Best Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco

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Vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco

If you prefer eating vegetarian or vegan or you have allergies that make this your only option, you might have learned that it can be very hard to find vegetarian restaurants or vegan restaurants in many of the cities that you visit. Thankfully, if you are planning to head to San Francisco, CA and you want to go on a vegan picnic or you plan to eat at vegetarian restaurants each day, you will have lots of choices at your fingertips. San Francisco is a great place to enjoy delicious food even if you don't eat meat and you will be so glad that there is vegetarian cuisine around nearly every corner!

When you head to San Francisco, you will want to be sure that you have your bags stored safely and securely once you arrive. There is nothing worse than having to drag your bags to outdoor dining or through the steep and narrow streets of San Francisco. You will want to be sure to put your luggage in secure storage in San Francisco before you start looking for your first vegetarian restaurant to enjoy. Once your bags have been safely stored away, it's time to find the right place for your first delicious meal in San Francisco.

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Best vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco

Vegetarian Restaurants in San Francisco

While not all of these locations offer vegan dining as well as vegetarian menu options, most of the vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco are friendly to both preferences. California as a whole is very conscious of the benefits of the plant-based lifestyle and you will find that many outdoor dining and indoor dining locations in the city will offer you access to menu items for both needs. You will find that San Francisco is one of the best places to eat out when you are looking for a vegetarian meal.

Greens Restaurant

A staple of the San Francisco food scene since 1979, this spot has always been run by female chefs. The talent that has been used to create the vegetarian menu here cannot be found in many other locations in the world, and you will love that you can simply pop into Greens to enjoy one of the best vegetarian experiences around.

This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco, and you will have a lovely view of the San Marin headlands as you dine in this comfortable, yet upscale location. They make everything from salads to pizzas here and you can also get some really good vegan menu choices here. Green's Restaurant has been a part of the vegetarian restaurant movement since the beginning and it shows.

Make sure to try their Spring Fava Avacado Toast and save some room for a vegetarian or vegan dessert that will knock your socks off.

Vegan Picnic

For vegan comfort food that will not disappoint, there is no better place to visit in San Francisco, CA than Vegan Picnic. The Polk location of this restaurant is still open and you will love that this vegan restaurant has taken comfort food and made it available to everyone who follows a vegan lifestyle. Faux chicken and tri-tip are on the menu here as well as gluten-free waffles and more.

The atmosphere here is a little like a California kitchen meets a diner, but the friendly service and the happy customers make the atmosphere really pleasant. You will love that you can grab food to go from this location as well. There are many lovely parks that you can make into your outdoor dining location with ease if you choose to take the name of the location literally and grab your food to go.

The Flying Falafel

Located near Union Square, this is another delightful vegan offering in San Francisco. This is a Middle Eastern menu with gluten-free options and you can find everything from imitation meats and delicious comfort food available. Make sure to consider grabbing your food to go if you are en route to adventures in the Union Square area. You can order ahead and pick up with ease at this spot.

The pitas are excellent here but they also make many different "flying bowl" dishes that are a Flying Falafel special. These are some of the healthiest options at any of the vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco and you can enjoy these hearty and filling dishes without any guilt.

Eating vegetarian in San Francisco


This vegetarian restaurant actually offers an almost entirely-vegan menu and all of it is Italian! You might not have associated vegetarian restaurants and Italian food before, but the delightful dishes at Baia are worth the visit. This spot is open for takeout most days but brunch and dinner hours can be limited to certain days of the week. The weekend is a great time to get a reservation and to plan to enjoy garlic knots, pizzas, risotto, and so much more. Their desserts are truly decadent as well and you might want to head here just for a late-night snack.

The location of this spot is a bit out of the way, but it is worth the trek to get here. You will have one of the best vegetarian restaurant experiences of your life here and the food will be delivered to your table with plating that deserves a picture on your Instagram.

Thai Idea Vegetarian Restaurant

While Thai food is traditionally pretty vegan and vegetarian-friendly, there are some dishes that included fish, which can be a trap that vegetarian restaurants eliminate completely. You will be certain that no matter what dish you order here will be entirely vegetarian cuisine. This means that there is no guesswork about ordering and that you can have one of the most enjoyable authentic Thai experiences in San Francisco when you sit down to eat.

