Rooftop Bars in Seville: 8 Places to Drink with a View

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Best rooftop bars in Seville

Seville is a beautiful city in southern Spain that is rich in history and culture. There are many things to see and do in Seville, and no trip to Spain would be complete without a visit to this amazing city. You simply have to visit the Alcazar. It's a beautiful palace that was built in the 14th century. The Cathedral is another can't miss attraction. It's one of the largest cathedrals in the world, and it is an incredible sight to behold. Be sure to take a tour of this magnificent building.

Other than these, you probably already have a lot of fun things planned for your trip to Seville. You might want to peruse some museums and art exhibits or enjoy some fine dining or wine tasting. You should also check out our guide to the best shopping in Seville while you are making plans.

No matter what else you are thinking of doing while you are in Seville, you will want to head to one of the best rooftop bars in Seville during your stay. These amazing cocktail bar and hotel bar locations offer impressive views of the city and dining and drinks that you will not soon forget. From hotel terrace locations to corner house locations that offer unique views of the old town area, there are many amazing rooftop bar locations in Seville that you can enjoy during your stay.

Before you start enjoying everything that Seville has to offer, you will want to make sure that you get your luggage securely stored away. Trusting us to secure your luggage and keep it in safe storage in Seville can make your trip that much more fun. The best rooftop bars in Seville are not places where you want to take your bags with you, and you will have so much more fun if you put your bags into secure storage when you arrive in this lovely city.

Bars with a view in Seville

Best Rooftop Bars in Seville

Terraza Hotel Doña María

What It's Like:

This hotel was once a royal palace, so you can imagine the kind of location that you will be heading to when you decide to make this rooftop bar your stop for the night. This is one of the oldest and best rooftop bars in Seville, and you will love that you have excellent views of La Giralda and the Cathedral from this location. There is a rooftop pool alongside the rooftop bar here, and the swanky yet cozy ambiance here is definitely memorable.

Our Recommendation:

Make sure to try the tapas-style plates and inquire about local wines when you sit down. This is one of the best rooftop bars for excellent wine selections but you can also get really good unique cocktails that are made with local ingredients. There are always seasonal food and drink offerings on the menu.


Calle Don Remondo, 19 terraza

La Terraza at Hotel Inglaterra

What It's Like:

This location is nestled alongside the Plaza Nueva, and this is one of the best hotels in the area if you want luxury at a great price. The Plaza Nueva area is one of the older parts of the city and offers a lot of charm as well as amazing views of the important landmarks in the area. There is almost always live music playing near the Hotel Inglaterra, and the sunsets are excellent on this side of the city. This is one of the prettiest rooftop terrace locations in Seville, and the ambiance at this location is second-to-none.

Our Recommendation:

This is one of the best rooftop bars in Seville for cocktails, and you will love that this location is within walking distance of many important landmarks as well. You can stop in here for a lazy afternoon meal or to watch the sunset and the lights come on at night. The sun terrace part of this seating area is excellent when the weather is not too warm. But, in truth, this rooftop bar is great in all weather in all seasons.


Pl. Nueva, 7, 6ª planta

Drinks with a view in Seville

Beach Club at Fontecruz Sevilla Seises

What It's Like:

This is one of the smaller and more fun rooftop bars in Seville, and you can head here for a really chill and enjoyable afternoon in the sun. Stretch out on loungers near the pool with a beachy cocktail and some yummy food, or come up to this rooftop bar to catch a beach club slow dining experience that can stretch out for many peaceful hours.

Our Recommendation:

This location will require that you make reservations as there is limited space, and this is a very popular rooftop bar. The tapas menu here is really good, and there are local favorites on the menu at good prices all the time. This is a very fun place where younger folks come to have fun, but people of all ages can have fun and find great dining options at this lovely rooftop bar.


C. Segovia, 6

La Banda Hostel Rooftop

What It's Like:

For a really chill and affordable rooftop bar hangout, there is no better location than the rooftop terrace at the La Banda Hostel. This is a unique part of the city that offers you access to a more vagabond and artistic culture, and you will meet new friends here with ease when you stop in. There is a really special kind of culture around this spot, and it can be one of the best Seville bars to visit if you are on a budget.

