Wine Tasting in Split: 7 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in Split

Split is one of the most amazing places to head for a vacation, and you will have the time of your life in this romantic and beautiful city. There are so many things to experience and do in this location, and you will need to make sure to check out our guide to the best things to do at night in Split if you are still planning your activities. From historical locations to art history, there is something around every corner that is enjoyable and memorable to do in Split.

If you love wine tasting, there is ample opportunity here as well. You can enjoy the best wine tours in this region that leave from Split, and you will be able to choose from Split boat tours to enjoy your wine tasting, or you can easily get a group rate with other groups seeking wine tours in the region. This is one of the most affordable and welcoming places to take a wine tour, and you will have a truly memorable time when you choose to head to a local winery in this region or sit down for one of the local romantic wine tours.

The nice thing about the best wine tours in Split is that you get to decide how to spend your time. If you prefer day trips outside the city, they have that. Like drinking and eating at a local wine bar? The city has that too.

The first thing that you need to do when you head to Split is to make sure that you get your luggage taken care of. Placing your luggage in secure storage with Bounce in Split is important to have the peace of mind that you need to make the most of your time in Split. You cannot make the most of your tours or wine-tasting adventures if you are carrying heavy bags. Make sure to drop them off with us so that you can have a great time as you adventure around Split.

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Outdoor wine tasting in Split

Best Wine Tasting Locations in Split

From adult walking tours to adult bus tours, there are many ways to have fun wine tasting in Split. You will find that the adult city tours and the bus tours are some of the best ways to make the most of your time in Split since you will see the countryside as well as get to try out local wine varieties that you have never been able to access before.

The guides that lead the tours in this city are some of the best anywhere in the world, and many people swear by this option for your wine tour needs rather than going it alone and heading to different locations to try local wine favorites. This is a very welcoming city, and the ambiance is more fun if you make sure to weave yourself into the fabric of the daily experience of living here.

Even if you are not into the idea of group bus tours, there are other private tours that you can book so that you will get the most out of your time wine tasting in this lovely city. Visiting Split is a memorable experience, and you will have that much more fun if you look into the various Split tour options out there.

Krka Waterfalls and Sibenik Small Group Tour with Free Wine Tasting from Split

This really exciting tour is very affordable considering everything that you get for your money. You get to explore Krka National Park and Sibenik, and then your group will head to a wine tour that allows you to try all the best local wines that the region has to offer. Your well-educated and engaging guide will tell you about the area, the history of winemaking in this part of Croatia, and much more.

Many people are unaware of all the beauty in the countryside around Split, but this tour will help you maximize the area you cover during your stay. Take pictures next to the beautiful waterfalls and enjoy the lovely drive as you head into little villages that offer charm and a glimpse into the past. This is a really wonderful wine tour option for so many reasons, and you will love your experience when you choose this group bus tour.


Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 23, 21000

Croatia wine tasting

Grand Split Walking Tour with Diocletian's Palace and Optional Wine Tasting

If you are planning to enjoy seeing Diocletian's Palace, you need to take this lovely tour that offers you access to an experienced and knowledgeable driver who will show you around the palace and the surrounding area. You will then be taken to a local wine tasting location where you can learn more about the region's wineries and try some of the best local wines.

This is a very affordable adventure and one that will help you to make the most of your sightseeing tour selection in the city while also offering you access to a quality wine tour choice. Many people report that the guides that host these tours are fun, easygoing, and flexible, so you can have a great and engaging day when you select this option.


Dioklecijanova 10, 21000

Voyage of Croatia Tours

If you want to enjoy the most impressive wine tour option while you are in Split, you need to take a boat tour of the various locations where local wines are offered. This is a bit spendy, but you will get an amazing experience when you decide to do this wine tour option for your trip. Boating around this region is really enjoyable, and this tour will give you the benefit of everything that a boat tour and wine tour can offer. It's really the best of both worlds!

