Roma Termini Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Located within the ancient walls of the city of Rome, Termini railway station is the gateway to the Eternal City for more than 118 million passengers each year. This staggering number makes it the second busiest railway station in all of Europe after Paris. First opened by the Pope in 1863, Termini has been serving the Italian capital for generations. Connected to Rome’s main international airport by an express train, Termini is many people’s first glimpse of the city. With so many passengers using it, the station has grown into almost a miniature city all by itself, complete with restaurants, stores, and many other services for travelers.

Busy as the station is, it’s no place to be carrying heavy bags. Make your trip easier on yourself by dropping off your unneeded belongings at a luggage storage near Roma Termini. You lighter you travel, the easier it will be to navigate this exceptionally busy place and start exploring the wider city.

Roma Termini bag policy

Because of its extensive rail and air connections with other cities across Europe and around the world, you’ll see plenty of people carrying luggage through Termini station. There are no rules regarding how much luggage you can bring to the station with you. However, the sheer size of this 29 platform behemoth means it’s not a great place to carry more than you need to. There is a baggage storage in Termini close to the platform where the Leonardo Express train from the airport stops. But at busy times, you have to wait in a long line to use this facility, and they often run out of space. Luckily, there are lots of luggage storage services in the area around Termini that you can use instead.

Roma Termini food policy

Termini has its own food court where you’ll find lots of quick-service options for those rushing to make a train. McDonalds and Kingfood offer rapid service and meals you can carry on to train with you, whereas Terrazza offers a more leisurely experience. There’s also the Mercato Centrale, an indoor market that celebrates Italian cuisine and brings local produce to this busy railway station. After all, Italy is known around the world for its cuisine, so it’s only fitting that the busiest rail station in the country should have somewhere good to eat.

Roma Termini camera policy

Cameras are allowed inside Roma Termini. However, due to its busyness, it can be a difficult place to get good photos. Certainly, you have almost no chance of setting up a tripod or any kind of lights. Also, be aware that the large numbers of tourists that pass through the station inevitably attract thieves. Carrying an expensive camera around with you may garner unwanted attention. All in all, you may be better to leave the photographic equipment at a luggage storage service near Roma Termini. That way, your belongings will be safely looked after, leaving you free to explore.

Roma Termini rules

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the station building. However, you are able to smoke just outside the doors, and also at designated smoking areas on the platforms.
  • Ticket inspectors operate checkpoints between the main part of the station in the platforms, so you won’t be able to get to a platform without showing a valid ticket.
  • Bathrooms are available at the station, but they cost one euro to enter via turnstile, so make sure you have some change.
  • Termini is connected to Rome’s Metro network by a station also called Termini. It is also a major destination for city buses and trams, and operates as the hub for Rome’s public transit network.

Roma Termini lockers

Roma Termini isn’t likely to win any beauty awards, but that’s okay. The city it serves is beautiful enough as it is. Termini serves as a sometimes chaotic and always busy introduction to the capital of Italy, and the permanent crowds can make it a difficult place to navigate. You can make things easier and yourself by leaving your bags behind at a luggage locker near Roma Termini. With your possessions safely looked after, you can focus on enjoying your trip and seeing everything Rome has to offer. Travel light and enjoy Italy without the stress.

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