San Francisco Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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golden gate bridge

One of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the entire United States, San Francisco is a classic vacation destination. The City by the Bay has been a melting pot of different cultures since before the Gold Rush that made it one of the world's great cities. Home to some of the best restaurants, arts, and cultural attractions in the country, San Francisco is also blessed by a stunning natural setting. This city truly allows you to experience the best of California.

Whether you're in San Francisco for a vacation, on business, or are lucky enough to call the place home, you'll never run out of things to do in this unique place. From the soaring piers of the Golden Gate Bridge to the gloomy island prison of Alcatraz to the mighty redwood forests of northern California, San Francisco has something to offer just about everybody.

A weekend in San Francisco

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10 Best Ways to Experience San Francisco in 2024

Here is a city that has it all; a fabulous bay, that famous Golden Gate Bridge, and a cultural melange that includes hippie-chic boutiques, vibrant China Town restaurants, and the world-renowned Fisherman’s Wharf. 

With so many varied attractions in this iconic paradise, the last thing you want is to have your visit hampered by having to tend to a mountain of bags. Bounce luggage storage services have an easy answer to this problem. They team with local businesses to provide convenient luggage storage options, not only in San Francisco but throughout the world.

Best DIY City Tour - San Francisco Tours and amp; Activities

This is a company that offers the full spectrum of tour options, leaving you free to decide for yourselves what the most suitable ones are. Among the many possibilities they have on offer is the hop–on hop–off bus with stops at all of the city’s most emblematic points, including Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf.  You have all day to ride to the destinations of your own choosing and can spend as long at each as you desire.  

To find out more, email them at or give them a call at 141-581-43909

Best Food Tours - Local Tastes of the City Tours

To describe the San Francisco food scene as vibrant would be an understatement. The city is awash with great culinary treats, and this is the company to guide you through the many possibilities on offer. They have six different tours to choose from, and also provide a night tour. In addition, you can book yourself onto one of their virtual tours and explore the local cuisine without ever leaving the comfort of your hotel. 

Book your spot by calling (415) 665-0480 or email them to find out more at

Best Bike Tours – Bay City Bike Rental and Tours

Here’s a company that offers biking tours for the whole family. They are happy to discuss a tailor-made tour for your group, but with the wide range of tours currently on offer, you may be happy to opt for one of those instead. Their tours take place every day, and if you prefer not to push those pedals too hard, they have e-bike options available.

To find out more or to book your place on a tour call 141-534-62453 or email them at

Best Sailing Tours – Adventure Cat Sailing Charters

From the tranquillity of San Francisco Bay, you will gain a whole different perspective of the city. This company is happy to take children, and they can provide audio descriptions of the breathtaking views you will see in eight languages. Their cruises take an hour and a half, and there are several possibilities for you to consider. These include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, or City Skyline cruises.

Learn more about what they propose by calling 1800-498-4228 or email them at

Best Tour of San Francisco’s Chinatown – All About Chinatown Tours

San Francisco’s Chinatown is one of the oldest in America and offers a fascinating blend of history, culture, food, and architecture. To help you appreciate this exotic gem, there can be few companies better positioned to guide you through this adventure - they have been doing it for thirty-eight years, after all. Their tours run every day regardless of the weather, and they are designed to cater for all ages.  

To learn more or to book a tour, call 415-982-8839 or email them at

Best Vintage Car Tours of San Francisco – Painted Lady Tour Company

For the uninitiated, the Painted Ladies are a fleet of gorgeously restored VW vans.  Cruising in one of these legendary vehicles offers a unique way to explore both the city and to venture further afield into some of the region's famous wine-growing areas. Some of the city's most attractive quarters are too difficult to access in a large bus, but in a stylish van, this company can get you to the best that San Francisco has to offer.

Call 1-415-326-4917 or email them at

 Best Motor Boat Tour – San Francisco Bay Motor Cruises

If the idea of cruising gently across the bay while trying a variety of wines as your captain explains the sights to you appeals, then you will love this opportunity. This is a small family-owned business based at the heart of the famous Pier 39. You can opt for one of two tours, or you can make arrangements for a private charter. Their full bar also caters to those who prefer not to drink alcohol.

Email for detail at or call 415-859-7052

Best Tours of Yosemite National Park - Best Bay Area Tours

There is much to experience in San Francisco, but let’s not forget that it is situated at the heart of some of the most stunning countryside in California. This company likes to take small groups to experience some of the natural wonders that surround the city. Their intimate tours include day trips to Yosemite National Park, or how about a Redwood and Wine tour that combines a little local wine tasting along with a tour of some of the world’s tallest forests? 

The company has several other options available so call them on 415-543-8687 or email for further details at

Best Tours for Wine Connoisseurs – Cardinal Transportation by Hansom

The vineyards surrounding the city offer some of the best wines in the country, and this company can get you there in style. They offer a range of tours aimed at providing a personalized service that VIP and executive clients won't forget. Tours are full-day outings, and there are luxury SUV or sedan options available. Book online, and they will include a free bottle of wine.

