Rooftop Bars in Prague: 9 Places to Drink with a View

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Best rooftop bars in Prague

In recent years rooftop bars have become an integral and very much appreciated feature of the hospitality industry in many cities. Prague hasn't been left behind in following the trend of turning spaces once only enjoyed by flocks of pigeons into cool and sophisticated rooftop bars.

There's nothing better than heading to the comfortably furnished top floor of a high building after a day of sightseeing or shopping in Prague for a relaxing drink. The experience gets even better if it's one of the city's rooftop bars that's near an illuminated monument or is blessed to be facing in the right direction for superb sunset views.

Take a ten-day vacation in Prague, and you could visit a different rooftop bar every night of your stay. Many are equipped for the colder months, too, so if you're in Prague in winter, you can still have a sky-high night out without turning into an ice cube.

Space on rooftop bars in Prague is often limited (they're on rooftops, after all), so taking suitcases and backpacks with you when you go for a drink is pretty much a no-no. If you find yourself stuck with your baggage and want to rise to the rooftops for cocktails, leave your bags in one of the Bounce luggage storage facilities in Prague. Bounce luggage lockers are a safe and economic solution to baggage storage in Prague. Once you've offloaded your gear, you'll be ready for a lofty night out where you can raise your glass and say na zdravi to the moon and stars.

Bars with a view in Prague

Where Are The Best Rooftop Bars In Prague

No matter where you stay in Prague, there'll probably be a rooftop bar somewhere close by as they're fairly evenly spread throughout the city center. There are rooftop bars in Prague Old Town too and down by the Vltava River all with amazing views. All you need to do is decide which one to go to first then get your glad rags on and get ready to make som fantastic vacation memories. 

Glass Bar

What's it like:

One of the best rooftop bars in Prague is the Glass Bar. Go here for a night out, and you'll be impressed before you even get to the rooftop bar. The Glass Bar is on top of an architecturally weird and wonderful building called The Dancing House. The imaginative architects designed the spectacular Dancing House building to look like a dancing couple which, after a few drinks in the rooftop bar, it probably does.

The Glass Bar has an indoor, glassed-in area and an outdoor terrace. The views of the river, Prague Castle, and the National Theater from either are amazing during the day as well as at night. The rooftop bar also hosts special sunset events and tastings of international and Czechia spirits.

Our Recommendation:

Sit back with a tall glass of Long Island Iced Tea or go the whole hog and make the occasion special with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot rose or brut.


Jirasek Square, 6

The Balcony Bar

What's it like:

The Balcony Bar is a swanky bar and restaurant in Prague city center that has a large roof terrace. It's a lovely summer outdoor terrace, but not one that you'd want to spend too long on if there was a nip in the air. At this bar, winter nights are best spent inside, where the décor is smart and sophisticated and the ambiance quite a few degrees warmer.

The views from the roof terrace of the Balcony Bar are similar to those from the Glass Bar but are not quite so impressive. You can see the National Theater in the distance and a good section of one of the city's main streets, Národní tříd.

The bonus with the Balcony Bar, while it isn't a fine dining restaurant, it does have a stylish indoor dining room where they serve tapas so you can have something better than peanuts to nibble on while having your drinks.

Our Recommendation:

At the Balcony Bar, try a tapas platter consisting of smoked cheese, spicy sausage, and jamon serrano with a glass or two of whatever takes your fancy from their very extensive wine list.


Jungmannovo nám, 17 

Drinks with a view in Prague

T-Anker Bar

What's it like:

When you've shopped until you're about to drop in Prague's Kotva department store, it'll be time to take yourself and your purchases up to the top floor, where you'll find a rooftop terrace called the T-Anker Bar.

On this rooftop terrace, which is the largest in the city, you can partake of drinks among the many potted plants while perusing the city center views. If you like rooftop views, you'll love this place as you can see right over the Old Town. The casual and relaxing atmosphere is pleasant too.

The rooftop bar here specializes in craft beer which is rotated on a regular basis, and to make sure it's served correctly, there's even a beer sommelier. T-Anker Bar also serves a super lunch menu, no dinner though, which is crammed with both local and international dishes.

Our Recommendation:

For a light lunch, try the beetroot carpaccio or duck rillettes accompanied with a glass of cold beer. Nightimes are drinks only, but the sunset views compensate for the lack of food.


Náměstí Republiky, 656/8


What's it like:

The rooftop terrace of Duplex is the one to head for when you want a posh night out at any time of the year in Prague. Duplex is a rooftop venue and one of the best rooftop bars in Prague, so make sure you dress for the occasion.

This rooftop bar doesn't open until 5 pm, so if you want somewhere classy for a couple of sundowners rather than a wild night out, it's also perfect. You may well be tempted to stay on, though. If you are, you'll have until four in the morning to work your way through the drinks menu.

