Where To Find The Best Street Food In Tenerife

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Tenerife is the biggest of the Canary Islands which are part of a Spain autonomous community. This gorgeous island is a fantastic place for a getaway and often a destination for cruises, mainly due to its natural beauty, Mediterranean climate and sunny days. Out of the 250 miles of coastline, Tenerife has a total of 43 miles of beaches for locals and visitors to enjoy.

There are also two UNESCO World Heritage Sites to explore as well as a volcano called Mount Teide which has the highest peak in all of Spain. A total of 48% of the island is protected as natural areas and there are over 800 unique species of flora and fauna that call Tenerife home.

Aside from enjoying the gorgeous landscape of the island, while you are here you will definitely appreciate the local cuisine! Follow this Tenerife street food guide to learn new destination information and find all of the best places to eat while you are in town.

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The Best Street Food Vendors in Tenerife

Simiri Vinos & Pintxos

Head to the fisherman's district of Puerto de la Cruz for great food and some of the best tapas around. On their menu, you will find more than 30 different choices of tapas and each one is worth trying.

Some of their options include mushroom tapas filled with cheese, quail egg, ham and garlic, or the variation of smoked salmon, mayonnaise, egg and prawn. As you might have guessed from the name, they also serve a nice selection of wines from a small vineyard run by the owner of the restaurant.

La Cueva

If you are out hiking in the Anaga Mountains, chances are that you will come across a small eatery nestled into a cave called La Cueva. This spot is unique and its menu is well worth tasting, but you might need a map to find them.

They offer delicious meals at a great price so you don't have to break the bank to eat well. Try their dishes made with rabbit or fried goat which can be served in stews or marinated in a sauce. If you want to try tasting some of the local favorites you can order the gofio escaldón, which is a mix of toasted grains and stock made into a flour.

La Concepcion

The menu at La Concepcion is unique and very varied which makes it an optimal location for just about anyone to eat food typical of Tenerife. The restaurant follows a Fusion cuisine style and they also have recognizably friendly service. With affordable prices and nice decor, there is really nothing to not like.

The dishes that you can buy here include different seafood meals, tasty croquettes, antipasto and tuna tataki just to name a few. They also have vegetarian friendly options and for dessert, you can treat yourself to fruitcake or yummy churros!

Humboldt's Mirador

One of the best restaurants for you to discover in Tenerife is Humboldt's Mirador. They not only have quality food but also offer stunning views of Mount Teide and the La Orotava Valley right outside of the window! What more could you hope for?

Their menu is mainly breakfast dishes so if you find yourself nearby in the morning it is well worth a trip. Everything that they cook is fantastic, but if you had to choose one thing to order you should try the black pig burger. Another great choice is the bocadillos; these baguettes are served fresh with different fillings like fried egg and calamari or avocado and goat's cheese. You may not be eating from a street food vendor like in other world destinations, but the food here is indicative of local flavors.

Café Caramba

Your taste buds will thank you after a meal at Café Caramba. This lovely eatery has a fantastic location that is easy to get to from basically anywhere. This café serves alcohol like tasty mojitos and great beer as well as juice and coffee in case you don't feel like drinking.

The friendly and energetic staff will be happy to take your order while you enjoy the charming ambiance of the restaurant. Try their pork and Laing or a dish of boa cooked to perfection. They have some sweet dessert options like cheesecakes, croissants or fruitcakes, too. Why not dine here before a night on the town in Tenerife?

The Kiosko

The Kiosko is a wonderful place to grab breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in Tenerife. It is a popular picnic spot serving some authentic Spanish cuisine that you just have to try during your visit to Tenerife. Dine in or pick up your food and enjoy under the gorgeous sky.

They specialize in arepas which are a type of Venezuelan pancake that can be made either fried or toasted. Take your pick of several different flavors at The Kiosko, we recommend the chicken arepas as a basic choice, or try the carne mechada which is made with shredded meat and spices.

Where to Find the Best Tenerife Street Food Spots

La Recova Market

One of the best places to try Tenerife cuisine is at the La Recova Market. This is the top market for finding authentic food and one of the first places that you should go if you are interested in trying street food in Tenerife. Aside from food they have all sorts of other products to offer you.

Here you can find fresh ingredients like cheese, wine, honey, spirits and alcohol as well as fruits, vegetables, meats and other produce. Other things that you can buy include handcrafted items that make perfect souvenirs or gifts for loved ones back home.

Puerto de la Cruz Market

One of the most unique and interesting places to shop in Tenerife is the Puerto de la Cruz Market. Its main purpose is a food market but if you move up to the second floor you will see all sorts of other items. Take your time shopping around for artisanal products and handcrafted goods like fabrics and ceramics.

