Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Prague

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Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Prague

We all know that when you are visiting a new city, it should be a time for relaxation and the exploration of new shops. Unfortunately, we can’t always leave work behind us when we travel. So if you happen to bring your laptop along with you to Prague, you will most likely want a more interesting place to work than your hotel room. Luckily, the capital of the Czech Republic is home to many coffee shops that make for a nice spot to work on the go. Of course, there are also some that are not so great for work. So here is a list of a few shops that offer the most important things when working remotely; comfortable seating, wifi, charging ports, good coffee, and yummy snacks. 

Remember, you won’t want to have to carry a ton of extra weight with you while looking for a good café, especially if you plan on shopping in Prague after your workday is done. You may want to drop off your additional luggage at your Bounce locker in the city before you find your new favorite coffee shop in Prague.

Best outdoor coffee shops in Prague

Coffee Corner Bakery

This classy coffee shop is good for more than just a wifi signal, so don’t relegate it to being just a hang-out for remote workers. It can be a great place for working alone, hanging out with friends, or making new ones. Decorated with exposed brick and wood and boasting large windows and comfortable seating, the Coffee Corner Bakery is a cozy and inviting place to spend a morning working. With both indoor and outdoor seating and breakfast all day, this coffee shop is certainly one of the best cafes in Prague for working or relaxing. One thing to note is that they only accept cash, so make sure you bring a bit more than pocket change.

Bonus points: Coffee Corner Bakery is dog-friendly, so if you're traveling with your best friend, this place is ideal.


Korunní 1342/96, Prague


Cafedu is easily one of the best cafes to work from, as it was specifically designed for studying and working. Split between two sections (the study area and the cafe itself) and spanning two floors, you shouldn't find it too hard to find a nice spot to settle down with a great coffee or tea and get some work done.

While anywhere you sit will give you plenty of access to power outlets and a wifi signal, if you find yourself coming back regularly to work, you may want to consider registering for the non-stop study room, so you can come in to work anytime. The non-stop co-working space has both a quiet area and a discussion zone, depending on your needs. Either way, switching between a dedicated work zone and a quaint cafe to break up your work day is nice.


12, Škrétova 490, Prague

Kafe Atrium

Started and run by three friends with the desire to serve great coffee, beer, and wine, Kafe Atrium is a unique and interesting little cafe to spend your afternoon. With both indoor and outdoor seating, you can choose whether to cozy up in a corner on your own or enjoy the fresh air and make a few new friends while getting a bit of work done.

The inviting atmosphere and sociable trio that runs the coffee shop make it a lovely spot for a great cup of coffee. Don't forget to indulge in some of their delicious food and homemade cakes as well. 


Čajkovského 12, Prague

Cozy coffee shops in Prague


A very relaxed cafe in the Vinohrady neighborhood, Monolok cafe is a nice coffee shop to stop and work at for a while. With two floors of seating and a lovely terrace, you can easily hide away and enjoy their specialty coffee while letting your creative juices flow. 

Monolok has a great selection of coffees and teas to choose from, and their food menu is certainly not lacking either. One word: cheesecake.

While the cafe specializes in espresso, they will brew a batch of filter coffee if you request it.  

And the wait can sometimes be a bit long for food, so plan accordingly. No worries, though; you’ll be able to spread out at a large table with plenty of natural light and get a little work done while you wait for a delicious sandwich.


Moravská 1540/18, Prague

My Coffee Story

If you're looking to do some work in between trains or before you leave the city, My Coffee Story is a great option. This small cafe is located close to the Prague main train station and is ideal for a few hours of work. Because it is quite small, don't plan on spending the whole day here, but the coffee and pastries are more than enough to keep you fueled for a while. They do offer breakfast and lunch options as well, and the cozy white-walled interior will help you focus on getting things done.


Štítného 139/8, Prague

Cafe Letka

Described as a hipster cafe, this cool coffee house is an ideal place for a light meal and a good drink any time of the day. With plenty of outlets for charging and lots of comfy seating available, you may find yourself lost in the charm of Cafe Letka.  

Besides having many vegan options on the menu, Cafe Letka also welcomes dogs, making it a great place for anyone who may be looking for a relaxing atmosphere, good company, and delicious food. So you can eat a yummy sandwich, pet a happy dog, and get some work done all at once. Now that's efficiency.


Letohradská 44, Prague

Coffee shops to work from in Prague

můj šálek kávy  

Translated to My Cup of Coffee and connected to Alza Café and Doubleshot, můj šálek kávy is a chic cafe that proudly serves specialty coffee. Located in the Karlin neighborhood, můj šálek kávy is a great coffee shop to stop and enjoy a delicious coffee while getting a bit of work done. 

