Is Split safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Published by: Bounce13 March, 2023
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Although it is a big city, Split has a definite small town charm. It is the oldest city in Croatia with a history dating way back to the 4th century. Its small streets with cafes and vendors give Split a distinctly laid-back vibe, and it is said to be the perfect combination of modern and traditional. Just off the shores of the Dalmatian Coast on the Adriatic Sea, Split boasts a naturally beautiful scenery that is present in all of Croatia, like the outstanding Plitvice National Park.

If you want to vacation in Split you will be one of at least a million people who visit the city each year. The most popular time to travel here is between the months of June and August, and the city is much quieter from November to March. As the second biggest city in Croatia Split is never empty as it is home to almost 200,000 citizens.

Split is a generally safe city, but anytime that you're visiting somewhere new you should be mindful of your things and where you leave them. The safest place is in a suitcase storage locker in Split, and Bounce has a trustworthy protection plan and customer support service that is available 24/7. You'll never have to worry about the security of your belongings.

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Is Split safe to visit right now?

Overall, Croatia is known to be a very safe country, and in fact, it is one of the higher ranking destinations on the 2021 Global Peace Index, being in 15th place. There are also no current travel restrictions for the county and you're safe to visit Croatia without any worries. That being said, you should also check in with the travel advisories that your own government might have in place.

We don't recommend traveling anywhere before you're familiar with the safety concerns of a city, and each one has some. Split is a very safe place with excellent water quality, meaning that you can even drink tap water. However, in Split, you'll need to watch out for muggers and there is also the threat of natural disasters. You can absolutely have a safe trip here if you use common sense and take into account a few safety tips which we'll introduce you to. To be extra prepared, consider reading some other safety guides as well, no matter your level of travel experience.

Top petty crimes and scams in Split affecting tourists

Your personal safety should be your top priority anytime that you visit a new place. Here are a few problems that tourists often experience in Split as well as how to avoid them.


It is very rare that you'll experience any kind of criminal activity in Croatia, and in general, the entire country is pretty safe. But, just like in other cities, Split does have some areas that you should steer clear of because they are not always safe. To protect yourself and your personal belongings you should avoid dangerous locales at all costs and try to not walk around town alone at night.

If you're enjoying the night life and staying out after dark we urge you to not wear very expensive clothing or accessories since they could draw unwanted attention from sketchy individuals. If you're ever put in an unpleasant situation you should value your own safety first and file a complaint with the police afterward.

Natural disasters

Split does experience some natural catastrophes that can potentially be dangerous if you find yourself in the center of one. This mainly includes flooding, which can cause property damage and road closures, as well as forest fires that can happen quickly and without warning.

Both situations can be dangerous if you aren't prepared, so it is a good idea to have a plan in case of an emergency. In most cases, the local government will issue a warning and instructions on what to do, so it is important to follow their advice. If you're staying in Split during the summer, which is when fires most often happen, it can be wise to have a go-bag ready in case you need to leave in a hurry.


If you have traveled to popular European countries in the past, chances are that you're already familiar with pickpockets and the dangers that come with them. Petty theft should not pose a threat to your individual safety, although it is never fun to have your valuables stolen. Luckily, you can protect yourself against thieves by using a slash-proof cross-body bag that is harder to open and steal from.

We also recommend keeping your most important belongings safely stored in a luggage locker, and necessary items like wallets and your smartphone should be kept in a secure place. Be wary of thieves snatching items from your pants pockets, and you should also be suspicious if a stranger is trying to distract you as they might be working with somebody else who is aiming to take your things without you noticing.

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Is Split safe to travel alone

Sometimes you might want to experience a city on your own, and you'll find that the locals of Split are warm and welcoming to all. It is a relatively quiet city for its size which makes it a great place for a solo vacation, as less touristy cities often see fewer scammers and thieves. Despite being one of the safest countries for solo travel, we urge you to be cautious when walking around the street by yourself and to stick to the populated areas where you won't be alone.

Split is also a safe place for solo female travelers who are looking to explore a new city. You won't be at any more risk than men here, and many Croatians speak English and are willing to help you if you need it. We do recommend learning a few basic Croatian words despite the fact that English is widely spoken, just so you can communicate with the locals in any situation. Otherwise, you should just follow basic safety precautions as you would in your home country; do not accept drinks from strangers or tell them where you are staying, and stick to well lit areas when you're navigating the streets after dark.

Safest neighborhoods in Split

When planning your travel itinerary you should take a look at the crime rate in the different areas that you'll be visiting. Fortunately, Split is a very safe place, and there aren't many neighborhoods that you'll need to worry about.

Old Town

The Old Town of Split is a fantastic place to visit and you'll definitely be spending lots of time here. It is home to some of the city's top landmarks, like Diocletian's Palace.

Veli Varos

This Split neighborhood has a rustic and traditional feel to it, and it is a favorite among families. Filled with pedestrian only streets, Veli Varos is a lovely place for a stroll.


Located off the Split peninsula, this beautiful area is perfect for people who want to relax at the beach or just take a walk picking up sea urchins along the Adriatic coast. You should reserve a full day to enjoy this area.

Although you can definitely consider Split, Croatia safe, you'll have to be on guard in certain situations. There are no specific bad neighborhoods that are considered dangerous, but you'll need to be careful when you're in crowded places with lots of people since that is where pickpockets are most common. Remote areas can also be dangerous after dark, so try to not wander too far away from the tourist areas at night.

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Is Split public transportation safe?

As the largest city in Croatia, public transportation is a must when it comes to getting around Split. And, aside from pickpockets, the public transit network is absolutely safe. As long as you're aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to your belongings you shouldn't run into any trouble. However, that doesn't mean that bad things don't happen and you should still be careful since some areas in this country, like the Zagreb bus terminal for example, are known to be sketchy.

In general, it is safer to be navigating any city during daylight hours, and even though it is not an unsafe place you might want to consider taking a taxi if you're going somewhere far late at night. Be aware that some taxi drivers try to overcharge tourists, so make sure that the meter is running as soon as you start driving.

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Important emergency numbers in Split

The key to a safe trip is to be prepared and to stay safe you should keep a note of these emergency numbers. You should also write down your embassy number in the event you need it.

  • Emergency: 112
  • Police: 192
  • Fire Department: 193
  • Emergency Medical Help: 194

Staying safe in Split

Over the last couple of years, Split has been gaining popularity among tourists. It is also a very safe city as long as you take the normal precautions. It's also wise to purchase travel insurance any time that you travel far from home. To get a better feel for the area you can read the following articles as well. Where to Stay in Split: The Ultimate Guide will fill you in on nice neighborhoods and How to Get Around Split will enable you to navigate the city with ease. Keep our Split safety tips in mind and you'll have a marvelous trip.

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