Prague Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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prague cathedral

The Czech capital and largest city, Prague, has quickly become one of the most popular tourist spots in Europe. Also known as the City of a Hundred Spires, Prague is famous for its mix of modern and ancient architecture, making it unlike anywhere else on the continent. From Charles Bridge to Prague Castle, you won't be short of beautiful structures to admire during your time in Prague.  

Modern-day Prague dates back to the 9th century; however, there has been a settlement along the Vltava since the Paleolithic age. During medieval times, Prague was notable for being Bohemia's capital before the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War and the Reformation. Prague has bounced back in recent history, with the Industrial Revolution bringing ironworks, coal mines, and railway lines to the city. Today, Prague has managed to keep its old-world charm, with some of the oldest institutions and landmarks in Central Europe. 

A weekend in Prague

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charles bridge prague

12 Best Ways to Experience Prague in 2024

The capital of the Czech Republic is known for its beautiful buildings, its rich history, and its buzzing nightlife. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or a party animal, you’ll find plenty in Prague to keep you busy. But if you want to learn a little more about the city while you’re there, consider taking a tour with one of these companies. Drop off your unneeded bags at a Bounce luggage storage location in Prague and immerse yourself in the best of what the city has to offer. No matter what you like to do on vacation, these tours can help you discover it.

Best Segway tour — Prague Segway

Even if you’ve never driven a Segway before, you’ll soon see why these unusual vehicles are so popular with tour companies around the world. Intuitive to ride, they let you cover more ground and see more of the city in a limited timeframe. Prague Segway Tours combines the Segway with an electrically powered e- scooter, letting you see a lot of the city on a three hour tour. You’ll do 90 minutes on the Segway and then another 90 minutes on the scooter, visiting five different locations for a comprehensive overview of the city. Tours can be booked online or you can contact them at or 420 724 280 838.

Best tours outside Prague — Supreme Prague

As beautiful and exciting as the capital city is, there’s much more to the Czech Republic than just Prague. If you want to see what else the region has to offer, this is the company to call. Depending on what you want to see, they can take you on a walking tour or a car tour so you can get further from the city and explore the rural life of the country. They also offer a folklore tour where you will hear the stories and learn more about the traditions of the Czech people. All tours are private, so you’ll never have to worry about being part of the crowd. Contact them at or 420 608 518 143.

Best photo tour — Fantastic Photos Prague

Prague is known around the world as an incredibly photogenic city, and you’ll need to have plenty of space on your memory card to record your visit. But if you want to take your photography to the next level, consider taking a photo tour with this company. Knowledgeable guides will help you perfect your shots, and you don’t need any previous photography experience to profit from their instruction. The night tours are particularly popular, since many of Prague’s historic buildings look their best lit up at night. Tours can be booked online, or you can contact them at 420 702 890 716.

Best water tour — Prague SU P

Prague owes its existence to the Vltava River, and this busy waterway is still central to the ancient city. Traveling along the river on a standup paddle board will give you a unique perspective of the city as you pass under ancient bridges and alongside historical buildings. It’s also a great way to beat the heat of summer and get some exercise on your vacation. These two hour tours will give you a better understanding of both the history and natural beauty of the area, and don’t worry if you’ve never been on a paddleboard before. The competent guides will soon help you get comfortable. Tours are open to anyone 15 years old or above, and you can contact them at or 420 739 333 405.

Best tour for fitness enthusiasts — Running Tours Prague

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to let go of your fitness routine. In fact, running can be a great way to explore the city. This company offers running tours that also feature a workout at the end, so you’ll burn plenty of calories and still get to see more of Prague while you’re at it. Tours last up to two hours, and you can choose from several different options of what you want to see. Contact Running Tours Prague at or 420 777 288 862.

Best beer tour — Beer Prague

Prague and the Czech Republic as a whole form one of the world’s top locations for beer production. Many of the varieties of beer we enjoy today were first created and perfected in the area, and Prague remains a great place to make and drink beer. These fun tours for adults will take you to the city’s microbreweries and teach you more about Prague’s drinking culture. They also offer unlimited beer, so these tours can get quite lively. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, because you don’t want to lose a day in Prague to a hangover. Booked a tour at or 420 735 046 744.

Best ghost tour — Prague Trips & Tickets

With centuries of history behind it, Prague looks and feels like exactly the sort of place you’d expect to find ghosts. Whether you’re a believer or not, this company offers fascinating tours of some of Prague’s reputedly most haunted areas. The tours aren’t just about spotting ghosts, but also give you a sense of the more mysterious side of the city by exploring ancient cemeteries and seeing little-known parts of central Prague. The tours take place every day and last for one and a half hours, and if you’d rather explore in a smaller group, they also offer private tours. Contact them at or 420 723 306 963.

Best walking tour — Jana Neubergova Private Tour Guide

Central Prague is an incredibly walkable place, and there are few better ways to understand the city and its history than on a walking tour with a knowledgeable guide. Jana is most definitely that. She offers five tours that you can choose from, and tours are limited to only six people, so you’ll never be in a crowd. There are both walking and driving tours to choose from, and even tours of the countryside surrounding the city in case you want to explore parts of the Czech Republic outside Prague. Make a reservation at or 420 604 332 810.

