Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Seattle

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Seattle, the "Emerald City", was first founded back in 1851 by the Denny Party, and it is known to be a beautiful place with lush greenery. Surrounding the city is two impressive mountain ranges; to the east are the Cascade Mountains, and the Olympic Mountains are located near west Seattle creating a beautiful natural landscape.

Over the years the city has been home to many landmarks, like the Space Needle and numerous museums, as well as talented artists and entrepreneurs. For example, it is the birthplace of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, as well as some of the world's richest people like Bill Gates! This bustling city also offers many activities to do for free.

Being such an affluent city, Seattle has seen success in many sectors like entertainment, business, tourism, and fashion. Those who like shopping will be in paradise in this city since it has countless shopping malls, outlets, designer stores, and markets. Out and about with hands full after a day of shopping? Stop by the nearest Bounce luggage storage in Seattle to stow away your purchases, large bags, or backpacks.

Shopping Malls and Outlets in Seattle

Westlake Center

Seattle's Westlake Center first opened its doors in 1988 and has become a strong force in the local shopping scene since then, not only for those who live nearby but for people all around the city. The mall has four stories of shopping fun targeted toward people of all ages and professions. It is a good spot to go on a shopping spree with the family since there are stores dedicated to men's clothing, women's fashion, and kids' items as well.

Lots of stores sell clothes, accessories, beauty products, and health items. There is also a food court where you can go for refreshments between visiting stores. The mall is located in Downtown Seattle and is easy to get to from anywhere in the city. Inside the mall, you will see stores like Lush, Zara, and Claire's, and the entire lower floor is a dedicated Nordstrom Rack.

Pacific Place

As one of the city's premier shopping destinations, Pacific Place should be high on your list of spots to go shopping in Seattle. The five-story mall is massive and is big enough to take up a whole city block, and it was just recently renovated as well! This place is much more than just a shopping center and houses a movie theater with 11 screens and sometimes hosts live music performances as well.

As you walk through the nicely decorated mall you will see both international brands as well as traditional shops, offering you a rich and vibrant range of items to browse. Some of the stores worth checking out include Tiffany & Co, Trophy Cupcake, GameStop, Lululemon, and Dress for Success Seattle.

The Shops at Bravern

Located in downtown Bellevue is a multi-level upscale shopping destination where high end-merchants, fancy restaurants, and luxury brand stores gather to give you an exciting shopping experience. The stores here will introduce you to the fashion and culinary scene of Seattle, and you can spend all day shopping here.

From home decor to local art and high end gift shops, this shopping center sure has it all. Take your time browsing each store to see what you can find! You will see names like Neiman Marcus, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Karen Millen, and Salvatore alongside foodie favorites like Trophy Cupcakes or Wild Ginger.

Seattle Premium Outlets

Who doesn't love a bargain? When you want to save money while shopping in Seattle your first stop should be the Seattle Premium Outlets. About 130 different brand names gather here to sell their products at a discount, and it is the perfect spot to reinvent your wardrobe or to just explore on a rainy day. With so many stores in one area, chances are that you will find your new favorite shop here!

Whether you are looking for yourself or to buy a loved one a gift, shop at the Premium Outlets first. Big stores like Kate Spade, Forever 21, Vans, Nike, and Michael Kors have a location here, plus many other local designers. If you are feeling hungry at any point just stop by the food court!

Designer Stores in Seattle

Burnt Sugar

This woman's clothing store has really set the scene for fashion in Seattle, and if you find yourself admiring the clothing of the locals, you will probably want to shop here. The clothing they make is sort of bohemian-styled with a mix of artsy and chic. There are lots of apparel finds to search through, as well as cosmetic items and home decor!

Knitted hats, frilled scarves, graphic purses, and knee high socks are stocked on their shelves and would make for perfect gifts for a loved one, or for yourself! They also sell jewelry made from semi-precious stones, candles, scented soaps, cosmetic items, and more.

Pink Gorilla

Calling all gamers or retro game lovers! Pink Gorilla is a store unlike any of the others in Seattle and they specialize in selling rare, outdated, and hard to find video games, consoles, and accessories. Not the entire stock is old, however, and more modern items are sold here as well.

If you or a loved one has been searching everywhere for that vintage game, try checking in Pink Gorilla. Some of the consoles and discs they sell date back to the 1980s and they have imported items from far away, too.

Golden Age Collectibles

You will find Golden Age Collectibles in the Pike Place Market which we will talk about below. This store has been in the same location since 1961 and is now well known among local geeks and comic book enthusiasts. Some people even consider it to be the world's oldest comic book shop!

In Golden Age Collectibles you can find a treasure trove of items that all kinds of movie, book, and game fans will adore. They have no shortage of Star Wars merchandise, a massive collection of comic books, as well as toys and figurines like Funko Pops.