Our Recommendation:

The menu here is locally sourced, and you can find all kinds of new things to try out when you visit. You will love the quality here, and there is everything from beer to wine to cocktails on the menu. This is a really fun place to stop in for a more local experience that still offers you stunning views of the city. While it might not seem logical to head to a hostel for a boutique rooftop bar experience, you will be surprised at the quality of your overall experience here.


C. Dos de Mayo, 16

Rooftop bars in Seville

La Terraza de EME

What It's Like:

The Santa Cruz neighborhood is one of the best in the city. You will have an amazing experience eating and drinking here above the Seville skyline. The well-crafted cocktails at La Terraza pair well with the stunning views and the excellent service to offer one of the best rooftop bar experiences in town. With views of the Seville Cathedral and the rest of the city, you will feel like you have been transported to another world as you sit down here.

Our Recommendation:

This location can offer you access to reserved seating if you want it, or you can make a general dining reservation at this well-known top-floor location before you head up for a meal. Sitting next to the Catedral de Sevilla is very popular, and you will want to be sure that you can secure a table for you and your party. Make sure to try the various appetizers, but the burgers are also really good.

The wine list is extensive, and the specials change regularly as the seasons change. This is a really amazing dining experience for many reasons, and you should not miss out on having a meal here.


C. Alemanes, 27

Terraza Patio Alameda

What It's Like:

This is a more casual dining location but one that offers up lovely views of the city and tasty food and drinks. The price point is a bit high here despite the slightly less impressive yet practical surroundings. The lunch menu and dinner menu are both worth your consideration, and you will love that you can sit at this hidden gem and enjoy affordable and satisfying food and great service.

Our Recommendation:

The dining menu here is really gourmet, and you will have access to a wide range of food at Terraza Patio Alameda. Choose from the best wines in the city, along with amazing appetizers and filling lunch or dining options. You will be charged for a long stay, but if you choose to sit for longer than usual at your table, you can enjoy a leisurely dining experience with the best service and boutique feel. Just be prepared to pat a little extra for this privilege.


Alameda de Hércules, 56

Seville rooftop bars


What It's Like:

This tapas bar location is in the heart of the city and offers you access to a very interesting menu full of local favorites and fusion dishes. The wine list and beer menu here are very good, and you can also get well-made cocktails with your meal. The spectacular views are as good as the wine and food. While this is one of the smaller rooftop bars in Seville, it offers a peaceful and comforting vibe that you will not get from the larger rooftop bars in the city.

Our Recommendation:

Book in advance if you want to sit on the terrace here since it is so small, and even the locals compete for space to enjoy the superb views. The cuisine is Andalusian with some fusion offerings, so you might want to talk to your server if you are unfamiliar with the items on the menu. You might find your new favorite dish here (with a little help translating the menu, of course).


C. Argote de Molina, 17

The Corner House

What It's Like:

The Corner House is a unique Seville rooftop bar. This is a laid-back environment with Acapulco chairs, plants, and soothing lamplight that will make you feel like you have landed in a totally different place. The soft reggae music and the slightly beachy and tropical feeling here will make you feel like you are on vacation from your vacation. This is a spot in the heart of the hispter section of the city and a younger crowd hangs out here.

Our Recommendation:

The cuisine here is Mediterranean with some local Spanish favorites thrown in the mix. They offer a full beer and wine list as well as crafted cocktails that are delicious. Come here to catch the sunset in a very unique part of town and have a great meal with attentive service. The terrace is not open during all seasons of the year, so you might need to call ahead to ensure that the terrace is open before you visit.

The restaurant itself is on a lower floor and is open throughout the year, but if the terrace is your main goal for your visit, make sure you do a little research and planning first to secure your spot.


Alameda de Hércules, 11

Outdoor bars in Seville


Whether you are staying at one of the locations that is topped by a rooftop bar or you are joining the hotel guests for a fancy meal and excellent drinks, you will have a great time enjoying the rooftop bar locations in this guide. A Seville rooftop bar is one of the best ways to see the city and to partake of local culture and local food. You can enjoy so many different kinds of experiences at the rooftop bar locations in Seville that you would not be able to take part in anywhere else in the world.

Make sure that you take the time to put your bags into secure storage before you do anything else when you get to Seville. You will have so much more fun when you are not worried about your bags being underfoot, and none of these rooftop bars or rooftop terrace locations are made for your large luggage to join you at your table. Storing your luggage safely will ensure you can have the maximum amount of fun in this lovely city during your stay.

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