SAP Center visitor guide: everything you need to know

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SAP Center visitor guide

The SAP Center is located in San Jose and is often also called the San Jose Arena. This venue is the primary home of the San Jose Sharks hockey team. Locals often call this spot “The Shark Tank” because of its status as the home of this hockey team.

If you’re in the San Jose area for a trip and you can visit the SAP Center, you should do so! There is so much to love about this venue, and you can have a great time here, especially at a Sharks home game. Let Bounce take care of your SAP Center luggage storage needs while you have fun at your event. We will keep your bags safe and secure so that you can have the peace of mind you need to have a blast.

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SAP Center food policy

SAP Center bag policy

The SAP Center bag policy follows the standards set by the National Hockey League. Some ticketed events might have different rules. No bags are permitted into the SAP Center that are larger than 5” x 9“ x 2”. You can bring in clutches and other items that are not clear if they are small enough to fit into your hand. Other bags will need to be clear vinyl or plastic.

Medically necessary bags and diaper bags are sometimes allowed, with an exception after being sent through X-ray. There are lockers at this venue that can be rented if the items that you have with you are prohibited. Bag check is not open until right before game time, making it much less stressful and much more affordable to let Bounce handle your luggage storage in advance of your arrival at the arena.

SAP Center food policy

The SAP Center food policy is very clear. The Center has many food options that are located inside the building. You are allowed to enjoy drinks and food at your seat. You can also mobile order from some of the food vendors inside the arena. Cans, glass bottles, and thermos-stye containers are not allowed into the venue.

You will also not be allowed to bring in your own food. You might be able to seek an exception for food that is related to a food allergy or medical condition. Food for infants and children might also be allowed by exception.

Frozen water bottles or other plastic water containers will also not be allowed into the SAP Center. These items will be removed from your possession and disposed of unless you are willing to take them and leave the venue.

How to get to the SAP Center

SAP Center transportation

If you are concerned about how to get to the SAP Center, don’t worry! Caltrain will take you to the SAP Center area. You will be able to ride on scheduled trains throughout the day and arrive in time for your game. VTA light rail also will take you to the SAP Center. The ACE Train and Capitol Corridor are also options for transit to the venue.

There are various dedicated parking lots next to the SAP Center as well. You can buy tickets in advance so that you are sure that you can use these parking lots during your visit to the SAP Center. Rideshare and taxis are allowed to drop off at designated locations near the Center. You might need to check on the current drop-off and pick-up locations, as they can vary for different events.

SAP Center camera policy

The SAP Center camera policy forbids the use of monopods, tripods, or selfie sticks. You also can’t use fixed lenses or video equipment that is not connected to a phone. Your personal cell phone will be allowed inside the venue with you, but other camera and recording equipment will be subject to approval and X-ray at the gate.

The rule of thumb for cameras that are allowed into the game is that they need to fit into your pocket. This is also the case for hockey games in most cases. However, cameras and other kinds of technology that are brought up to the gate can still be denied access to the stadium at the discretion of Center staff.

SAP Center rules

SAP Center rules

SAP Center policies are fair, and they often follow NHL standards. Visitors to the stadium are not allowed to act in such a way that any other guests might be hurt. Aggression, excessive drunkenness, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Guests who are engaging in these kinds of actions will be asked to leave and will not be offered re-entry.

The SAP Center also forbids guests from throwing items onto the ice or into the crowd. No hitting or pounding on the glass will be tolerated, either. Any conduct that might cause damage to the stadium’s property will also result in being ejected from the game.

Guests are only allowed to sit in their ticketed seats and can’t move to new seats during the event. All guests are required to comply with regulations and with the requests of venue staff. Standing and cheering are only allowed within the flow of the game and cannot be done continuously throughout the event.


Heading to San Jose can be a great way to have fun on a vacation or even as a local on a weeknight. If you are in town and are looking for something exciting to do, you will need to check out the events that are going on at the SAP Center. From hockey to concerts, there is always something to enjoy at this cool event venue.

Bounce will be more than happy to take care of your things while you’re having a great time at the event that you have tickets to. If you are worried that you might not be able to bring possessions you are traveling with into the Center for your event, don’t worry! We will be happy to store your things safely and securely for a great price.

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