Best Coffee Shops to Work From in San Francisco

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Best Coffee Shops to Work From in San Francisco

There are plenty of things to do in San Francisco, no matter your interests. From world-class museums and iconic landmarks to outdoor activities and vibrant nightlife, there's something for everyone in this city.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman's Wharf, and Chinatown. If you're looking for something a little more off the beaten path, though, there are plenty of hidden gems to explore as well.

But what if you're in town for work? Or need to get a little work done during your vacation? Head to any of the many laptop-friendly coffee shops, and at least you'll feel like you're out and about in the world. They all have excellent coffee and snacks, at the very least, to keep you going as long as you want to.

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Work-friendly coffee shops in San Francisco

Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco To Get Work Done

If you are looking for delicious coffee, free wifi and a great work environment, these coffee shop options will meet all of your needs. There are locations with both indoor and outdoor seating as well as neighborhood coffee shop options that will make you feel right at home. You don't have to work in your boring hotel room during your trip to San Francisco and these coffee shops will take care of your need to break free of your hotel and get work done in a place that reminds you that you're in a new city.

From locations near Ocean Beach to spots that are right in the heart of the city, you will find that working in a coffee shop in San Francisco is one of the best ways to soak up the city's culture and still clock in to get your job done.


This cool little coffee shop is a favorite for those who are in the city to work and the standing bar near the windows as well as the comfortable little tables make for a great place to get some work done during your time in San Francisco. The chalkboard menu is refreshed frequently as new exciting eats are brought into the shop. The coffee is always tasty and fairly priced, which is nice in a city as expensive as San Francisco. They also offer homemade doughnuts and their lunch menu has yummy things like fried chicken sandwiches on it.

The free wifi here is very fast, and the atmosphere is calm and peaceful. This is a great place for good coffee and comfortable chairs that will help you get your work done each day during your time in San Francisco.


1801 McAllister St, San Francisco, CA

Tarragon Cafe

Technically a bakery and cafe, Tarragon also offers really good coffee and delicious fresh-baked bread. This cozy local shop brings in people for specialty coffee, croissant sandwiches, and cold brews. You will find everything that you need here to work in comfort except outlets, so make sure you have your back up chargers on hand.

You can easily stay here all day and just ask to see each new menu as the time goes by. Transitioning from breakfast sandwiches to lunch fare is easy here and you will love that you don't have to get up to go elsewhere for your lunch options. With great free wifi and comfortable chairs, this is the right place to spend your work day if you have enough backup charging power to get you through.


200 Filmore St, San Francisco, CA

Coffee shops for work in San Francisco

Java Beach Cafe

For truly delicious roasted coffee, this is the place to head. The beachy atmosphere of the Java Beach Cafe is really enjoyable and you will love the laid back feel of this spot. You can also choose to enjoy their outdoor seating if the weather is nice enough. They offer a full range of breakfast options like bagel sandwiches and egg sandwiches, and you can get wraps and salads in the afternoon. Make sure to try the Pullman Loaf Toast when you order from the coffee bar before you start working.

There is a full menu of specialty coffee here to pick from as well, and you can get espresso drinks as well as matcha latte choices and more. This is a great location to sit down and work with ample seating and a cozy atmosphere.


1396 La Playa St, San Francisco, CA

Ballast Coffee

This is the coffee shop for a quiet workspace with a nice outdoor seating area. Outlets are limited here once again, but the location is worth the trouble of breaking out your charging brick to keep working here all day. This coffee shop offers food like breakfast sandwiches and you will also be able to enjoy great coffee. The free wifi is really fast, and the service is excellent.

This is the right spot for those who hate sitting at a coffee shop where the waitstaff bothers you all the time. Unlike other coffee shops, this one knows that people come here to work and they will let you come to them if you need something. For great coffee and a peaceful work environment, head to Ballast Coffee.


329B West Portal Ave, San Francisco, CA

Home Coffee Roasters

This chill location is popular with college kids in San Francisco and they also make really creative drinks that are themed and just begging for an Instagram photo. Located in Outer Sunset, this is one of the city's most mellow and enjoyable places to work. You can choose to order a basic coffee, or you can go all in and get one of their extravagant coffee orders.

