Best Brunch In Tenerife: The Definitive Guide

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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain. It has 966,000 residents and is a popular tourist destination with more than five million visitors each year. In fact, it is the home to many carnivals including one of the world's largest carnivals, the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Santa Cruz de Tenerife is also the capital of Tenerife and the most populated city on the island.

Besides all that, Tenerife is a warm and dry climate with an average high of 77 and an average low of 65 so it is also a popular place for water activities like swimming, boating, and fishing. But one of the most popular activities for many of the residents and visitors is dining. And brunch in Tenerife is a very important meal.

Of course, you can also find typical dishes like the full English breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, and toast or a pile of pancakes or waffles with fruit or syrup. Breakfast here is sometimes just a bowl of oats or fresh fruit or more like lunch with fish, burgers, and potatoes.

When you visit an island, you should know that almost all breakfast and lunch menus will have seafood at every restaurant you go to and Tenerife is no different. Whether it is a cafe or a fancy restaurant, your visit will likely include the three staples, toast, cheese, and coffee.

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you can find great food and some of the best breakfast spots on the island. If you are looking for the best brunch in Tenerife, your best bet is going to be Santa Cruz de Tenerife. First, find a Tenerife suitcase storage site to leave your bags while you eat. Then, try something new!

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Hemingway's Cafe

Hemingway's Cafe in southern Santa Cruz de Tenerife has some of the best brunch in Tenerife. You can tell because this is where the locals go. Located in Costa Adeje, they are open every day except Tuesday and have brunch all day with a large breakfast menu as well.

Besides the delicious coffee, they also have outdoor seating, a full English breakfast, and tasty avocado toast. Their eggs benedict is outstanding and on Sundays, they have a roast, which is so tasty you will wish every day was Sunday. Be sure to indulge in their Oreo cookie pancakes if you have a sweet tooth.

Bloom Bar & Brunch

Also located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, you know this place is the perfect brunch spot by the name. Bloom Bar & Brunch may seem a bit formal but the atmosphere is casual and friendly and the food prices are great whether you are eating breakfast or lunch food.

Bloom Bar is on the water so you can enjoy the outdoor seating and this is also a bottomless brunch. You can enjoy all the food until 1 PM every day. You also get free coffee, tea, wine, or soft drinks. Bloom Bar has the best breakfast foods, including shakshuka eggs, smash brunch burger, and strawberry pancakes and their lunch food is fantastic too.

Wakanda Cafe Tenerife

With a tropical look and friendly feel, Wakanda Cafe is a fun place to have good brunch food while you relax after a long night of partying or seeing the sights after dark in Tenerife. Right in the central business district of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this place has it all from burgers to tacos and they serve brunch until 1:30 PM at great prices.

The patacones (fried plantains) are amazing served with Wakandan guacamole, and the empanadas are exquisite. Lunch or breakfast, whatever you want, this cafe has it. You can also enjoy an Amazonian smoothie with kale and bananas or one of the adult drinks from the bar such as a mojito or pina colada. They also serve tasty coffee and espresso.

Cafe Palmelita

You will feel like you just stepped back in time to the 1960s at Cafe Palmelita featuring delightful sweets to indulge in for breakfast or lunch. From buttery pastries to the pie with ice cream, if you like sweets for breakfast, this cafe might be just what you want.

In northwestern Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this cafe has the best breakfast and a good brunch menu too with nice low prices so it is a great place to bring a date. The German cakes are sublime and they make their hot chocolate with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it extra delicious.

Bambu Beach Club

On the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Beach, the Bambu Beach Club is a food truck that sells some of the best brunch in town. It is just north of San Andres and is a nice place to enjoy the sun and some swimming before and after brunch. Visit the bar for a drink like a glass of wine, beer, or cocktail at inexpensive prices.

The brunch menu at this lovely eatery is filled with the best breakfast dishes like omelets, pastries, yogurt, and pancakes. You may also enjoy one of the eight sandwiches like chorizo and cheese, shredded beef, or salami and cheese. It's a great restaurant to fuel up for a long day of sightseeing. Read our guide to getting around Tenerife and make plans while you eat.

Pistacho Coffee Brunch Tenerife

This is strictly a brunch restaurant as that is all it serves. But their brunch menu is extensive including Mediterranean plates, breakfast bowls, and a full English breakfast. Whether you are vegan, carnivore, or anything in between, there is something on the menu for you at Pistacho.

Some unique breakfast items they serve are carrot pancakes, Nazare eggs with avocado cream and shrimp, or beach Budha bowls with salmon and crab. From the lunch menu, you can find burgers, burritos, nachos, and tostones. They also have a variety of coffee flavors, tea, and other beverages. Have a filling meal before a hike in Tenerife. The eggs and avocado will give you the energy you need.

