Reno Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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Hot-air balloon, Reno, NV

The self-styled "biggest little city in the world", Reno has plenty to offer visitors. Located in the northwest of the state of Nevada, Reno often gets overshadowed by Las Vegas. Reno is a great place to enjoy gambling and nightlife just like its larger sister, and many people enjoy the more laid-back vibe and affordable prices of the smaller city.

Plus, Reno's location is hard to beat. Close to the border with California, this city of around 245,000 inhabitants is one of the nearest to the legendary Lake Tahoe. So as well as having a variety of cultural institutions and entertainment options, Reno is the gateway to the Sierra Nevada mountains and all that magnificent scenery.

No matter how long you have to spend in Reno, you'll find plenty to do. So drop off your unneeded bags at a Reno luggage storage service and get to know this Nevadan gem for yourself.

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Reno, Nevada

A weekend in Reno

There's more to do in Reno than you can explore in a single weekend. But the town's relatively small size means you can see many of its top attractions in just a couple of days. Drop off your suitcases at a Reno bag storage and see what Reno has to offer.

  • Try your luck at the El Dorado. This classic casino has been an icon of the city since the 1970s, and it still has plenty of period charm. With dozens of table games and slot machines, there's plenty of chances to win some money. The casino also puts on regular shows and is home to a variety of restaurants.
  • Check out a more sophisticated side of Reno on the Riverwalk. This riverside promenade is known for its many art galleries and restaurants, making it a great place to explore the more cultural side of the city. Plus, the presence of the water makes it a relaxing place to stroll.
  • Forty miles outside Reno, Lake Tahoe has to be seen to be believed. On the border between Nevada and California, the gorgeous turquoise waters of the lake are a great place for swimming, boating, and fishing, and the surrounding mountains with their dense forests are a perfect place to hike.

Reno lockers

Reno offers a great combination of city life and natural attractions. Plus, it's blessed with reliably sunny weather that rarely gets very cold. You can enjoy this city at any time of year by dropping off your bags at a Reno luggage locker. Knowing your possessions are being safely looked after allows you to explore with peace of mind. And the less you carry with you, the more fun you'll have getting to know this vibrant city.

Off the beaten path in Reno

Reno gets plenty of visitors, both from its neighboring states and from around the world. But if the tourist crowds get too much for you, rest assured that Reno has plenty of lesser-known attractions that are still worth exploring. Drop off your belongings at a suitcase storage in Reno and venture into the quirky side of the city.

  • If you want to experience Reno like a local, head to the home ground of minor league baseball team the Reno Aces. Located on the river, this stadium offers mountain views and is one of the prettiest you're ever likely to visit. Cheer for the home team and enjoy a gorgeous Reno sunset at the same time.
  • Learn more about the world around you at the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. This museum covers a little bit of everything, including science, technology, math, and art. A fantastic place to bring kids, it’s also a great way to get away from the casinos and learn a little something in the process.
  • Get a breath of fresh air at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. This park contains a museum and botanical garden, and is a great place to enjoy fresh air and sunshine on your Reno adventure. Take a stroll here, and you'll be refreshed and ready to head back into the vibrant life of the city.

What to do alone in Reno

Like Las Vegas, Reno is often regarded as a party city. For that reason, it can seem like an unlikely place to explore by yourself. But solo travel allows you to experience a different side of Reno. Plus, with its party atmosphere, it's easy to meet people and make new friends.

  • Opened in 1931, the Nevada Museum of Art is one of the oldest in the western United States. The art here is exhibited in four different theme areas and covers photographs, sculpture, drawing, painting, and other forms of visual arts. There's also a great sculpture garden where you can continue to enjoy Nevada's great weather.
  • Get unbelievable photos of a desert sunset from Peavine Peak. Located just outside the city, this mountain wilderness is popular with hikers, campers, and off-road vehicles. It's also the perfect place to watch a desert sunset over the city. Don't forget your camera.
  • Why walk when you can crawl? No matter what you're into, Reno has a crawl for you. You can enjoy beer crawls, bar crawls, a zombie crawl, a leprechaun crawl, and all kinds of other unique themed events. These lively parties are a great way to meet new people and have some fun in the city.

The best souvenirs in Reno

Reno gets plenty of tourists, and that means lots of souvenirs. You can celebrate the gambling history of the city with a deck of playing cards or some poker chips. RTSI Souvenirs can hook you up with these and all kinds of other branded Reno and Nevada-themed merchandise. If you'd prefer to celebrate Reno's desert surroundings, bringing home some cacti or succulent houseplants makes for a great reminder of your trip. Check out Buckin Cactus Boutique for a great selection. Or you can buy unique items and handicrafts at Larkellen. This family-run boutique is the place to go for clothing, home decor, and other items that all proudly boast their Nevadan heritage.

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