Rooftop Bars in San Francisco: 8 Places to Drink with a View

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Rooftop Bars in San Francisco

Rooftop bars in San Francisco are some of the most fun places to head if you want to have fun when you are in town. From craft cocktails to fire pits and delicious food, there is so much to do and enjoy when you visit any of the rooftop bars in this city. You will have a view of the city that no one else has when you grab a drink or a meal.

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Best Rooftop Bars in San Francisco

The Best Rooftop Bars in San Francisco

Whether you have been wandering the city checking out Pier 39 or Fisherman's Wharf or you have been out enjoying a tour like the one offered at Alcatraz, you will eventually need to make a stop for some food. Most of the rooftop bars in the city offer year-round dining due to heat lamps, and you will love seeing the San Francisco Bay Bridge and other landmarks from up high. Stopping in at a rooftop Bar location is a great way to make the most of your dining opportunities while you are in San Francisco.

Rooftop Bars in San Francisco are everywhere, and you might feel overwhelmed making a choice between them. That is why this rooftop bar guide can be a big help to ensure you get to the best rooftop bars in the city without fail. There's nothing worse than the feeling of missing out!

Charmaine's Rooftop Bar & Lounge

What It's Like:

This is one of the most beautiful rooftop bars in San Francisco. The fire pits, cozy loungers and couches, and the delightful ambiance are very enjoyable here. This is the San Francisco Proper Hotel, and you will enjoy outdoor seating as well as indoor seating due to the large footprint of the bar above the hotel. There is an all-day menu here, so you will not go hungry, and you can get all kinds of fusion favorites off the menu here.

Our Recommendation:

The pretzel rolls are very good, and the cheeseburger is decadent. Try the Big Cat cocktail, craft cocktails of various kinds, and specialty cocktails during different seasons of the year. Their list of bubbles is also really good, and you can even get hot drinks off the menu here. This is a great choice for a large and mixed group and if you have someone in your party who does not drink alcohol.


1100 Market Street, San Francisco

Kaiyō Rooftop

What It's Like:

Perched atop the Hyatt Place Hotel, this spot is a great place for Peruvian cuisine, and the location is like a tropical oasis. You can get everything from Latin American street food to sushi rolls here, and Kaiyō is widely considered one of San Francisco's best rooftop bars due to the ambiance and overall experience of sitting down here to eat and drink.

Our Recommendation:

The tiraditos, cebiches, and sushi rolls are all really good, and you will want to make the most of the Nikkei cocktails. This is one of the best places in the city for delicious cocktails, string lights, and fresh air. The traditional cuisine and drinks that are offered here are truly unique, and the owner of the property takes great pride in these parts of the menu. Don't miss out on these amazing dishes and drinks as you cannot enjoy them in too many other places in the world.


701 3rd St, San Francisco

San Francisco rooftop bars

El Techo de Lolinda

What It's Like:

This is a Latin-inspired rooftop bar that offers comfortable tables with umbrellas as well as a great happy hour menu. You will want to get to this location before 5 if you want to avoid having to wait in line for a while to find a place to sit. Their bar bites are really well-priced from 4 pm to 6 pm, and you can get drinks on special during these hours as well. The glass walls here offer you a totally unimpeded view of the city, and you can sit under heat lamps in the cooler months of the year to still make the most of this spot.

Our Recommendation:

This spot serves brunch, lunch, and dinner, so you can get everything from bar snacks to full meals when you stop in here. The ceviche is a delight, and you should also make sure to try the Sangria. Their well drinks are surprisingly excellent despite the affordable price, and you will have access to all the frozen cocktails that you could want.


2516 Mission S, San Francisco

Rooftop 25

What It's Like:

This is a really lovely spot with wooden seating, twinkly lights, and the San Francisco skyline spread out all around. If you love soft music, soft lighting, and delicious drinks, this might be the perfect rooftop bar for you. There is tasty food on offer here as well as excellent drinks and a wide array of wines.

Few places are both so chill and so upscale in the city, and you will love the mixture of facets to the experience here. This spot will not break the bank, but you will not feel like you cut corners when you chose this spot for your rooftop bar experience.

