Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Stockholm

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Perhaps, one of the challenges for vegans and vegetarians traveling to another country is looking for restaurants that can cater to their dietary needs. Sometimes, even if you find one, you’d have to force yourself to enjoy those flavorless dishes. Thankfully, gone are the days when vegan and vegetarian restaurants were scarce in Stockholm. Today, you are guaranteed to find delicious vegetarian and vegan alternatives on the menu.

It doesn’t matter if you’re craving some vegan rustic homemade food, vegetarian lasagne, vegetarian Mediterranean-inspired buffet, or prefer a traditional Swedish cuisine. Many dining places in Stockholm continue to innovate and develop their menu to satisfy the growing needs of their customers.

Because Swedes are enthusiastic about healthy eating, finding meat-free dishes or even vegan ice cream in Stockholm won’t be an issue. But to prepare for a healthy food trip in the city, place your unneeded bags at a Bounce luggage locker and discover the best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm.


What's it like:

Are you looking for a vegan buffet with panoramic scenery? Hermans is strategically nestled on a waterfront location with beautiful terraced seating. That way, while you’re lavishing your healthy light snack or heavy meal, your eyes are also treated to a delightful experience.

At Hermans, you can enjoy the waterfront view from the inside or spend quality time with friends and family while savoring your Swedish Fika. Hammocks are also placed all over the restaurant so you can relax and feel the fresh sea breeze while waiting for your orders.

Hermans is not only one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm but also one of the very few vegan restaurants that offer buffet-style dining. It serves your favorite vegan and vegetarian delicacies, including pasta dishes, roasted vegetables, curries, stews, and mixed salads every day from 11 am to 9 pm.

Our recommendation:

If it’s your first time dining here, try their vegan lunch buffet served between 11 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday. It includes warm and cold dishes, spreads, and delicious sauces made using plant-based ingredients. Book your table during peak days and high seasons, especially during the weekends, as the restaurant tends to be busy around this time.


Fjällgatan 23B, 116 28 Stockholm


What's it like:

Since its establishment in 1987, Chutney has been celebrated as one of Stockholm’s best vegetarian restaurants, thanks to its wide array of vegetarian food and vegan options. It takes pride in its outstanding menu that’s inspired by authentic dishes from the Middle East and portions of Asia like Thailand.

This unique lunch restaurant combines influences from various Asian delicacies. To complement the different oriental flavors, Chutney’s venue decorations emit exotic Middle Eastern and East Asian vibes. While having your favorite vegan food and vegetarian dishes, you’ll also enjoy reggae, jazz, and Indian music. During the summer months, you can have your food served in an outdoor setting to bask in the sun while enjoying excellent food.

Besides their deliciously spiced Asian cuisine and exotic Indian food, they also serve a healthy vegan burger. It is made from a soya burger served with potato wedges, garlic cream, coleslaw, smoky, and ketchup. Take note that Chutney’s menu changes daily, but you can always ask the waiters if your favorites are available.

Our recommendation:

When at Chutney, the first thing on the menu to capture your attention is the Ala Carte dishes. Check out the Halloumi Deli Tallrik. It is made from grilled halloumi cheese, couscous salad, hummus, tzatziki, green salad mix, vine leaf Colmar, grilled vegetables, and garlic bread.


Katarina Bangata 19, 116 39 Stockholm

Fern and Fika

What’s it like:

Previously known as STHLM Raw, Fern and Fika is a cozy restaurant and a plant-based café in Långholmsgatan, Stockholm. By reinventing fika and food, this vegan café continues to provide the best plant-based experience in the city. Everything it serves is only 100 percent plant-based, organic, and locally sourced.

Its menu is limited, but every dish is served with high-quality ingredients and is guaranteed flavorful. It has brunch dishes, including gluten-free American-style pancakes and 'nicecream' bowls. For the mains, the restaurant offers seasonal and standard lunch bowls and soup of the day.

Our recommendation:

If you have a sweet tooth and are hungry for vegan desserts, try Fern and Fika's vegan, organic, and raw cakes. They also come with gluten-free options for both seasonal and standard flavors.


Långholmsgatan 11, 117 33 Stockholm


What's it like:

Växthuset, the Swedish word for “greenhouse,” is one of the premier vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm. It is located next to Under Bron, which is one of the most popular nightclubs in the city. This makes Växthuset the perfect place to have a plate of healthy greens and plant-based meat before a night of partying and catching up with friends.

However, you may choose not to go nightclubbing as the restaurant itself provides a sophisticated place for you and your loved ones to chill out while enjoying the great vegan and vegetarian dishes Växthuset has to offer.

Our recommendation

With a rich selection of food and drinks on their menu, don’t hesitate to bring your non-vegan and non-vegetarian friends to Växthuset. Try the three-course menu the chef personally chooses, and you’ll be surprised by the quality and flavors of their vegetarian food.

Also, try the Grilled asparagus from Gotland, mini tomatoes, yeast cream, mint, basil pesto, and crutong. You’ll also love the tonka bean ice cream, rhubarb with vanilla, sponge cake, and candied almonds for dessert.


Hammarby Slussväg 2, 118 60 Stockholm


What's it like

A vegan restaurant that celebrates Mother Earth, MyVegina offers your daily dose of unique vegan options and vegetarian specialties. It has established itself as a pioneer in serving the best vegetarian delicacies and providing vegan choices to even some of the most unlikely food items. From hot dishes and cold bowls, smoothies, and sandwiches to vegan pastries, indulge in your favorite snack and main course meals at MyVegina, your vegan happy place.

