Is Prague safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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Historic Prague has been named the Golden City of a Hundred Spires, and it isn’t hard to see why. No matter where you look, you’ll see spectacular views of soaring towers, cultural monuments, and many architectural jewels you won’t find anywhere else. Between the little taverns and narrow streets are the majestic ancient palaces, numerous church domes, and magnificent buildings topped with spires.

With so much beauty around, it’s not surprising that the capital of the Czech Republic became the fifty most visited city in Europe, with nearly 8 million visitors in 2018 and only approximately 1.3 million residents. The most famous destinations are Charles Bridge, the oldest bridge over the Vltava River, the historic Old Town Square, and Prague Castle, the world’s largest castle complex. Although competing with large crowds, most tourists still prefer visiting Prague during the peak season from June to August due to its warm, pleasant weather and long summer days.

No matter how gorgeous your destination is, a lost or stolen item can quickly ruin your holiday. So to prevent this from happening, drop off your bags at Bounce luggage storage in Prague before heading off on your adventure. Besides securing your belongings, we’ve also created a comprehensive guide on Prague safety to help you enjoy a relaxed and stress-free trip.

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Is Prague safe to visit right now?

Absolutely! Prague is a very safe city to visit, with the Czech Republic being the 8th most peaceful country in Europe and the 9th in the world, based on the recent Global Peace Index. This picturesque capital is undoubtedly one of Europe’s safest destinations, allowing everyone to discover its idyllic cultural and natural attractions without difficulties or threats to their safety.

Violent crime rates are low in the capital, but you should still take security precautions while touring the city. Watch out for petty crimes like pickpocketing and scams. They can happen anywhere but are most common at crowded sites. Secure your bags and belongings; you can never be too careful when going to an unfamiliar place.

Keep in mind that your well-being and the safety of your belongings are your responsibility, and how safe Prague is will largely depend on you. While we’ll provide you with essential safety advice, you should exercise common sense and do additional research, especially if you’re an inexperienced traveler. Additionally, we recommend that you check your government’s official travel guidelines for the country or city before deciding to travel to help make an informed choice.

Top petty crimes and scams in Prague affecting tourists

You can’t go wrong with visiting Prague, whether you’re into art, culture, architecture, history, or nature. But, like any large city, this charming capital isn’t immune to petty theft, street crime, and fraudulent activities. Learn more about them to mitigate your risk of falling prey to such crimes.


Pickpockets and thieves may work individually or as a team. They are particularly active in Prague’s main train station, tourist attractions, restaurants, and even on the road to Prague Castle. They use distracting methods, like bumping into you, and sneakily take your wallet, cell phone, or whatever they can steal.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended. It’s better to leave them with Bounce luggage storage to lessen your burden. Avoid displaying your wealth or carrying a large amount of cash. Instead of putting your wallet or phone in the back pocket, use a money belt or keep your purse in front of you. Most importantly, travel with your common sense.

Scams and frauds

Criminals may use a fake police ID to pose as police officers, asking to see your passport and foreign currency. It’s best to politely decline but offer to go to the nearest Prague police station or call the police to confirm their identity. These con artists typically operate near ATMs. Also, know that no police officer has the right to check your money or verify its authenticity.

Some taxi drivers, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants may also try to overcharge you. Check if the meter is working before hopping in the taxi. Be cautious of dining spots and bars that don’t have prices on the menu, as they may charge you exorbitant fees. Avoid leaving your credit card with the restaurant or bar.

Is Prague safe to travel alone

Prague is as safe for solo travelers as those traveling with a group. And with the Czech Republic’s safety index score of 74.46 on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index, the capital’s safety level for female solo travelers just hit the roof! It is easy to navigate, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost, and it offers plenty of popular tourist destinations perfect for a solo trip.

Most areas are buzzing with crowds, so you won’t feel alone exploring the main areas of town. It is also safe at night, but take extra care with your belongings.

Safest neighborhoods in Prague

The place’s overall safety should be your utmost priority when looking for a place to stay in Prague. Although there’s no such this as a 100 percent crime-free area, Prague boasts a number of neighborhoods with the lowest crime rates and highest quality of life. Besides the safest Prague neighborhoods, we’ve also mentioned a few parts of town you might want to stay away from during your trip.


Čakovice is a quiet neighborhood within the Prague 9 district. It is found in the northeastern part of Prague, home to nearly 12,000 people. It’s a charming area to live in, with an array of services and shops. It is safe and peaceful, where violent crimes are sporadic.


Named among the coolest neighborhoods in Prague, Letná is a sought-after district in Prague 7, known for its elegant, Bohemian feel. It is across the river from the bustling historical city center, close to the main action but not in the middle of the activities if you need a break from the capital’s hustle. You will find it between two expansive parks, Stromovka and Letenský park, perfect for families and outdoor recreation.

Malá Strana

Also known as Lesser Town, Malá Strana is one of the city’s oldest districts, founded in 1257. It’s also a recommended place to stay in Prague, especially for first-time visitors. It also has a wild side, with an excellent selection of clubs and bars, but you won’t feel unsafe walking around the neighborhood. It’s always good to be aware of your surroundings and only go out late at night if you’re with friends and loved ones.

Most Prague neighborhoods are safe, and there’s no specific district that stands out for being dangerous. The side streets at Wenceslas Square and the park around the main train station may not be the safest areas after dark.

Is Prague public transportation safe?

Public transportation in Prague is clean, convenient, and safe. Its public transit system is one of the most economical and efficient in Europe. The Metro and trams are the primary modes of transportation in the city center, with high-speed trains that will take you to another side of the city.

While they are generally safe, metro stations, tram lines, and buses may also be where pickpockets operate. Don’t leave your bags attended or hanging from your chair. If you want to catch a cab, you should beware of taxi drivers who might overcharge you by adjusting their meters. Outsmart them by researching your destination and determining the amount you should be paying to get there.

Important emergency numbers in Prague

Know whom to call in times of urgent situations. Apart from your personal emergency contacts, it’s always a great idea to save the numbers of authorities saved in your phone, so you can call them if you ever feel you’re in danger. Also, be aware of your embassy number when visiting a foreign land.

  • Czech Republic country code: +420
  • Prague Area code: +2
  • Emergency number: 112
  • Police: 158
  • Municipal Police: 156
  • Fire and Rescue Service: 150
  • Emergency Medical Service: 155

Visiting Prague and staying safe

With its breathtaking architecture and rich history, Prague is a spectacular city with plenty to offer, no matter your age and interest. You can explore the ancient palaces and churches, tackle scenic hikes, or soak in the atmosphere on the Charles Bridge.

Your overall safety is entirely up to you. Thankfully, it’s easy to enjoy a safe and trouble-free visit to the Czech Republic’s largest city. If you need extra help navigating the city, we have a few tips on How to Get Around Prague that you might find useful. You can also check out our guide on Where to Stay in Prague: The Ultimate Guide for additional information on the top neighborhoods where you can find the best accommodations.

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