Where To Find The Best Street Food In Seville

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Restaurants in Seville, Spain

The largest city in southern Spain and the capital of Andalusia, Seville is known for flamenco dancing, outstanding food, and a bunch of historic attractions. In the heart of Seville, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Royal Alcazar combined with the Plaza de Espana and the Seville Cathedral combine to draw tourists to the city in droves. Couple that with sunny weather and fantastic food and you can see why Seville is a must-visit destination.

Seville is a culinary hotspot and is the birthplace of the iconic tapas and sangria. While you may not need any more than this to satiate you on your trip, Seville is also home to a surprisingly tempting street food scene well-stocked with traditional Spanish dishes. Flamenquines might be the ultimate Spanish street food. If you don't eat or like meat, you should skip this part.

Flamenquines are slices of serrano ham wrapped in pork loin pieces, coated with breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. It's an easy snack to walk around with, that's for sure. Another famous street food dish is Solomillo al Whiskey, which is pork in whiskey sauce. If you haven't already guessed that the Spaniards like pork, it will be obvious when you finish reading this guide.

Before you embark on a savory journey through the best street food in Seville, make sure you're not lugging around too much. Head to a Bounce luggage storage in Seville and you can rest easy knowing your bags are safe. You'll need to keep both hands free for eating anyway. Here are our top picks for a culture trip of street food in the city:

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Street food in Seville

The best street food vendors in Seville

La Isla Restaurante

One of the local favorite street foods in Seville, Spain, is fried fish. The best of a good bunch, La Isla serves this delicacy in high numbers and it's marinated and spiced perfectly. This seafood restaurant has a menu full of various fish and chips options as well as other items like shrimp, squid, and of course, paella. Get your fish and chips to go and eat while you wander, or make a reservation online to dine inside the cozy restaurant loaded with Mediterranean history. In fact, they've been in business since 1938.

La Isla serves alcohol and has an enviable wine bar as part of their full bar if you dine with them. One of the great things about this place is how close it is to Seville Cathedral. They also have outdoor tables to enjoy the wonderful southern Spain weather.

Empanadas Malvón

Just across the river from the Cathedral and a mere 15-minute walk away, Empanadas Malvón is a must-visit Seville street food location whenever you're in town. While the vegan options are limited here, Empanadas Malvón offers a selection of empanadas for carnivores and vegetarians. The meat-free choices include the eggplant parmesan and gorgonzola leek empanadas. For meat-lovers, try the special chicken or ham and cheese empanadas. Regardless of what you order, you'll end up with perhaps the most convenient street food there is in Spain. These savory little pockets are eaten by hand and the pastry helps keep everything from spilling out.

Empanadas Malvón is a recommended spot for breakfast in addition to street food, so it's possible you'll visit this fast food place more than once.

Restaurants in Seville

Palo Cortao

If you've come to Spain and haven't tried tapas yet, head to Palo Cortao immediately about ten minutes north on foot from the Royal Alcazar. It's also just a five-minute walk from another tourist hotspot, the Setas de Sevilla, which houses a market in a unique mushroom-shaped sculpture. With vegetarian-friendly menu items and a variety of tapas, this place is suitable for a quick dinner on the go or a leisurely one in their dining room or on the outside patio.

This is a perfect place to try some of the famous Iberico ham, Spanish-style pork, and various croquettes. Palo Cortao also features everything from colorful salads to delicious steaks to entice you. It's safe to say that you won't go hungry here.

La Literna Ciega

Another tapas restaurant near the Setas de Sevilla is La Literna Ciega, and it merits a mention on this list since it has healthy fare and vegan options. Broadly it serves tapas, but it's not a one-trick pony. The food is a fusion of Spanish and Italian cuisine ideal for picky eaters, and anyone who dines here recommends it for both the quality of food and the service they receive. If that wasn't enough, the restaurant is also considered a brewpub with an elaborate selection of craft beer and other drinks from the bar.

The restaurant is affectionately known as the tapas express and the Italian influence can be a welcome change in a sea of Spanish food. This spot is ideal for either lunch or dinner depending on when you plan to visit the Setas market. The area is quite busy, so if you drive here, look for off-street parking a little outside the center or use the convenient Imagen bus stop. And if you're looking for the best neighborhood to stay in Seville, check out our guide.

Street in Seville, Spain

Lima Street Food

Moving away from tapas, the Peruvian fare served at Lima Street Food is always delicious. The casual eatery has both indoor and outdoor seating, and it's wheelchair accessible, especially on the street-facing patio. If you're in the mood for a drink, start with one of their famous pisco sours; they come in many varieties. The food is always tasty with a focus on beans, veggies, meat brochettes, and seafood with South American flavors. Try the ceviche and chili pepper croquettes - you won't be disappointed. Aside from the taste of the food, it is also presented beautifully and the prices are quite affordable. The restaurant accepts VISA and Mastercard and offers the option for digital payments, so you can save your cash for something else, like a market trip.


