Snapdragon Stadium visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Snapdragon Stadium visitor guide

Part of San Diego State’s Mission Valley campus, Snapdragon Stadium is a crowd favorite and popular with locals for the college football games played here. This open-air stadium has enough seats for up to 35,000 spectators.

With such a high number of seats, it’s not exactly surprising that Snapdragon Stadium has some specific policies that guests need to adhere to. This includes a clear bag policy, food policy, and camera policy, along with a few other rules. 

To ensure that you stick to the Snapdragon Stadium bag policy, don’t bring more than you absolutely need. Head to a convenient Bounce Snapdragon Stadium luggage storage location in San Diego before you make your way to the venue. Then, you can be sure that you and your bags are totally compliant. Here’s what you need to know:

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Snapdragon Stadium bag policy

Snapdragon Stadium bag policy

Like many US facilities, Snapdragon Stadium operates on a strict clear bag policy. Guests are allowed to bring either one clear plastic (vinyl is also ok) bag that’s no bigger than 12” x 6” x 12” or one small purse, bag, or clutch that’s 4.5” x 6.5” or smaller.

You’ll need to leave your laptop bags, coolers, briefcases, and backpacks behind. The only exception to the Snapdragon Stadium bag policy is if you need a different kind of bag for medical purposes or to care for your young children.

The stadium does have lockers that you can use for a fee on the east side, but these are small and fill up fast. A better option is to visit a Bounce San Diego location on the way to Snapdragon Stadium so that you can just breeze through security and get to your seat once you arrive.

Snapdragon Stadium food policy

The Snapdragon Stadium food policy is also strict and very clear: no outside food is permitted to enter the stadium. You can, though, bring in one sealed and unfrozen plastic water bottle or an empty refillable water bottle that’s 32 oz or smaller. Like the bag policy, exceptions can be made for medically-necessary food and drink items.

Although you’re not allowed to bring your own food, that’s not necessarily a hardship. The Snapdragon Stadium food options are excellent and are some of your local favorites. Look out for concessions of The Taco Stand, Best Pizza and Brew, Cali BBQ, Everbowl, and The Crack Shack. You won’t go hungry here.

How to get to Snapdragon Stadium

Snapdragon Stadium transportation

Determining how to get to Snapdragon Stadium isn’t hard. There are multiple methods of transportation available:


Driving to the stadium can be a little tricky, but only because of the limited available parking. Specifically for SDSU football games, unless you have already purchased a parking pass, you’ll need to find an alternative. This is either public transportation, rideshare, or parking in the stadium’s overflow lot located at Northside Drive and Friars Road. 

All the stadium’s lots are open five hours before the game for tailgating. The stadium itself is located just off Cabrillo Freeway/Briars Road, seven miles northeast of downtown San Diego.

Public transportation

The easiest (and cheapest) way to get to the stadium is on the Trolley’s Green Line. This light rail system stops at Stadium Station, so you’ll be on the venue’s doorstep in minutes. The service here is direct, and the trolley runs every 15 minutes minimum - sometimes more often before and after games.


Using a rideshare service is another popular way to get to Snapdragon Stadium. The only caveat is that your driver must drop you off and pick you up on Mission Village Drive, inside Gate 1, north of Jacaranda Street. The same goes for taxis.

Snapdragon Stadium camera policy

As per the Snapdragon Stadium camera policy, no video or audio recording is permitted. As long as you stick to still images and are using a non-flash and non-professional camera, you should be fine. Non-professional cameras include disposable ones and digital or 35mm cameras with lenses that don’t exceed 6”.

Don’t plan on bringing your tripod or monopod, either. And, if you’re attending an event other than a San Diego State Aztecs football game, the camera policy may vary. Check your ticket or the event’s website to be on the safe side.

Snapdragon Stadium rules

Snapdragon Stadium rules

Here are a few additional Snapdragon Stadium policies to consider before attending an event:

  • The stadium is entirely cashless. If you don’t have a debit or credit card, you can use one of the reverse ATMs at the Southeast and Northeast entrances to load a card.
  • Strollers are allowed in the stadium as long as they are stored under your seat or in one of the special areas designed for this purpose.
  • For SDSU football games, the gates open two hours before kickoff. 
  • You can bring your binoculars with you for a better view, but you have to leave the case at home.
  • If you want to ride your bike to the event, there are racks on the east side of the stadium as well as by the Northeast and Northwest Gates.
  • Banners and signs can’t be larger than 24” x 36”, and the content must be event-specific. You also need to ensure your sign doesn’t obstruct another fan’s view. 
  • When it comes to tailgating, the Snapdragon Stadium policies dictate that fans can’t reserve spots or use parking spots exclusively for tents and other non-vehicle-related items. Once you have your parking spot, you are allowed to tailgate directly behind your vehicle. No charcoal grills are permitted, so bring your propane or natural gas grill instead.


Any visit to Snapdragon Stadium, especially for an SDSU home game, is an exciting experience. Leave everything that you don’t need behind either in your car or at a Bounce storage facility to make sure you don’t break the stadium’s rules. Then, you can thoroughly enjoy your time at this venue. Go Aztecs!

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