Singapore on a budget: 8 travel hacks to save on your trip

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Singapore on a budget

Heading to Singapore is a great idea if you love to visit unique cities that are full of fun things to do. This is one of the best cities in the world to visit on a budget because there are many budget accommodations, affordable flight tickets, and budget-friendly food halls in this part of the world. Staying in hostels or eating in your own room can make it possible for you to visit Singapore without having to save a ton of money for the trip.

When you head to Singapore, one of your best bets to save money is to use an affordable Bounce luggage storage to store your bags while you're out exploring the city. Make the most of these money-saving travel tips to stay well within your travel budget, even if it's quite limited. Here are a few ideas:

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Cheap hotels in Singapore

Cheap places to stay in Singapore

Staying in the right part of town can make a big difference in your ability to save money, and you might be able to stick to your travel budget if you know more about each of the different neighborhoods in Singapore. When you visit Singapore, you might have specific things that you want to see and do, such as heading to Chinatown. You can choose to stay near the things that you want to do most to save money on rideshares or taxis as well.

Heritage Collection in Chinatown

This cool little hotel is set up more like apartments, which can be perfect if you want to have access to things like a washer and dryer and a small kitchen. You can stay here for about $100 a night, and you can pick and choose from various sizes of rooms. Some will have more amenities than others, but all of them will be cozy and comfortable.

You will, of course, be within walking distance of Chinatown since you are staying right in the middle of the action in this part of the city. You can also easily head to the National Singapore Gallery from here or the Marina Bay Sands area.

Check-Inn @ Little India

This cute block of hotel rooms is within minutes of the Rochor MRT stations, and it is the rebranded building that used to be known as Park 22 Hotel Little India. You are a short walk from Bugis here, and there is a lot of lovely Indian food within a few blocks as well.

Rooms are about $100 a night here, and the monochromatic building is easy to spot when you arrive. While not as quiet as some of the other places that you could stay in this part of the city, the rooms are cozy and offer you the comfort that you need for your trip on a budget.

The Great Madras - Calmo Hotel

Technically a boutique hotel, this location also offers hostel rooms which are really affordable. Hostel accommodations are around $50 a night, and you can get a private room for $80-$100. This spot is also in Little India, but you will be right by a cafe and a barbershop and even have access to a rooftop pool here during your stay.

You are close to the Sultan Mosque here, and you will also be able to easily walk to various public transport options. This is a very cute and fun hotel that doesn't feel like a budget hotel at all.

Cheap things to do in Singapore

Cheap things to do In Singapore

Being able to have fun while you are in Singapore is important. After all, you can only walk around seeing the sights for so long before you will want to take part in some of the activities that make this city-state well-known and beloved by so many.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is something that you shouldn't miss out on during your stay. Kids under 13 years of age get in for $13, while older kids and adults will pay $22 to get inside. This is not much money when you consider that you can see all kinds of different habitats that are meant to show visitors all of the various biomes around the world. Enjoy access to penguins, a rainforest exhibit, and even giraffes and lions when you visit this cool attraction.

Universal Studios Singapore

Who doesn't love Universal Studios? It might seem like this attraction is not going to be an option during your visit to explore Singapore, but you can actually get into this park without breaking the bank. While not as cheap as things like free walking tours or just walking around yourself and seeing the sights, you can still get into Universal Studios for a reasonable fee.

Tickets for day passes start at just $60, which is not much when you consider that you can enjoy access to rides, shopping, and lots of really cool dining opportunities within the park. You can easily spend a whole day here, and kids will consider their dream vacation complete just by getting to enjoy this location.

Light Show at Gardens by the Bay

This really cool evening lights show is free, but you will need to reserve a ticket for your place at the show using your EZ link card. You will be mesmerized by the light show over the water, and kids will love this event almost as much as a visit to Universal Studios. The light shows here are themed, and it's fun to figure out what the story is during the show as the lights dance across the sky.