Enjoy delicious food during your boat ride as you travel from place to place throughout the day. You will be dropped off at quaint locations to see local wineries and do a little sightseeing, and your guide will inform you about the important cultural and historical information that makes your visit much more meaningful. While on the expensive side, this is one of the best wine tour options you can select, and it's up to the boat staff to make sure they are taking safety measures while you're on board.


Trumbićeva obala 1, 21000

Monika's Wine Bar and Cellar

When the daughter of the owner of one of the best-known wineries wanted to start a new venture that would help people to discover Croatian wines, she decided to create this cute and enjoyable spot. This is the ideal place to sit down for a wine tour right in the city. You can spend most of an afternoon here enjoying the local wines the region is known for. The expertise of your server will guide you through the menu in case you need help.

Try a wine flight or simply get a glass of the best wines in the region that you have been wanting to try. This spot is likely to sell all the wines you want to try out, and you will get just as much from your time sitting at this beautiful location as you would from the various wine tours you can join that leave from Split.


Ul. ban Mladenova 1, 21000

Wine bars in Split, Croatia

Winery Bedalov

If you are up for a little trip outside the city, this wine tour option is a great choice. This is one of the oldest wineries in the region, and the quaint location and the beauty of this city are worth a visit even if you are not interested in the wine tour part of the trip. You can choose to add this to a fun day exploring Split, or you might want to make this adventure its own day trip selection for your stay.

This is one of the more kid-friendly wine tours since the location is essentially a family farm and winery. The winery owners are always prepared to offer information about their process and the town, and you will love that this is such a nice trip to add to your overall plans for your time in Split.


OPG Jakša Bedalov, Bishop Frano Franić 12, 21214

Zinfandel Food & Wine Bar

If you are sightseeing in the city, this location is actually right inside Diocletian's Palace. You can pop in here to try lots of local wines and learn about the history of the city as well. The serving staff is very helpful, and they will give you advice about all the various wine varieties on offer here if you need some guidance in making your choice. This is also a common stop on the various adult adventure tours in the area, so you might stop in here organically, depending on which wine tour you have already booked.

This is one of the more budget-friendly wine tour options in the sense that you can try so many different wine varieties when you visit as well. One of the best features of just visiting this wine bar is that you decide when you're done. You can stay as long as you want or cut things short to move on to another experience.

You could also combine this trip with a visit to another local winery or dinner outside Split. There is so much delicious food to try in the regions around Split that you might want to try a local eatery while you are in this part of Croatia.


Marulićeva ul. 2, 21000

Uje Oil Bar

This spot in old town Split will offer you an authentic wine and dining experience. Try the grappa at this family-owned spot and ask about the local favorite dishes you shouldn't miss. Few things are as enjoyable when visiting Split as sitting down to eat at a place that offers you access to the best local foods and some fantastic local wines.

You can get wine flights here or even simple tastings if you want to make sure that you are trying out more than just a bottle at the table. The helpful staff will guide you toward the wines and grappa options that are best for your taste preferences, and you will have so much fun checking out the menu options along with the extensive tasting choices.


Dominisova ul. 3, 21000

Food and wine in Split, Croatia


There are so many wine tasting options in Split that you could travel to this region just for this activity alone! You will love that your wine tasting adventure will usually also include a local history lesson and show you the local sites. You can combine some of the most romantic wine tours with practical sightseeing tours for an enjoyable day in this region of the world. There is no shortage of fun things to do in Split, even if you have just a few days to make the most of the wine tours and other adventures you want to partake of while you stay.

From hidden gems tucked into little corners of the city to group full-day tours and boat tours, there are many ways to make the most of wine tasting in Split. You will find that adult full-day tours are some of the best options around when you want to make the most of your time in Split, and you can even add adventures like arranged horse riding to your day. Making the most of your adult bus tours or adult day trips can allow you to see more of Split than you would if you were not willing to join a group touring around the area. Don't be afraid to try this experience if you have never done it before since Split wine tasting is delightful when you take advantage of a tour guide.

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