Best Coffee Shops to Work From in San Diego

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Best Coffee Shops to Work From in San Diego

If you are headed to San Diego for a work trip, you might be concerned about where you will work remotely during your stay. It can be really boring to sit in your hotel room and answer emails all day, so why not make sure that you enjoy a much more pleasant work experience as you visit San Diego, CA? There are many ways to make your trip to San Diego much more fun, even if you have to work remotely while you are there. Check out this guide to the best shopping in San Diego so that you can have a great time during your lunch break or after hours.

One of the best ways to make the most of your time in San Diego is to find a great coffee shop to work in. There are so many cozy coffee shop locations all around the city where you can sit down and have a great working experience while you enjoy local culture and even better local coffee. There are so many coffee shops around the San Diego area you might not be sure which location to pick for your working day. This guide will help you to make the best choice for your remote worker experience during your time in the city.

Before you do anything else in San Diego, you need to make sure that you store your luggage properly. It is no fun to drag your luggage all over with you during your time in San Diego, and you will have a much better time working in the city without your bags underfoot all the time. Let us take care of your luggage storage in San Diego so that you can work remotely in comfort during your time in California.

Once you have stored your luggage properly, you will be ready to make the most of the amazing coffee shops in San Diego that are perfect for your remote work needs!

Cafes to work from in San Diego

Best Coffee Shops in San Diego for Remote Workers

Most of these coffee shop locations are located in the heart of the city. You will be able to head to the San Diego Zoo from here, or maybe you will want to get off work and find a place to dance and enjoy drinks for your evening entertainment. These coffee shops are some of the best places to work while you are in San Diego, and they offer so much ambiance and charm.

From chain coffee shops to cute little unique boutique places, there is no shortage of special coffee shop experiences to have in San Diego when you are here for work. You will feel like you still got to vacation here when you choose these lovely San Diego spots for your working hours during your trip.

Lestat’s Coffee House on Adams Avenue

While the name of this shop might make you think of Interview With a Vampire, the location is actually quite cozy and ideal for remote workers. You will have access to plenty of plug-ins, and the tables are spread out comfortably so that you won't feel like people are looking over your shoulder while taking care of your tasks for the day. This is one of the best coffee shops for a peaceful work experience, and you will feel right at home when you sit down here and clock in.

Make sure that you plan to walk a little to this location if you have rented a car since the parking in this part of town is pretty limited. You might also want to arrive ahead of lunchtime as there is a lunchtime rush of students and young people on the weekdays. This is a really popular location for catching up and chatting as well, so if you want to have a very quiet workday, this might not be your best choice. The coffee here is really good, and you will get access to a full lunch menu as well as pastries and breakfast sandwich choices to pair with your coffee.


3343 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA

San Diego coffee shops

Jennings House Cafe

This is one of the most popular remote work locations in the city, and the staff here will allow you to come to the counter to order and then will not bother you again as you are getting your work done. This is a very standard coffee shop with comfortable but practical seating and access to plug-ins around the edges of the room. They have pastries and some quick lunch items, as well as all the usual specialty coffees.

Ask about any of the fresh pastries that have been brought in if you arrive bright and early in the morning since these will be the freshest of your choices. The specialty rose vanilla latte is really good as well. There is no shortage of lunch options, even if they are a bit basic, and you will be able to work here all day in quiet and comfort.


1018 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA


Located on the Pacific Beach side of the city, this cute little coffee shop makes you feel like you have gone on a vacation in a beach bar that just happens to have lots of outlets to plug in your laptop. The seating area is spacious enough to be comfortable, and there are a variety of different kinds of seating and tables to choose from here. This is one of the best coffee shops in the city for ambiance, and you will have a great time here as you enjoy some of the best coffee in the city.

This location does open a bit late on some days, but they also stay open late. If you have the flexibility to work a bit later in the day, you might want to come here with that plan in mind. There is also a full bar here, so depending on your line of work, you might be able to take advantage of the mimosa brunch offerings while you are working away.


