8 must see parks in Seville

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Seville is the prime example of a Spanish city with beautiful architecture, a rich history and incredible culture often celebrated during festivals. As the capital of Andalusia, visitors find plenty of notable landmarks inside this city, and it has a fascinating history that began way back during the Roman times. Seville is also home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is said to be the birthplace of tapas, leaving plenty for both history buffs and foodies to enjoy. If you're familiar with the Star Wars and Game of Thrones sagas, you might recognize some locations around Seville that were used as filming sites thanks to its gorgeous buildings.

One thing is for sure, Seville boasts plenty of nature to explore, which is why it's such a great place to travel to. While spending time in the city, consider visiting some of its green spaces. Below, we've compiled a list of some of the best parks in Seville to add to your itinerary. If you're a local you should check them out as well, chances are that there's a park you haven't been to yet. Looking for somewhere to store your bags for the day? Book one of our many convenient luggage storage locations around Seville.

Parque de Los Principes

Making your way to the neighborhood of Los Remedios you'll find Princes Park, or Parque de Los Principes, which was added in 1973 to give some much needed green space to the area. Aside from being a beautiful and spacious park it's also used as a venue for big events and celebrations. One of the most popular festivals happening here is the April Fair, which has always been hosted in this park and has become a big event many people look forward to each year.

When the park isn't being used as fairgrounds, it's still bustling with life and is a favorite spot for joggers, dog walkers and families to spend an afternoon. The park features grassy areas that are great for sports and is home to mature trees, some of which bear fruit. You'll easily find somewhere to throw a ball, picnic, or sit in the shade with a book.

On a hot day, one of the best places to go is the pristine blue lake in the heart of the park. It's not uncommon to observe ducks enjoying the water and you can admire them while walking over the wooden bridge that connects the park's two sides. Love birds looking for a nice place for a romantic walk will love it here.

Jardin Americano

The Jardin Americano is one of the most beautiful parks in Seville and was constructed for the 1992 World's Fair. The gardens are situated close to the American Pavilion and are filled with plants originating solely from America, which also gave them their name. The grounds follow the Guadalquivir River, and there are plenty of benches along the path by the water where you can stop and take in the scenery.

Spend the day walking around the trails or rent a bike if you'd like to cover more ground. There's much to see, and the gardens are separated into different areas following specific themes. Some of them display tropical and sub-tropical plants, palms or cacti. If you're interested in what the plants can do, check the identifying cards placed near them to learn about their uses, from handicrafts and liquor to medicine and cooking.

Exploring the area, you'll come across a large open space with a lake, waterfalls and pools. It's a great locale to go to as a family since parents can sit on the benches by the lake while the youngsters get their energy out in the fun jungle-themed playground. Before making your way to the next park on the list, take a minute to check out the Aula Bioclimatica. This little wooden house is where the staff of the park often put on presentations about the gardens and it's a fantastic way to learn more about the flora that you see around the area.

Jardines de la Buhaira

The Jardines de la Buhaira have an interesting story since they were originally part of the summer palace used by the Almohad Caliphs. That means that they've been around since the 12th century and they add an undeniable historic charm to the park. No wonder it was featured in the Game of Thrones series! When they were built, the gardens were located outside of the city. It was much smaller than it is now, but today, you'll find them within the Nervion neighborhood.

Being such a gorgeous space, you'll always find locals and tourists visiting this park. Take in the stunning Moorish architecture as you go for a quiet walk around the property. There are two gardens for you to discover: the Palace Garden and the Garden of History. Both are definitely worth a visit, and each has something different to offer.

The Palace Garden houses a grand Mudejar-styled castle called the Buhaira Palace, constructed sometime in the 12th century. Moving on, the Garden of History shows a creative way of exploring the several centuries that the city was under Islamic rule with its pretty ponds and wide open spaces. While walking through the gardens, guests will see different types of flowers, ornamental olive trees dating back to the 90s, and plenty of beautiful buildings.

Parque de Maria Luisa

If you're only visiting one of these Seville parks it should be Parque de Maria Luisa, also known as Maria Luisa Park, since it's one of the city's most popular. It's quite large at 100 acres and was built in 1911. The space was used as the venue for the Ibero-American Expo of 1914 as well as Expo 29, so there's plenty to see and do. It's home to the Plaza de España, which is its main attraction and a top landmark many people visit during their time in Seville.