Affordable food in Singapore

Cheap places to eat in Singapore

Singapore offers you access to all kinds of dining, and you can choose to spend a lot of money or find ways to save money while you are eating here. Many of the hotels in Singapore will offer free breakfast, and the amazing street food vendors in Singapore provide both tasty and economical meals on the go. Here are our favorites:

63 Laksa

The bowls of laksa are $2.50 here, which is a really hard price to beat anywhere in the city for a filling meal. You will love the porcelain bowls of delicious noodles and broth, and you can choose to add sliced fish cakes or cockles to your bowl as well. This wonderful little hole in the wall is located in the Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre, and it is open from late morning to early afternoon.

Allauddin’s Briyani

If you love Indian food, you need to head to the Ayer Rajah Food Centre and try out Allaudinn's Briyani. You can get delicious curry here as well as large basmati rice bowls. The meat choices are chicken, fish, and mutton, and the meat is delicious and tender no matter what kind of meal you order.

You can dine here on large portions for less than $10 a person.

Chang Ji Gourmet

Dining for under $2 might not seem possible in any major city, but at Chang Ji Gourmet, you can get Bee Hoon and Peanut Porridge for really low prices. This tiny stall is owned by a small family who operates the stall and cooks all the food. You will love the authentic experience that is offered here, and the food is really delicious.

Cheap bars in Singapore

Cheap bars in Singapore

Singapore can certainly be an expensive city, and most people expect that they will have to miss out on the nightlife here to save money. However, you can actually explore Singapore nightlife without needing to save up money just to go clubbing or to get cocktails. These bars will help you do just that:


This pub-style bar is located near the Boat Quay, and you can get dessert here as well as snacks to accompany your drinks. Snacks like Salted Egg Popcorn at just $8, and there are often BOGO cocktail offerings that will allow you to spend $5 to $8 for two drinks. Beer is offered here as well for around $5 a pint.

The Ranch

While you might be expecting a more Americanized experience at The Ranch, this small bar is a western food and wine bar. This is a good place to gather with friends or a large group, or you can pick a cozy table for two. The happy hour menu here runs from 12 to 7 pm daily, and you can get pints of specific beer for $10 each. You can also get cocktails on special when you buy certain foods, like their boxed fried chicken.

Located near the Aljunied MRT Station, this is an easy spot to get to, even if you are not familiar with Singapore yet.

Atrium Bar 317

This is a bright, colorful, cheery bar that is located inside the Holiday Inn Singapore. The happy hour is really affordable here, and between 4 pm and 7 pm, you can get beer, wine, and spirits for just $9 a glass. There is also a ladies' night promotion each week, and you will be able to enjoy group rates for parties that are four or more.

Hotel bars can be one of the best travel hacks to access, no matter what part of the world you are visiting. Just like free walking tours, these locations actually deliver impressive value for your money.

Budget travel tips for visiting Singapore

Bonus budget tips for Singapore

  • Use public transportation: Make sure that you make the most of your EZ link card while you are in Singapore. The EZ link card will allow you to get around the city easily, and you can often save money on tickets for various excursions and activities if you have one. Get a tourist pass so that you can take public transport as many times as you need to during your trip for a fixed price per day.
  • Take advantage of free tours: There are many free tours that are offered all over the city. You might be able to pull up some of these fun free walking tours on google maps, but there are also entire websites dedicated to cataloging these entertaining tour types.
  • Take time to research flight costs: You might be worried that you will not be able to afford flight tickets to Singapore, but planning in advance can help you save money while traveling. You can also check out the cheapest flights into Singapore during the timeframe that you want to travel. You might find that these flight deals can save you a lot of money if you are willing to stay overnight between flights along the way or have a long layover at an airport. These kinds of flight deals are often well worth the small inconvenience since they will save you loads of money.
  • Visit Hawker Centres: Always be sure that you check out the hawker street stalls if you are hungry and don't want to spend money to sit down and eat. The street food in this city is delicious and plentiful, and the portions are also usually quite large.
How to travel in Singapore affordably


If you still need more things to do in Singapore, it's actually fairly easy to find activities that are entirely free. Between free tours and excellent attractions in the city center that will not cost you a penny, you can easily keep busy every day of your visit to Singapore. A budget traveler can have a blast in this memorable city, so don't let the hype about the cost of Singapore discourage you.

If you find that you have leftover cash, why not use it for some shopping or a fancy meal before you fly home? Singapore is beautiful and offers you access to experiences that are not offered anywhere else in the world. Don't miss out just because your travel budget is a bit tight.

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