967 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA

Where to work in San Diego

Caffè Calabria

Italian coffee is what is on the menu here, and the Italian-inspired decor makes you feel like you have stepped out of San Diego and into another world - a Mediterranean one. This is one of the best coffee shops for really delicious coffees and even better food. You will be able to find a table to sit at easily here since the location is quite large as far as coffee shop locations in San Diego go. There are limited plug-ins, so make sure that your laptop has a full charge when you arrive. And a battery pack couldn't hurt, either.

If you stay through lunch, be sure to have their pizza or try some of the family recipes that include Italian favorites you can't get in many other places in San Diego. The paninis are also excellent and are the favorite lunch option for most people who head to this coffee shop to do their work while they are in town.


3933 30th St, San Diego, CA

Brick & Bell Café

This is a great place to head to if you like to be up and at 'em early in the day. This spot in nearby La Jolla opens at 5:30 in the morning, and they have indoor and outdoor seating for your comfort. This is a small coffee shop, but they are one of the only places in the city that roasts its own beans and makes its own pastries from scratch each day. The ambiance here is so San Diego that you will not question where you are for a moment while you are sitting down at this coffee shop.

The scones here are very good, and the specials for lunch are usually locally sourced, which is really nice. Sitting outside is by far the best choice when you head here, but you will need to have your battery pack with you to help you keep yourself hard at work all day. This is one of the more adorable coffee shop locations in the city and one that you should consider if you love handcrafted coffee and excellent food.


928 Silverado Street, La Jolla, CA

Working coffee shops in San Diego

Krakatoa Cafe

Krakatoa is a very neat location to sit down to work while you stay in San Diego. You will love this coffee shop for its very fun vibe and the really great service. This spot was originally a craftsman house, and the lovely porch that wraps around the house is one of the best places to work. You can enjoy partial sun and quiet as you work here in this location which is a well-known favorite for those working away from home during the day or who are from out of town.

The lunch menu here is great, as are the breakfast offerings. You can get everything from a breakfast burrito to a pastry here, along with really good coffee. This coffee shop offers great hours for working folks, and the food and fresh coffee are delightful. Make sure to ask about the local pastries and snacks that have been brought in to be sold here, as they are often the most exciting of the food options that you can pair with your excellent coffee.


1128 25th Street, San Diego, CA

The Invigatorium

If you want to work in a really strange location that is nevertheless delightful, this is the spot for you! There is a pterodactyl hanging over the counter, and there is no shortage of silly and strange items that are scattered all over the coffee shop. You will feel like you have landed in a Ripley's Believe it or Not, or maybe an old Applebee's gone mad. The strange environment is still really enjoyable despite its strangeness, and the food and drink here are really good too.

This spot is also a restaurant and bar, and the transition from coffee shop to bar happens midafternoon. That does not mean that you will be asked to leave, however. You might just be given a different menu to accompany your working hours if you stay later into the day. This kitschy place offers you access to delicious coffee, great comfort foods, as well as craft beers, and a full bar. You can have whatever kind of workday you want when you sit down here, and you will love how strange and wonderful this location is.


631 Ninth Ave, San Diego, CA

San Diego coffee shops to work in


While you might wish that you could come to San Diego without having to worry about work, you will find that there's no shortage of fun that can be had as you enjoy delicious coffee in this lovely city. You can work at any of these lovely casual coffee shop locations peacefully and still make the most of your time in San Diego. There is no reason to worry about where you will work when you come to San Diego since the best coffee shops in the city will offer you a pleasant place to get your hours logged for your company (or yourself).

There is plenty to do and see here in this city, and you should make sure that you head out from your coffee shop work location to enjoy everything that the city has to offer. You will be steps away from the best parts of what San Diego offers at most of these coffee shops, and you should always try to include a trip to the beach in your plans. You definitely won't regret it!

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