There are walking trails and paths to discover in Seville's Maria Luisa Park, which will take you past ornate squares with statues, fountains, a pond, and a lake with ducks. Some of the activities that you can enjoy here include jogging, cycling, birdwatching and skateboarding, and there's a playground for the kids to have fun in as well. To make your visit unforgettable, consider signing up for a horse carriage or boat ride. After spending some time here, you'll understand why this is one of the most famous parks in Seville.

After a wonderful day at the park, you can check out the two museums just outside the grounds. The Museum of Art and Popular Customs and The Archaeological Museum both have some amazing exhibits that you'll want to include in your trip. Situated inside the historic center of Seville, you'll discover old buildings and plenty of exotic plants as you stroll around the area.

Alameda de Hercules

Those who want to learn more about the city's history while taking advantage of the fresh air on a sunny day will want to check out the Alameda de Hercules. They're quite special, being the oldest public gardens in both Spain and the entirety of Europe. The property used to be part of the Eastern edge of the Guadalquivir River, but the area was drained and transformed into a promenade named Paseo de la Alameda, and lined with white poplars and trees for the citizens in the city to enjoy.

Originally, the park was mainly used by upper-class citizens and eventually became part of the red light district. However, the park's use changed when the city council began the project to rejuvenate the area, and today, it's loved by locals and travelers alike. Come here to spend time in the sun, explore the cafes and bars along the promenade, or sit by the fountains and catch up with friends.

Did you know? The two marble columns at the park's entrance were once part of a Roman temple dating back to the 2nd century. Sitting atop the pillars are two figures said to be Julius Caesar and Hercules, who some people believe is the real creator of Seville.

Jardines de Murillo

Situated close to the Jewish Quarter is the Jardines de Murillo, or Murillo Gardens. This lovely space has everything that you need to spend a day relaxing outside, including fresh air, a beautiful landscape, and tall shaded palm trees providing spots where you can sit and take it all in.

In the middle of the park, there's a big fountain surrounded by nature and trees. The fountain was built in dedication to Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America, and today, the monument provides a cool place to escape from the hot sun.

The walls around the park are decorated with artwork, which is fitting since the park was named after the talented local painter Murillo, who lived nearby during the 17th century. The next time you're looking for somewhere to take a walk, make your way to the Jardines de Murillo.

Parque del Alamillo

The Parque del Alamillo is a very big green space with a railway, two lakes, a pond, plus plenty of opportunity for outdoor fun on-site. It was first opened in 1993 and has always been appreciated by the locals. No matter how busy it gets, this park never gets too crowded since it's the biggest of all the Seville parks and also one of the largest in the rest of Spain.

The large open spaces are a good place to play catch or throw a frisbee, and it's also home to a variety of small creatures and wildlife like rabbits, lizards and birds. With over 100 bird species calling Parque del Alamillo home, it's one of the best parks in the city for birdwatching.

The landscape surrounding the park offers nice scenery for a long stroll and passes right by the Guadalquivir River. While exploring the area, you'll find several cafes with outdoor terraces where you can grab refreshments and enjoy them while overlooking the park. If you're lucky you'll visit during one of the park's many events, like theatre performances or the birthday celebration that happens each year on the day the park was completed.

Jardines del Real Alcazar

One of the top landmarks in the historic center of the city is the Alcazar Palace. Although the castle is incredible, what's almost more amazing are the gardens that surround it. The palace and grounds were featured in some scenes in the Game of Thrones; if you're a fan of the show, try to see if you recognize the area.

Aside from the palace, the park's main attraction is the big maze adored by families. Ornate fountains are scattered around the property and make for nice resting spots as you explore the tree lined pathways. Of course, the gardens are also home to colorful and fragrant flowers.

Although the gardens are a lovely place to go on any day, it's always fun to attend the live concerts that happen during the summer months. The performances are part of the Nights in the Garden of the Alcazar and are well worth attending.

Discover the gardens and parks in Seville

Now that you know a bit more about the parks in Seville, you're ready to start exploring the city's sprawling natural wonders. These green spaces are not only beautiful but are also significant in the history and culture of Seville, so you can sightsee and learn while being outdoors at the same time.

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