There is plenty of room to work at this coffee shop in Outer Sunset, but it can get a little busy during finals week. You might just have to share a table, but that will let you make a new friend as you work all day long.


1222 Noreiga St, San Francisco, CA

Where to work in San Francisco

Müesi Cafe

Located in Cow Hollow, this slightly industrial-looking space is a great location for coffee, food, and a peaceful space to work. This coffee shop looks more like a yogurt shop or maybe an ice cream parlor, but the many tables and access to many outlets will prove this impression wrong as soon as you walk in. This is one of the best coffee shop locations for easy access to work space in San Francisco, and you will love that you can just order coffee at the bar and then head back to your table.

This spot also stays open later than many of the other coffee shops in the city, so this can be a great San Francisco work location if you have a lot to do and need those extra hours.


B-2055 Union St, San Francisco, CA

Daily Driver

This comfortable spot will feel really familiar to students or people who have just gotten out of college. The vibe here is pretty serious and quiet but that can be great if you have some really intense work to get through. The excellent coffee and really good food will keep you comfortable for hours as you work, but do be aware that they close at 2 pm. If you have a morning of work planned, Daily Driver is ideal.

Make sure to try their wood-fired bagels because they are totally different than anything else you can enjoy in the city. They also offer croissant sandwiches and avocado toast, among other healthy food options. The free wifi is also really fast which is great for those who have been struggling to get access to good internet at their hotel.


2535 3rd St, San Francisco, CA

Working in a San Francisco coffee shop

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee started with one coffee shop in San Francisco's Mission District and has grown to over 20 locations, just in the Bay Area. The work space is definitely geared toward those who have lots of work to do and need free wifi and good access to outlets as they are working. You can get specialty coffees, delicious teas, and pastries at Philz Coffee and they have a location near Golden Gate Park as well.

This is a sizeable indoor space where work is prioritized but good food and good coffee go along with the work environment.


Mission District: 3101 24th St, San Francisco, CA, plus many other locations.

Sightglass Coffee

Definitely a location that is made for tech folks or those who want to work and not be bothered, this coffee shop chain offers industrial-style locations that have plenty of room for working. You can get a cold brew here as well as delicious Vietnamese iced coffee, and they also offer legit food. This chain offers breakfast and lunch options but you should not expect the ultra-comfortable style of coffee shop that you will find in other parts of the city.

This is a company that bases its success on delicious coffee that is responsibly sourced and grown and excellent international treats that you cannot get anywhere else. While the seating and the space might be just a tick over adequate, the free wifi and the excellent coffee are well above average here.


270 Seventh St, San Francisco, CA

Coffee sops in San Francisco

Chestnut Street Coffee Roastery

If you hate working in a coffee shop where you feel like you are rubbing elbows with your neighbors, this San Francisco shop is the right place for you. With reliable wifi and really nice tables and chairs, this is a great place to spend your whole workday. Locals usually just drop by and then head to work, so this is one of the most peaceful San Francisco spots to get work done. You will probably be sharing the workspace with a few other people on the same agenda and the staff will let you work in peace.

This is one of the more work-specific locations in the city and you can get more than just good coffee here.


2331 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA

Bean Bag Cafe

This is more of a foodie location than a workspace, but you can still get your work done here at a comfortable table. Enjoy delicious crepes in the morning and then order a filling burger and fries for lunch as you continue to check off your to-do items at work. You will love the coffee here, although the options are a little less creative than you might find in other San Francisco coffee shops.

Bean Bag Cafe is a popular takeout location, so you will probably be able to work in peace for most of the day. If you love food, this is the right coffee shop to sit down in for your working hours in San Francisco.


601 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA

Best work-friendly coffee shops in San Francisco


If you are traveling to San Francisco for work, you probably don't want to have to sit in your hotel room during your workday. Get out of your room and head to one of these San Francisco coffee shop locations for a satisfying workday that leaves you feeling less cooped up. Each shop comes with a splash of something different, and if you need to get a bunch of work done, try a few to find your best fit.

And, don't forget that when the work is done, San Francisco is a fabulous place to explore. Ride the cable cars, visit an art gallery, or head to Alcatraz to soak up a little of what makes the city so special before you leave.

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