While it may be tempting to only order their great coffee, don’t be afraid to try some of the delicious foods on their menu. From homemade cakes to breakfast and brunch, they even have some gluten-free options. 

 It can get busy here sometimes, though, so if you do want to spend an extended period of time here, it won't hurt to reserve a seat ahead of time.


Křižíkova 386/105, Prague

Cafe Sladkovsky

Located in the Vršovice neighborhood in Prague, this lovely coffee house will transport you to another world. This warmly decorated cafe is a fantastic spot to settle down for the morning into the early afternoon and get some work done. Come late afternoon, you may find yourself enjoying some tapas and drinks from their Mediterranean-inspired menu.  

No matter the occasion, or the time of day, Cafe Sladkovsky is definitely one of the best cafes in Prague. Whether you settle down for breakfast and stay the whole day or just stop in for a couple of hours of productivity with a drink, you will no doubt consider your time well spent.  


Sevastopolská 17, Prague

Cukrarna Alchymista

If you have ever dreamed about living in a fantasy novel, then this is the place for you. Decorated with wood paneling and fresh flowers inside, and a beautiful English garden with a small pond outside, this coffee shop and bakery is a wonderfully peaceful place to get a bit of work done before you relax and enjoy some homemade cakes and other baked goods.

Like many other coffee shops in the capital of the Czech Republic, the atmosphere at Cukrarna Alchymista is cozy and inviting, the staff is pleasant, and, best of all, dogs are welcome. So if you come to visit, find a nice table to stay at because you will no doubt lose track of time in this timeless cafe.

Work-friendly cafes in Prague

Loft Cafe Karlin

The Loft Cafe likes to describe itself as a third place between home and work, connecting a relaxing space with the world. With a focus on serving great coffee and tea and a relaxed ambiance, this cool cafe is great for digital nomads looking for a good wifi signal. And as you might expect, the wifi is free.

When visiting Loft Cafe Karlin, you will find a welcoming main room with plenty of natural light and comfy seating. And if all of the beautiful baked goods are proving to be too much of a visual temptation, you can relocate to the loft that makes up the second floor of the coffeehouse.

If the weather is nice, there are even a few tables outside that you can aim for. But the wifi won't be as good out there, so you'll have to decide if the fresh air and sunshine are worth it.


Křižíkova 512/68, Prague


A lovely hidden gem of a cafe, Pracovna offers a wonderful workspace and a large menu with many food and drink options. It has a cozy atmosphere and isn’t likely to get too busy while you hide away in a corner, making it a great place to work in Prague.

While you can certainly just walk in and park yourself for a few hours to work in the cafe, they also offer a coworking space for a monthly membership. With a membership, you get access to all sorts of office equipment, such as printers and projectors, which makes it a great spot if you need to host a meeting. But even if you only need a place to work for an afternoon, Pracovna is still a great spot to grab a specialty coffee and stay tuned into work in a study room. 

You can choose from a variety of breakfast pastries or grab a baguette sandwich made fresh that day. And their drink options are not limited to just coffee and hot drinks, though they do have quite a range of those. They have a nice selection of homemade soft drinks and juices, as well as beers and other alcohol choices. 


Vlkova 36, Prague

Café Jen

The cozy and inviting atmosphere of Cafe Jen has quickly made it one of the best cafes in Prague. While everything about this cafe may seem small, their heart is big. The combination of good coffee, homemade baked goods, and friendly faces makes this cafe feel like a second home. It's no wonder that this wonderful coffee shop has become popular with locals and visitors alike.

While this location is a little outside the typical tourist areas of Prague near the Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, and the Prague Castle, that doesn't mean that you have to stay cooped up in a coffee shop doing work all day. Within about a mile from Cafe Jen, you'll find four different parks where you can get some fresh air between emails and a few restaurants if the coffee culture is starting to wear thin.


Kodaňská 37, Prague

Where to get work done in Prague


There are many cool coffee shops to explore in the great city of Prague with good food, friendly staff, and their own specialty coffee, so don't let yourself get boxed in while working. So when you have to work in Prague, take the time to explore some of the best coffee shops in the city and enjoy a great cup of coffee or tea while you visit with the locals and get some work cranked out. Even if the perfect coffee house isn't located close to your hotel, you'll probably find that a great coffee and an efficient workspace are worth the effort.

And remember to keep things easy and leave your bags somewhere safe before you start your work day. When you use a trusted luggage storage facility like Bounce, you'll only have to worry about getting to the bottom of your inbox, not your stuff.

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