague

What it's like:

Definitely one of the best vegan restaurants in Prague, Vegan's Prague is a casual and comfortable place to go for lunch or dinner. The vegan food is served in a dining room with intricately decorated exposed beams and art on the white walls, and you can even take the spiral staircase up to dine in the converted attic. There are a couple of tables on the balcony with amazing views over the lovely buildings that surround the vegan bistro. You'll be lucky to get one of these tables though, as you can imagine, they are quite popular, even though the restaurant is a little outside the central tourist area.

Anyone who has tried this new vegan restaurant simply raves about the varied cuisine full of comfort food and international flavors.

Our recommendation:

A safe bet at Vegan's Prague is the vegetable lasagna. Otherwise, if you don't feel like pasta, try the Dirty Dancing burger instead. The homemade bun and red bean patty make the perfect combination.


36, Nerudova 221, Malá Strana, 118 00 Praha 1, Czechia

Restaurace Satsang

What it's like:

Satsang Vegetarian restaurant is a staple on the veggie food scene here. If you're looking for a Prague restaurant that will satisfy your need for a Sunday vegan brunch, then this place is it! Weekend brunch starts at 10 am and ends by 4 pm. But, there are many meals required when you visit Prague, and aside from brunch, you can also come here for dinner served from 5 pm to 10 pm. Get here early, especially for brunch, because the restaurant is small, so therefore quite cozy, but seats are somewhat limited. The fact that it's one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Prague doing brunch makes this place very popular.

Our recommendation:

Simply put: you have to get the brunch. Order anything off the brunch menu and you'll be glad you did. The pancakes are a particular hit and the homemade vegan bacon and vegan cheese don't hurt either so look for a dish that has both.


Krymská 24, 101 00 Praha 10-Vršovice, Czechia

Eating vegan and vegetarian in Prague

Lehká hlava (Clear Head)

What it's like:

Clear Head is coincidentally the sister restaurant to Maitrea so the menu offerings overlap, and luckily, they have everyone's favorite vegan foie gras. They have plenty of other vegan dishes and a menu that encompasses excellent vegetarian food from around the world. There is a permanent menu and a daily menu that constantly evolves.

The interior of the space is decorated in dark-colored murals, and the comfy booths will ensure you never want to leave.

Our recommendation:

As a main dish, the spinach chimney with amazing grilled goat cheese will delight your palate. If you can't decide on a starter, we recommend you get the small clear head platter. It has a selection of vegetarian cold appetizers for two people. Multiply, obviously, if you have a larger group because no one should miss out on this!


Boršov 280/2, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Best spots in Prague for vegans and vegetarians


What it's like:

Directly translated to "Assembly Point," Shromaždiště offers something unique that you won't find too many other places in the world, let alone in the Czech Republic. It's a vegan Czech pub that offers you all the coziness of a traditional pub experience with none of the meat. Grab a mug of Czech beer with your meal and relax as you enjoy the pub's ambiance. As you'd expect there is wood panelling on the ceiling and you have to step down into the restaurant, and the below ground level feeling seems to only add to the charm of the place.

Our recommendation:

It may seem a little off, but the fish spread on toast is a special treat, and it's certainly not something you can get anywhere. The restaurant is 100 percent plant-based so there is absolutely no fish in the dish. The vegan burgers and vegan pizza are also worth the calories.

Also, this may not be the best place to take the kids. Although they are welcome, it can be a bit loud at busy times and the tight space can be tricky to navigate for little ones.


Krásova 13, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, Czechia

Vegetarian restaurants in Prague

Country Life Restaurant

What it's like:

Country Life is a mixture of a restaurant and health food store with three different locations and a vegan menu. Each location is 100 percent plant-based and offers slightly different services. The general concept is counter service with a place to eat your food. Generally, this isn't a place to hang out, but it's ideal for travelers looking to get fed and head on to the next great tourist attraction.

The vegan restaurant on Melantrichova Street is the closest to Old Town Square, so you're most likely to head to this one. But, keep an eye out as you navigate the city for the other two locations of Jungmannova Bistro and Dejvice Restaurant.

Our recommendation:

They have a great salad bar that can beef up your hot or cold main dish. Since the counter is self-service and the selections change frequently, just go with whatever looks good to you. There's comfort in knowing that as a vegan or vegetarian, you can choose any of the items here and stick to your usual diet.


Melantrichova 15, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia and others

Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Prague

Moment Vegan Bistro

What it's like:

When you're in need of some traditional Czech cuisine or a satisfying vegan breakfast, head to Moment Bistro. The atmosphere is colorful and casual and you'll feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. They have three locations throughout the city and although the easy access to vegan food might draw you in, the menu and delicious-looking cakes displayed on the counter are sure to keep you here. Also, you can swing by almost anytime. They are open at 9 am for breakfast and close by 9:30 pm if you need a lateish dinner.

Our recommendation:

If you are in need of a healthy daily lunch menu or low-calorie dinner, aside from salad, Moment Vegan Bistro doesn't have much to offer you. Their menu tends more towards mozzarella sticks, nachos, and loaded fries for anyone missing a more North American cuisine. For flavors of Czechia, try the cabbage rolls or the schnitzel and you'll fit right in.


Slezská 62, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady, Czechia

Plant-based dining in Prague


With so many options for incredible vegetarian and vegan food in Prague, herbivores don't have to worry about going hungry. Whether you're looking for a trendy vegan bistro or the local's favourite vegetarian restaurant, you'll be able to find something in Prague that's just right for you. Running the gamut from hole-in-the-wall falafel stands to exquisite Michelin-starred fine dining establishments, the vegetarian restaurants of the Czech republic make it easy to eat incredible food without eating meat.

Drop off your bags with Bounce and get ready to explore the best vegetarian and vegan food Prague has to offer. Whether you discover your new favorite vegan restaurant on a Prague food tour or you decide to take the plunge and track down your own favorite vegetarian food, it's so easy to enjoy the cuisine in Prague that you'll be planning your next trip before you know it.

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