Best bike tour — SegwayTrip Escooter HUGO Bike

This company offers many different ways to explore Prague. As well as Segways, they have e-scooters and bikes so that you can wheel your way through the city and explore at your own pace. Prague is a great city to ride a bike, and this company offers both guided and self-guided tours for you to choose from. It’s nice to have a knowledgeable guide who can explain what you’re seeing, but it can also be fun to explore for yourself and let instinct guide you. Either way, you get a great view of the city from on two wheels and burn some calories while exploring. Contact them at or 420 731 859 200.

Best food tour — Prague City Adventures

Czech cuisine isn’t especially well known around the world. But the capital has a food scene that can rival most other cities in the world. If you want to get to grips with both the traditional and modern cuisine of Prague, this is the company to call. They’ll take you to spots only locals know about where you can try some of the best food in all of Prague. You can focus on traditional Czech cuisine in the Old Town, or enjoy beer and tapas and some of Prague’s liveliest bars. Either way, you’ll come away with some new favorites and a deeper understanding of the city’s cuisine. Contact them at or 420 608 107 108.

Best off the beaten path tours — Prague Behind the Scenes

Prague has many famous sights to see. But once you’ve visited the Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square, you may find yourself eager to see more obscure places. If so, this is the company for you. While they can take you to the must-see bucket list destinations, they focus on more obscure places where most tourists never get to go. Discover the fascinating stories that have shaped Prague through the ages on this unique and unforgettable tour. Contact them at or 420 775 198 185.

Best hiking tours — PragueActive

Prague is so beautiful it’s hard to imagine ever getting sick of it. But beyond the photogenic city, the Czech Republic has plenty of equally charming locations to visit. PragueActive can help you explore the nature and scenery of the region and get away from the tourist crowds the city is prone to. If you like a walk in nature, this company is the one to call. Contact them at or 420 608 450 891.

Prague is a fantastic city for a weekend getaway, with record-breaking monuments that make it perfect for sightseeing. Drop your bags off at a Prague luggage storage service, and plan a tour of these fascinating attractions.

  • Step back in time at Prague Castle. Built in the 9th century, Prague Castle holds the record for being the world's largest ancient castle and is remarkably well preserved given its age.
  • Admire the Prague Astronomical Clock. Located at the Old Town Hall, this is the world's oldest operating astronomical clock. Every hour, you'll get to enjoy the famed "The Walk of the Apostles."
  • Chow down on Czech cuisine at one of the best restaurants in Prague. You'll find many great eateries across the Czech capital, including Kantýna, U Modré Kachničky, and Field.
  • Pay a visit to the Dancing House. A deconstructivist masterpiece, The Dancing House's warped and twisted architectural design makes it one of Europe's most striking modern buildings. 

Prague lockers

Prague is one of the most spread-out cities in the whole of Europe, with the metro area covering nearly 200 square miles. Prague's scale, mixed with its hilly landscape, makes it more difficult to explore than most if you're staying away from the city center. To make touring Prague a little easier on your feet, consider visiting a Prague storage locker. Bounce offers services across the city, where you can unburden yourself of your heavy bags. Hop on the Bounce app today and find a secure and convenient Prague storage service close to you.

Off the beaten path in Prague

Travelers who don't like big crowds and want to avoid the famous tourist spots will find plenty of activities in Prague. The Czech capital has its fair share of greenery, and there are also a few lesser-known attractions to uncover, which tend to be devoid of crowds. Drop off your bags at a Prague luggage storage locker, and check out some of these excursions off the beaten path.

  • Letna Park is a superb spot to escape the crowds without straying far from Prague's center. This large park is the perfect spot for a picnic in the shade or a stroll along the River Vltava.
  • Explore rugged hills surrounding Prague at Divoká Šárka. Throughout Divoká Šárka, you'll find a range of challenging hiking trails, which boast sweeping views of the countryside. 
  • Uncover Prague's dark side at the Speculum Alchemiae. Discovered after a flood in 2002, this original underground alchemist lair dates back as far as the 10th century and gives a rare glimpse into Prague's occult history.

What to do alone in Prague

birds over Vltava River

If you're on a work-related trip to Prague, or just have a stopover in the city, you might be looking for something to do alone. Prague has plenty of museums and landmarks worth discovering that you can enjoy solo.

  • Tour the Kafka Museum. This museum is dedicated to the renowned writer and philosopher Franz Kafka and features many personal belongings and writings.
  • Get a birdseye view from the Petrin Tower. Constructed in 1891, this 200-foot tall tower provides some of the best panoramas of Prague.
  • St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest religious building in Prague. The cathedral interior houses the tombs of many former kings and emperors and features vibrant mosaics and stained-glass windows. 
  • Stroll down the Lennon Wall. An iconic sight in Prague, the Lennon Wall features thousands of poems, song lyrics, and graffiti related to The Beatles and John Lennon. 

The best souvenirs in Prague

There's plenty of great souvenirs to grab while vacationing in Prague, purchasable from museums and souvenir stores across the city. Some of the best affordable nicknacks include a book from the Kafka Museum or traditional marionettes, which can be picked up from several stores in Old Town close to the Charles Bridge. If you're looking to splash out on a memento, consider purchasing some hand-cut bohemian glass from either Moser Crystal or Dana Bohemia.

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