Our Recommendation:

The beers on tap are always good here, and you should also shop through the wine list for local favorites. The wood-fired pizzas are also a solid option, as are the rest of the yummy bar snacks.


25 Lusk St, San Francisco

Rooftop lounges in San Francisco

Dirty Habit

What It's Like:

Dirty Habit is part of Hotel Zelos, and you can count on a wide array of fusion food choices here. From happy hour treats to lunch, dinner, and brunch, this bar is very popular because of its excellent food and drinks. The 5th-floor patio and oversized bar are really lovely, and you will love the comfort of the various seating areas. This is so much more than a hotel bar, and you will realize just what an experience this spot is once you step foot off the elevator.

Our Recommendation:

Try the roasted bone marrow with shallot jam, or enjoy the BBQ hash or the brioche French Toast at breakfast. You can also get a wide array of specialty cocktails here, as well as have access to a full wine and beer list. While the food and the atmosphere might be the real stars here at Dirty Habit, the drinks are nothing to sneer at either.


12 Fourth Street, San Francisco

620 Jones

What It's Like:

This spot is not far from Union Square, and it offers nice views of the downtown skyline from your seat. 620 Jones offers a garden-like location that includes lush greenery as well as comfortable seating and a quiet and tasteful ambiance. The menu changes here as local ingredients come in and out of season, but you can eat lunch and dinner here and take advantage of happy hour pricing in the early evening. Make sure to call ahead to get a reservation as this spot is very popular and can book up fast.

Our Recommendation

This is largely a Latin and Mediterranean menu, and you will want to make the most of these authentic dishes. The Mac and Cheese Croquettes are also amazing, as are the handmade pizzas. All of the "Jones" cocktails are unique, and you can also pick and choose from a wide variety of beers on tap. There is something for everyone on this menu, and the atmosphere is second to none.


620 Jones Street, San Francisco

Drinks with a view in San Francisco

The Cheesecake Factory

What It's Like:

While this chain is more familiar to most people for its desserts, this spot is one of the only Cheesecake Factory locations with a rooftop bar. There are actually full bars at nearly all the locations for this chain, but they don't get much attention compared to the dessert menu offered here. You can get yummy cheesecake here, but you can also enjoy the view as you sit atop the roof of the Macy's building.

Our Recommendation:

The menu here is gigantic with a capital G, and there are so many different kinds of food to try that you probably won't ever try everything on the menu. You can get pasta dishes that are to die for as well as healthy salads, burgers, sandwiches, and soups. Make sure to look at their cocktail specials and consider the Mojitos a must-try.

If you need some help with making a choice from the huge menu here, the waitstaff is very friendly, and they really do know the menu inside and out. This must require hours of practice, but they won't let you down!


8th Floor Macy's Building Union Square, San Francisco


What It's Like:

If you love happy hour, this is the spot for you! They serve happy hour here for eight hours of the day, which makes this a great budget-friendly way to enjoy the views and make the most of your time dining out in San Francisco. This is also a great place for Saturday and Sunday brunch on the patio, which can be a great hangover cure or a really comfortable way to start a leisurely day while you are on vacation in San Francisco.

Our Recommendation:

The Southern snacks on this menu are so good, from the cheesy grits to the seafood dishes, and many of them are included in the happy hour menu. The chorizo hash is also super tasty. The beer and wine list are really excellent here, and you can trust them for all kinds of craft cocktails as well.


722 Clay St, San Francisco

Best rooftop bars with San Francisco views

Rooftop Bars Are a Great Way to Get to Know San Francisco

If you have never been to the city by the bay, you probably have a lot of stuff planned that you want to try and do. This is all well and good, and you should make sure that you fit all of those things into your plans, but you also need to ensure that you make time to visit the various rooftop bars in the city. There are so many different cool places to visit in this city, and there are seemingly countless exciting things to do here.

Rooftop bars offer some of the best dining options with the most unique food and drinks that you can find in San Francisco. Besides, after all the fabulous sightseeing you'll be doing, it's important to take breaks and give your feet a rest. What better way to do that than with a delicious cocktail and a truly impressive view?

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