MyVegina was built on the pillars of veganism, symbiosis, and feminism. Once you step in on this lovely restaurant, you will see all three values in every corner. Inside, you will see the furniture and utensils decorated with everything nature-inspired. Recently, the restaurant launched the portable MyVegina for a more engaging experience with everyday people.

Our recommendation:

MyVegina believes that good food makes you happy, and vegan food makes mother earth happy. But, good vegan food makes you and mother earth both happy. See these philosophies translated into lovely dishes with healthy and delicious food like Caeserella, Papapaya, and Avoberyy. Also, try their Souphie, which has Jerusalem artichoke, sugar snap peas, fried herbo, and shallots.


Norrtullsgatan 21, 113 45 Stockholm


What's it like:

If you’re looking for vegetarian restaurants that serve 100% plant-based food and 1000% tasty delicacies, Fafelle is the place to be. Located in the heart of Stockholm, this lovely restaurant has been serving the locals and visitors since 2019. It is also close to several attractions in the city center, making it an ideal stop for some tasty, green food.

Fafelle aims to inspire people and open new doors for green flavors from all over the globe. You’ll be treated to a VIP experience whether you’re dining in or bringing your orders to go from this world-class vegan and vegetarian restaurant.

Fafelle continues to develop and innovate ideas to stand out in the restaurant industry while staying true to its passion for healthy living. You’ll experience this first-hand once inside the restaurant.

Everything imbues organic, plus the ambiance is refreshing and grand at the same time. One reason why Fafelle is one of the most loved restaurants in the city is because of its drive for sustainable development. They collaborate with Karma and 2 Good 2 Go to reduce food waste.

Our recommendation:

Avoid the hassle and bustle and get excellent offers by installing the Fafelle app. Check out their main courses and experience a taste of Middle Eastern vegan cuisine. Don’t forget to try the classic kale and black rice with spicy vinaigrette. While you’re at it, grab a cool avocado or citrus fluff to quench your thirst.


Hamngatan 14, 111 47 Stockholm

The Green Queen

What's it like:

The Green Queen is known for serving some of the best plant-based street food in the city. This hard-to-miss vegetarian restaurant is inspired by the sunny and lively vigor of Los Angeles. You’ll feel the comfort of a garden setting and the relaxing vibe of a city café with the restaurant’s laid-back but appealing decorations. A sitting area is in place for you to have some catching up with friends and family or cuddle with your special someone.

Apart from the lovely ambiance of the restaurant, The Green Queen offers a wide selection of vegetarian dishes and vegan delicacies. Kebabs, burgers, and toasts are available if you prefer lighter meals. There’s an array of desserts on the offing, too. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, so feel free to request modifications on your orders if you have any.

Our recommendation:

The Green Queen is open every day starting at 11 am, so grab your workmates for a late breakfast or a team lunch. There’s no need to book a table, but you might want to come early, especially during the weekends. Try the Mexicali Quesadilla, which is composed of a grilled gluten-free tortilla and a plethora of fillings. Also, order the Indian Spiced Stew and pair it with some organic rice for an unforgettable lunch or early dinner meal.


Norr Mälarstrand 64, 112 35 Stockholm


What's it like:

Mahalo is a restaurant that offers amazing food and is a perfect venue for hanging out with your buddies and family members. This popular veggie restaurant offers dine-in, takeaway, and catering services. Mahalo opened in 2015 and built upon its owners’ passion for cooking, eating, and sharing plant-based food. You’ll experience healthy and delightful delicacies prepared with stunning creativity inside a relaxing setting when you dine here.

The burgers and lunch meals will give you energy for the rest of the day. But if you prefer your healthy breakfast light but complete, grab some baked oats and banana bread instead. American pancakes and Chia pudding are also great selections if you’re into more flavorful snacks.

Our recommendation:

Smoothies and fresh juices with interesting names are available, so don’t forget to check them out. There’s I Love U So Matcha, Pinkredible, and 24K Gold to quench your thirst on a hot summer afternoon.


Odengatan 26, 113 51 Stockholm; Hornsgatan 61, 118 49 Stockholm

Babajan Bar

What's it like:

Dedicated to helping people eat well and healthy without hassle, Babajan Bar is a vegan-friendly restaurant that opened in Stockholm in 1996. It provides a jaw-dropping and relaxed environment for the whole family, including your fur babies, making it a pet-friendly restaurant and bar worth visiting if you’re in the neighborhood.

Babajan Bar has only one rule for diners: strictly good vibes only. Bring your family and friends and talk about how great your day was over good and healthy food at Babajan Bar. Every dish here is prepared with fresh ingredients inspired by local and global cuisines. Most items you'll find on the menu are homemade vegetarian food inspired by rustic cooking from around the globe.

Our recommendation:

Babajan Bar has a lot of tables and seats, but it's best to make a reservation during the weekends. Lots of partying happen here during the night, so bring in lots of energy and enthusiasm starting at 5 pm until midnight. Check out their beers, burgers, and vegetarian plates for a fulfilling dinner.


Katarina Bangata 75 116 42, Stockholm

Vegetarian Food in Stockholm

Vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Stockholm aren’t hard to find. From vegetarian-buffet style to fine dining, the Swedish capital has different food options for all kinds of diners, including raw food plates and Nomadic vegan dishes served in intimate settings. Even if you can’t find an exclusively vegetarian restaurant with an all-vegetarian menu, some cafes, eateries, and fast-food stalls have plant-based dishes for non-meat eaters alike.

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