Nourish Cafe

For excellent smoothy and greens bowls and delicious fresh-pressed juices, this is a really good place to stop in. Nourish Cafe also makes some really good sandwiches during lunch hours. This spot along California Street is a little out of the way but it is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco if you love fresh food and juices. Green restaurant options are everywhere in San Francisco, but this is one of the most delicious of your options.


If you want to have a swanky dinner with access to a full bar, this is the right vegetarian cuisine location for you. You will love that you can get access to delicious mixed drinks and wines here while enjoying rigatoni bolognese and "neatball" dishes. There is indoor and outdoor dining and they serve lunch and dinner every day of the week. While some of the other vegan food and vegetarian restaurant locations in the city have limited hours, this spot is open whenever you are craving a filling and delicious meal.

Gracias Madre

If you thought that you could not get access to Mexican cuisine that is purely plant-based, you were wrong! This San Francisco vegetarian restaurant is one of the best places in the city to get delicious Mexican cuisine that you can trust to fit your vegetarian lifestyle. Vegetarian dining has never been more delicious and their vegan nut cheeses and faux meat options are so good that you will wish that you could eat here every day. The atmosphere is cozy and charming and you will get great and friendly service along with a satisfying meal.

Vegan restaurants in San Francisco

Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

If you have been looking hard for fried rice, wonton soup, and other classic Chinese and Japanese favorites, you need to head to this spot. You will enjoy casual dining here and you can have your pick of delicious Chinese food and Japanese food favorite dishes. You will be able to get everything from sour soup to rice noodles and pad Thai for a complete meal. This is a great choice for a quick meal that will not disappoint you with its flavor.

Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar

If you love sushi but are always worried about whether or not you are getting the vegan experience that you were promised, this is the right place for you to stop in to eat. All the dishes here are vegan safe and there is vegetarian and vegan sushi on the menu for each kind of dietary preference. This is a very popular location in the 14th Street area and you might need to make a reservation during peak dining hours to get seated.

Wholesome Bakery

It can be tough to track down a vegan bakery with really good food, even in a big city. This is a good choice for you if you want a delicious vegan dessert, a lovely vegan breakfast, or if you are looking for an extensive menu of sandwiches and deli-style foods. This location is also gluten-free and trans-fat-free which is a great added benefit for your healthy dining and lifestyle needs. Their pastries are some of the best anywhere and you will not regret popping in to try this spot out.


If you have ever wanted to try tofuna or you are looking for imitation fish eggs that are vegan and vegetarian safe, this is the right place for you to dine. The tempura dishes on the menu here are excellent and they make all kinds of delightful miso soup dishes and more. This is a light and flavorful dining option that will delight people who want to enjoy their favorite dishes meat-free.


If breakfast is on your mind, or you want a hearty brunch, this is the right place for you to head for your San Francisco dining needs. This spot makes delightful french toast, waffles, and pancakes, all with vegan and vegetarian ingredients. There are also smoothies and bowls on the menu here. No one will ever go hungry eating at Judahlicious and a hearty breakfast is easy to track down when you stop in at this cozy eatery.

Ananda Fuara Vegetarian Restaurant

This spot is a spiritual location as well as an eatery and the dining experience here is based on Sri Chinmoy. You will enjoy vegetarian as well as vegan menu options here. They also serve every meal of the day each day of the week. The portions are hearty and the atmosphere is peaceful and chill. This is a great place to enjoy if you are worried about your budget as well, and you can eat a big meal for a great price when you stop in.

Golden Era Vegan Restaurant

Located in the Tenderloin area, this spot is not much to look at from the outside but it is one of the most popular locations in San Francisco for good reason. You can get vegan Chinese dishes here, pad Thai, and Japanese food as well. Everything here is meant to be flavorful, filling, and authentic, and you are just steps away from lots of the best things to see and do in this amazing city. This is a good choice for a really hearty meal that is followed up by some exciting sightseeing.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in San Francisco

There Are Many Amazing Vegetarian Dining Options in San Francisco

If you have struggled to find vegetarian or vegan restaurants in other cities, San Francisco is the right place for you to visit. There are incredible vegetarian restaurants in San Francisco on every corner and in every district. You can also enjoy dishes from all around the world that are made to be safe for your dietary plan. You will love that you can get vegan sushi, Chinese food, and delicious soul food easily when you visit San Francisco. This is a great place to visit for tasty food of all kinds and it's a wonderful place for those who follow a plant-based diet.

Make sure that you place your bags in secure storage when you arrive in San Francisco, and then you can be free to head out and find your new favorite vegetarian restaurants in this exciting city!

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