Michelle Restaurant

On Fanabe Beach, Michelle Restaurant serves what the locals call the best English breakfast in Tenerife. The Spanish omelet with Padron peppers is outstanding but what draws the crowd is their seafood dishes. Whether you are looking for breakfast, brunch, or lunch, this is a nice place to visit.

Enjoy mussels in white wine, Galician octopus, or stuffed mushrooms. They also have 15 different kinds of pizzas including Hawaiian with pineapple and ham, tonno pizza with tuna and cheese, and Iberica pizza with prosciutto and olives. In fact, this is the largest selection of pizzas of any brunch spot in the Canary Islands.

La Creperia Les Iles

Looking for a crepe for brunch? La Creperia Les Iles has a huge menu full of different kinds of crepes both sweet and savory at excellent prices. They serve them in a unique way here though, as you can choose a meal that has different crepes with other breakfast and lunch foods.

The Oh Lala includes a banana crepe, an apple crepe with ice cream, yogurt, coffee, tea, and juice. The Voila has a ham and cheese crepe, a cheese crepe with spinach, pancakes, yogurt, coffee, tea, and juice. Or try one of their cakes like carrot, apple, or red velvet.

Nutters Restaurant

When you visit this British restaurant in Tenerife, you know you are getting a real English breakfast with all the trimmings. Eggs, sausage, bacon, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, and toast all day every day. And of course a good cup of coffee or tea. But they have more than just that.

Nutters Restaurant also has breakfast cakes, pastries, sandwiches, burgers, fries, and even fish. They treat their guests like family too and all the food is fresh no matter what time you go. It is a super place to take a date when you are on a budget as well.

VIPS Smart Restaurant Tenerife

In the Siam Mall, one of the largest in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, if you get hungry while you are shopping, stop by VIPS for breakfast, lunch, or snack food. From burgers to pizza and eggs to pancakes, this is one of those wonderful restaurants that really has everything you can think of and the prices are decent.

This great place will start you with nachos or another appetizer while you wait for your main entree like piri piri chicken, WOW burgers, or a slice of delicious pizza. They even have BBQ ribs and fresh fish. For dessert, try their brownie with ice cream, chocolate cake, or cheesecake.

Cozy Cafe

Grab a date and head to Cozy Cafe across from Bobo Beach and Americas Casino. No matter what kind of food you want, Cozy Cafe is where to get it. High up on a cliff, sit out on the terrace for the best view of the island. All of the food on the menu is amazing and cooked fresh with high-quality ingredients.

Their full English breakfast is made with local produce and British butcher sausages and the eggs are fresh from local farms. They own a bakery next door too so you can get fresh pies, pastries, and bread. And they have the best coffee in Santa Cruz de Tenerife according to many.

Soul Kitchen Tenerife

The food in this Tenerife cafe is of the highest quality and you may need a reservation because it is always crowded. You can get anything on the menu all day long from the special egg and bacon toasts with caramelized banana and syrup or cream cheese and salmon sandwiches.

Served with a smile, the breakfast bowls are healthy and delicious for you and your date to enjoy. Choose from the acai bowl, peanut butter bowl, or banana mango bowl. The drink menu is extensive as well and you can get anything from coffee to vodka. The atmosphere is welcoming.

Restaurant Chaboco

You may need a reservation here because this is a popular spot for brunch with the locals as well as visitors. Located at the Hotel GF Victoria next to the Central Plaza del Duque Shopping Mall, you do not have to be a hotel resident to enjoy the buffet.

What's nice is that there is a family section and children section so the little ones can play while you eat. They serve cereal, fresh fruits, quality meats and cheeses, a variety of eggs and toast, as well as sandwiches, hot dishes, and sweets.

SMILE Italian Restaurant & Bar

You cannot help but smile when you eat here because the food is so good and the prices are so low. Besides that, the staff is so friendly you won't want to leave. Whether you are looking for a light dish or a whole pizza, you can get it here.

They also have excellent pasta dishes from vodka & salmon tagliatelle to classic ravioli and main dishes like scallops with lemon and fried calamari. But that's not all. Their extensive menu also includes hamburgers, sandwiches, and delicious desserts.

International Flavors and More

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is where you can go for a fun island vacation in the Canary Islands where you can eat a delightful brunch any time of the day at one of their delicious restaurants. From avocado toast to zucchini bread, you can get anything with a cup of coffee or glass of juice as you enjoy the scenery.

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