Portage Bay Goods

If you still have some gifts or souvenirs that you want to bring home then Portage Bay Goods should have what you need. The items sold here are affordable and fun for people of all ages, with items like tote bags, wallets, kids' toys, and books that are themed after the city.

Other items include clothing for both adults and children, artwork and glassware, mugs, and craft kits. As you can tell, the variety of things sold at Portage Bay Goods is quite impressive and you should definitely check it out while you are in Seattle!

The Best Shopping Areas in Seattle

Ballard Ave

If you are looking for somewhere to browse eclectic shops then the iconic neighborhood of Ballard should be the first place that you go. Along Ballard Avenue, you will find a wide range of independent stores, vintage clothing shops, and beauty boutiques that attract fashion enthusiasts from all over. It is a big change from the small fishing community that the area started off as!

While navigating Ballard Ave you won't see the big name brands and designer stores that you might spot elsewhere while shopping in Seattle, but that is what makes it so great! Take this opportunity to explore strange shops that you might not usually go in where you can find all sorts of quirky unique gifts, beautiful housewares, and trendsetter clothing. Some of the shops that you should check out include Prism, Space Oddity Vintage Clothing and Lucca Great Finds!

University Village

Found in Seattle's University District, the University Village is a popular spot for students to hang out but it offers a fantastic shopping experience for people of all ages. It is an open-air shopping mall with many shops and about 30 different eateries like restaurants, candy shops, vegan food vendors, and cafes that you can stop by for a snack when you get hungry.

As for the stores, University Village has everything from small local shops to bigger brand names that are found around the world. It is a good balance of high fashion and local charm, so shopping around here will be a blast. As you explore the U-District keep an eye out for names like Paint The Town, Homegrown Athleta, and Eddie Bauer as well as more well-known names like Victoria's Secret, Apple, Levi's, and H&M.

Pike Place Market

If you ask any locals (or even tourists who have visited Seattle before) where to go shopping they are most likely going to point you toward Pike Place Market. This is the most popular of the city's farmers' markets which began over a hundred years ago as a spot for farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers. Nearly 10 million people visit the market each year, and it is proud to be Seattle's top destination for shopping!

Although the Pike Place Market is a great spot to buy fresh produce, meats and fish, there are also stalls selling clothes, accessories, collectibles, old books, vinyl records, DVDs, and souvenirs. In total there are over 150 craftsmen, more than 220 independently owned shops, and about 70 farmers who set up shop in the market. Want to know a fun fact? The world's oldest Starbucks can be found in Pike Place Market and it opened in 1971!

International District

The story of Seattle's International District first began back in the 1880s after it was created by Chinese railway workers. Since then it has become a cultural hub for the Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese communities who have come together to create a fun mix of Asian-American shops and restaurants.

In the area, you will find a few trendy boutiques selling Asian apparel, streetwear, jewelry, and more. There are also quite a few family-owned cafes, tea shops, and eateries, as well as night markets. You should make time to visit the Uwajimaya market which has stalls selling herbs, spices, arts and crafts, a book store, and lots of food.

Pioneer Square

The appropriately named Pioneer Square was Seattle's very first neighborhood and still holds much of its history and charm today. Lots of retailers have set up shop here, including the original destination of the Elliott Bay Book Company! The area houses a mix of department stores, small cafes, quaint shops, and fashion boutiques. Whether you are into paying top dollar for those luxury brands or you like saving money at thrift shops, this part of town will have something for you.

The historic neighborhood is a nice place to wander around with cobblestone streets, old architecture, and art galleries scattered in between the bigger shops. For unique clothes and accessories head to Bon Voyage Vintage, and Agate Designs sells some beautiful crystal jewelry.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is the home of the local LGBTQ+ community in Seattle and it is a vibrant neighborhood that features lots of independent stores and one-of-a-kind shopping options. The rainbow colored sidewalks only add to the liveliness of Capitol Hill, and it is a place that you should visit even if you don't feel like shopping!

This hipster neighborhood is very popular among the young-adult community, but the retail options are well suited to everybody. Spend an afternoon exploring quirky shops selling gifts or stop by an art gallery to admire some fabulous artworks! Notable stores in the area include Butter Home, KOBO Shop & Gallery, Revival Shop Seattle, and the Melrose Market, which is a whole new experience on its own.

A Seattle Shopping Spree

The fun thing about shopping in Seattle is that there is such a wide range of things that you can find as well as many places where you can go shopping. Every price range is accommodated, with the Seattle Premium Outlets offering inexpensive buys and bigger shopping malls like the Shops at Bravern focusing on more luxury styles and items. No matter where you go, you will have a blast exploring the stores in Seattle!

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