Other stalls that you will pass by sell things like antiques, clothes, books and home décor. As for food you will find quite a selection including meats, fish and produce from local farmers. Make sure you stop by if you want to see what the citizens of Tenerife eat!

Tacoronte Farmer's Market

The Tacoronte Farmer's Market is a great spot for buying fresh ingredients and organic produce. This street market, which was first opened in the 1980s, is one of the most authentic in Tenerife. It was established to be an outlet for selling agricultural produce from the entire region and is open year-round from 8am to 2pm Thursdays to Sundays.

The first things that were sold here included crops like potatoes, grapes and products for wine, and later on, fruits and vegetables were sold as well. Today there are about 80 stalls selling more products like honey, eggs, mushrooms, cheese as well as flowers and gofio. Come see what local ingredients are produced and made in Tenerife!

Santa Cruz de Tenerife Flea Market

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Flea Market happens every Sunday and has been a great place for locals to buy and sell all sorts of things since it opened in 1991. Many people shop here every week and it gets pretty busy so expect to see a lot of crowds.

This market is huge so make sure that you reserve a couple of hours to explore the 700 stalls. Most of the stalls sell things like books, decorations, clothing, household appliances and more. Scattered among them, you will find stalls selling food from Tenerife and around the world. Why not put this market on your list of free things to do in Tenerife? The only cost will be if you cannot resist some of the bargains and buys.

Street Food Festivals in Tenerife

Garachio Festival at Romería de Sab Roque

The Garachio Festival is held in the Romería de San Roque in Tenerife in mid-August. There is so much going on here during this celebration; from extravagantly decorated carts to guest appearances of oxen, donkeys and goats. The locals will dress up in traditional clothing and they hand out some delicious foods and wines from the carts.

This festival is put on every year, but if you really want to see something incredible you will have to wait for the Fuegos del Risco. This special celebration only happens every 5 years in remembrance of the volcanic eruption back in 1706. To replicate the lava from this event they roll fireballs down the hill and it is pretty amazing to experience. If you happen to be in town in August be sure to attend this event to try some of the local cuisine!

Tenerife Carnival

By far the biggest event in all of Tenerife is the Carnival. This huge festival is full of different celebrations that take part all over the island and most of them happen in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and as a bonus most of them are free. The streets can get busy during these times so don't be surprised to see lots of crowds.

The event begins with an opening parade which is followed by an entire week of balls and masquerade dances. Everyone dresses up so make sure that you bring something suitable for the occasion. Street food and wine are a big part of the carnival so it is a great time to try some of the local food in Tenerife, like the tortillas de Carnaval which are small pancakes served with honey.

Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife

There are celebrations for wine and food found all around Tenerife, and one of the most popular is Icod de los Vinos. This event encourages you to try the fantastic food and drinks from the nearby stalls and eateries, mainly involving wines. The festival gets crazier as the day goes on and as people indulge more in the Tenerife wine!

Most locals, both young and old, enjoy participating in a fun local activity that involves racing down the streets on wheeled trays. In most cases, the ride ends with them crashing into piles of tires, and it can be quite entertaining to watch. This event usually happens at the end of November.

Fiestas de San Juan at Puerto de la Cruz

Head to Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife on Midsummer's Eve for the Fiestas de San Juan. This festival is held in late June and is one not to be missed. There are all sorts of celebrations to take part in. The beaches come to life with live music and dancing, and if you are up for it, you can take part in the tradition of taking a late-night swim in the sea.

Bathing in the water at midnight has a legend of guaranteeing love, fertility and good health, so don't miss out! The Fiestas de San Juan can be very fun and there is lots of partying, so come try the Tenerife food and wine and see how the locals celebrate.

The Best Tenerife Food Guide

You are in for a treat if you get the pleasure to visit Tenerife. There are delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you can choose whether you want to eat a small meal while exploring or sit down for a four course meal with table service at one of the top restaurants. As Tenerife is the largest island in the seven Canary Islands you will have quite a few dining options when it comes time to eat, from pizza to traditional European dishes like gofio.

Some of the restaurants can get busy which is why you should think about booking reservations before your meal and arrive early to make sure that you can get free off street parking and a good spot to eat. There are some great restaurants serving foods from right here in the country or from international places in case you miss the food back home. Any alcohol enthusiasts can try different spirits at a full bar or go wine tasting at one of the vineyards. One of the best things to do is to buy some street food and enjoy it while walking around seeing the sights, or find a spot with outdoor seating so you can admire the landscape while you eat.

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