One of the best flea markets in the city is on Thursday mornings on Calle Feria. Luckily, the fast-food joint Tortilla's is here too. As you may have already guessed, the specialty here is Spanish tortillas. At its core, the Spanish tortilla is a fancy omelet made using eggs and potatoes. The brains behind Tortilla's knew that there are so many ways to customize this traditional dish and set about offering all the options to the masses. There are several locations scattered around the city and this is where you can put your own stamp on a typical Spanish meal. Opt for one of their existing combinations, or add a variety of ingredients, like blue cheese, onions, spinach, chorizo, and marinated pork. The fact that you can select your own toppings means that this fast-food restaurant is definitely vegetarian-friendly.

The prices at Tortilla's are some of the more affordable ones on this list. A full tortilla will set you back around €8 and a single slice, which is perfect to eat while sightseeing, is only €2.

Street food stand in Seville

La Papa que Llevas

Street food in Seville isn't always about getting a meal. Sometimes a few snacks are all that you need to keep going. That's where La Papa que Llevas comes in. Just a four-minute walk from the Setas and about 15 minutes from the Royal Alcazar, this counter-service snack shack is easily squeezed into any travel itinerary.

La Papa que Llevas keep things simple, and they are really only famous for one thing: potato chips. The chips are homemade and always fresh and perfectly packaged to go. You can also get friend almonds and pork rinds (the people of Seville love their pork). Stop in here for a quick bit anytime you're in the area.

Mano de Santo

Close again to Las Setas and its market, Mano de Santo is part of the food scene of the La Alameda de Hercules Plaza in the Feria neighborhood. This multi-location restaurant is a necessary addition to the list because of just one thing: tacos. A street food favorite, this cozy taqueria slings all things Mexican in Seville. One thing that's unique about Mano de Santo is that they run a 100 percent gluten-free location in the plaza. Guacamole, tostadas, and ceviche complement the extensive taco and quesadilla options. This is the most vegan-friendly restaurant in this guide; they have an entire menu page devoted to vegan tacos, mostly featuring Mexican cactus and vegan chicken. Of, course, they are vegetarian-friendly as well.

Confiteria La Campana

To finish off the list of the best street food in Seville, we have to have something sweet. And, in Seville, that's torrijas. Essentially a sweet Spanish-style French toast, torrijas are a menu highlight at Confiteria La Campana. The to-go counter will have you on your way quickly with a tasty treat in hand. Located about a 10-minute walk from the Real Alcazar and about the same from the Plaza de Armas bus station, this restaurant is in the center of the action. Aside from torrijas, you can also get coffee, hot chocolate, and traditional Spanish cakes here. Everything is guaranteed to be delicious.

Outdoor dining in Seville

Where to find the best Seville street food spots

Mercado Lonja del Barranco

International food lovers need to head to the Mercado Lonja del Barranco, a converted fish market on the riverbank on the edge of the Centro neighborhood. This covered market in a galvanized iron building skews gourmet but has some of the best variety of takeout and street food in Seville. From noodle boxes to sushi to tons of pork and ham, you can take a trip around the world without leaving central Seville. On the weekends, take a drink and your meal outside and hang out among the locals who socialize here.

Las Setas Mercado and Surroundings

As you may have noticed, many of the best street food vendors in Seville are very close to the stunning Las Setas sculpture and market. La Papa que Llevas, La Literna Ciego, and Palo Cortao are all in the vicinity. Additionally, the market itself is a wonderful spot to pick up some baked goods, produce, and cured meats for snacks.


As with many cities, the City Center (Centro) is a hotspot for street food in Seville. Confiteria La Campana is here, as is the Kioskito Reyes Católicos, a tasty kiosk that serves tapas. Another fantastic street food place in the city center is Vinela Street Food in Plaza de Doña Elvira. In fact, there are too many spots here to mention any more by name. The best thing to do is just keep an eye out as you wander, and there are sure to be tapas restaurants on almost every corner.

Street food options in Seville, Spain

Street Food Festivals in Seville

Festival de las Naciones

From the end of September through November, Seville is home to a comprehensive food-related celebration called Festival de las Naciones. Translated as the Festival of Nations, this event celebrates food culture from around the world and draws in crowds like nobody's business. The festival offers live music, lots of shopping, and an enviable selection of craft beer.

As for the food, expect concoctions from Mexico, Argentina, Morocco, Germany, and Greece to name but a few. The festival takes place in Prado de San Sebastian but also moves to the Parque Maria Luisa, with some of the best walking trails in Seville, some years.

Seville Fair

Annually in April, locals and tourists descend on Seville for the Seville Spring Fair full of food, drinks, and entertainment. This fair has a distinctly Spanish feel with traditional foods offered for you to try. The Jamon Iberico is a must as are the various stews. Fair-goers hop from stand to stand sampling every Andalusian specialty under the sun. The festival goes late (until 2 am some day) and is held over 20 plus city blocks in the City Center to celebrate with music, traditional dance, and even bullfights. And, if bullfighting isn't your thing, just avoid Plaza de la Maestranza where they take place daily.

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