You can email them at or call them on 415-496-5257

Best Combination Tours – Must See

Sometimes, with so many possibilities to choose from, it can be difficult to make up your mind, and it becomes easier to simply throw yourself into the hands of the experts. This company proposes a wide variety of tours that offer you the possibility of experiencing many of the city’s most celebrated sites. You could opt for an Alcatraz package, a trip to Muir Woods, or visit picturesque Sausalito.  If these regular tours don’t suit you, they also have a hop-on hop-off tour, or they will be happy to create a tour around your own requirements. 

To find out more, call 141-588-59866 or email them at

A single weekend is never going to be enough to explore San Francisco. There's just too much going on and far too much to see to really get to grips with this town in so short a time. However, a single weekend will allow you to cover some of San Francisco's most popular attractions and give you a taste of the city that will doubtless leave you wanting more.

  • The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most iconic structures not just in the United States, but in the world. Built in 1933, the bridge connects the city with Marin County and the stunning headland that overlooks the bay. Walk the length of the iconic red bridge and get some spectacular photos of the city and the bay. Leave heavy bags behind at a San Francisco bag storage to really enjoy your trip.
  • Take a short boat ride to the world's most notorious prison. Alcatraz was home to some of the country's most feared criminals, and you can learn about their stories with an award-winning audio tour of Alcatraz. This atmospheric historical monument is a site not to be missed on your San Francisco trip, so leave your bags behind at a luggage storage service in San Francisco and go explore.
  • Fisherman's Wharf is the kind of place no San Francisco resident is likely to set foot, but for tourists, it's a must-see. The famous Pier 39 is full of amusement arcades, shops, and restaurants, and it's a great place to people watch and pick up souvenirs. Plus, don't miss the local sea lions hanging out on the docks at this legendary location.

San Francisco lockers

Beyond the more well-known tourist attractions, San Francisco has plenty to offer to both residents and repeat visitors. Once you get out of the tourist crowds, the city is easy to explore thanks to its extensive public transport network. Drop off your bags at a luggage locker in San Francisco so you can travel more easily. Your back will thank you as you wander the hilly streets and soak up the unique vibe of the city.

Off the beaten path in San Francisco

San Francisco has always been weird. A center of counterculture in the 1960s and a meeting place for immigrants from around the world, San Francisco has some truly unique places to visit. Drop off your bags with a San Francisco luggage storage service and embrace the quirkier side of this legendary city.

  • Enjoy a Golden State sunset at Sutro Baths. This huge bathing complex was built in 1896, but burned down in 1966. Now, the remaining saltwater pools are home to seabirds and seals, and the views out over the ocean are stunning, especially at the end of the day. Easily reached by bus, you'll also find a restaurant and a camera obscura at this unique location.
  • Explore gay culture in the notorious Castro district. Once the home of the shunned gay community of the city, the Castro is now a celebrated tourist attraction. While it may not be the tightknit gay village it once was, it's still a fascinating place to explore, full of great restaurants and bars and a lively street culture. Don't miss the chance to see a movie at the Castro Theater, which hosts sing-alongs and special events that invariably attract a raucous crowd.
  • Treat yourself to authentic Chinese cuisine at Great Eastern restaurant. San Francisco's Chinatown caters more and more to tourists with each passing year, but this hidden gem, popular with locals, remains gloriously itself. Famous past guests include President Obama, and when you try the stunning dim sum here, you'll quickly become a fan, too.

What to do alone in San Francisco

downhill street view in san francisco

San Francisco is a great place to visit alone. Whether you're taking a solo vacation or looking to see some of the city on a business trip, you won't be lonely in this vibrant and fascinating city. Since you can find just about everything in this metropolis, you'll be able to keep yourself entertained the matter what you're into.

  • Tour the city on two wheels with Native Moto Adventures. This outfit will hook you up with a motorbike and guide you on the best places to see in and around the city. You can explore by yourself or join up with a group tour to see different aspects of San Francisco. Drop off your heavy bags at a San Francisco suitcase storage and hit the open road.
  • Take a walk along Baker Beach to enjoy the scenery that made San Francisco famous. On the edge of the city, this beach is known for its crashing waves. It's also known for its popularity with local nudists, so don't be alarmed if you see people enjoying the sun in their birthday suits. If you're feeling adventurous, you can always join them!
  • Explore one of the world's great bookstores at City Lights. Founded by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, this bookstore and publishing house was a major player in the Beat literary scene. It's still a great place to browse the shelves and encounter works by both familiar and new writers. The store also hosts nightly readings and other literary events.

The best souvenirs in San Francisco

Ghirardelli chocolate is an icon of the city of San Francisco, and this candy store is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs for those with a sweet tooth. If you simply can't get enough candy, don't forget to pick up some freshly made saltwater taffy from Pier 39. However, the city has more to offer than these popular items. Pick up some world-famous Californian wine or even some olive oil from Stonehouse to make delicious keepsakes of your trip.

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