While inside Duplex is all about partying and club music, the rooftop terrace is all about chillout. There you'll be protected from any cool breeze or from the frigid winter nights of Prague by igloo-style cubicles that are furnished to seat eight people.

Our Recommendation:

This is the spot to sit and sip a Cosmopolitan or Martini Espresso before hitting the dance floor and strutting your stuff to music played by top DJs.


Václavské nám, 21 

The Roof

What's it like:

The iBis Praha Wenceslas Square is a hotel in Prague's New Town with an unassuming external appearance. Bland, unadorned concrete is the order of the day where its frontage is concerned, but that all changes once you're on the top floor. 

While they may not have gone to town on naming or publicizing this rooftop bar in Prague, The Roof is a comfortable and spacious spot furnished with wicker patio furniture. It's a summer-only terrace, so don't go looking for it once the weather is no longer suitable for being outside drinking. Views from The Roof are decent but not something you'd want to photograph and upload to your social media, though. 

Our Recommendation:

Go for a pre-dinner aperitif at sunset. The views look better when the horizon turns pink.


Kateřinská, 38

Prague rooftop bars

Terasa U Prince

What's it like:

The Terasa of the Hotel U Prince has a well-deserved reputation for being a cut above the rest where rooftop bars in Prague are concerned. The views of the Old Town from this plush rooftop bar are so impressive they've even created a special bubblepoint for capturing amazing photographs.

The Terasa U Prince is more than a rooftop bar, it's also a rooftop restaurant and grill. The rooftop restaurant serves fantastic international lunch and dinner menus. Open from nine in the morning until eleven in the evening, it's one of the best brunch spots in Prague too.

If you're out sightseeing, be careful if you decide to drop by here as you will be tempted to stay all day. The only thing this rooftop bar is missing to make it absolute perfection is a rooftop swimming pool.

Our Recommendation:

This rooftop bar is perfect for a romantic dinner. Try the surf and turf, which is lobster and steak, with a well-chilled bottle of Rulandské šedé followed by apple strudel and whipped cream if you have room for it.


Staroměstské nám. 29, 

Terasa Smichov

What's it like:

Terasa Smichov, not to be confused with Terasa U Prince, is a rooftop bar at the Novy Smichov Shopping Center. While this may not be one of the best rooftop bars in Prague for views, it ranks highly for its rusticity and top-notch, friendly service.

Terasa opens at 4 pm and, in daylight, doesn't look like anything more than what it is, tables and chairs on a concrete roof space. After dark, this recently opened rooftop bar undergoes a total metamorphosis. At night there are DJs playing sets of soul and funk, so if you want to dance to the beat under the stars, you now know where to head.

Our Recommendation:

If you’re looking for somewhere informal to mix and mingle as well as dance, then this is the rooftop bar for you.


Plzeňská, 233/8 

Cloud 9 – Sky Bar and Lounge

What's it like:

If you're taking someone on a date and want to impress, then take them to the Cloud 9 – Sky Bar and Lounge at the Hilton Prague. As rooftop bars in Prague go, this is one of the best. It's chic, modern, and has views to die for. In fact, the views are so good that your date might get distracted and not give you as much attention as you'd hoped for.

The décor of Cloud 9 – Sky Bar and Lounge is sumptuous, to say the least, but if you have an aversion to shades of purple, you may want to don some dark glasses. The drinks and food menus here will take your mind off the regal color as they are both first class. Think exceptionally creative cocktails and innovative nibbles, and you'll be on the right track. If you have the appetite of a truck driver, you could be left wanting, though; the portions this rooftop bar serves are small.

Our Recommendation:

Team an ice-cold bottle of Galanti Prosecco with a plate of prawn popcorn or green papaya ceviche, and you just might get your date's full attention.


Pobřežní, 1

Best places in Prague for drinks with a view

The Refectory Bar

What's it like:

If you love history, then you'll be well impressed by The Refectory Bar and its rooftop terrace. The Refectory is part of the extremely plush Marriot Augustine Hotel in Prague Old Town, which is a renovated 13th-century monastery.

While the bar is modern, it still retains many features connected to the building’s past history. That doesn't include the bigger-than-life-size glass mural of Debbie Harry behind the serving area, though. Here you can even sample a glass or two of the craft St Thomas beer, which is made to a 14th-century recipe used by the monks to brew their ale. This bar may be in an old building but don't expect antiquated. It's everything but.

Our Recommendation:

Go between 5 pm and 8 pm, and you can partake of an angel cocktail named after an archangel accompanied by celestial appetizers. They're seriously heavenly.


Letenská, 12/33 


Now that you know all about the best rooftop bars in Prague, you'll be able to pick and choose which one suits your personal taste best. To be perfectly honest, if you have the time, inclination, and budget, they're all worth a visit, and you'll be able to return home boasting about all the amazing rooftop bars you went to while in Prague. And just think of all the great photos you'll have to prove it!

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