6 beaches near Toulouse: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Toulouse

Visiting Toulouse means that you probably have lots of museums in mind, as well as local sights of interest that you want to visit. You might have days of your travel plans already booked up completely. However, you should consider taking the time to visit some of the sandy beaches near Toulouse that can offer you a day of fun in the sun near the city centre.

When choosing which place to visit for a day of sunbathing near the Mediterranean Sea, you will want to be sure that you have plans for your luggage. Visiting these kinds of tourist attractions with your hands full can be unpleasant. Trust Bounce to take care of your things while you make the most of the many tourist attractions and beautiful beaches near Toulouse. Some of the best beaches in France are located near Toulouse, and you should take advantage of a visit to this city to enjoy them.

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Pins Beach near Toulouse

Pins Beach

This lovely beach will allow you access to swimming, a local bar, and soft, beautiful sand that is perfect for sunbathing or walking along the shore. This area is a short walk from one of the areas where many people stay when they visit, and the gentle slope of the beach makes this a perfect place for smaller swimmers or people who don't love to struggle to get into the water. The surrounding countryside is beautiful here as well.

This is one of the most accessible and pretty beach areas near the city, and you can head here with ease even if you have decided to add a beach day to your trip at the last minute. There are so many things to love about this beach space, and it is ideal for people of all ages and interests.

Pins Beach travel distance from Toulouse

Head to the Toulouse Train Station and ride for about 15 minutes to get here, or you can drive in about the same amount of time.

Activity recommendations

This beach area is almost like a swimming pool because the water is so gentle. This location is so close to the airport that you might feel like the airport shuttle could drop you right off here! This is one of the best places to head for a peaceful beach day. You can rent sun loungers and an umbrella here to bask in the sun or choose to rent jet skis and other watercraft to have fun.

There are lifeguards on duty here all day long, and a local beach bar makes it easy to get food and snacks while you are enjoying the sun. You can play a game at the beach volleyball court or just wander in the sand and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Leucate Beach near Toulouse

Leucate Beach

This is another lovely beach area near Toulouse that offers many amenities. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, offering stunning views of crystal-clear water from any spot that you select to lounge in. This beach is pretty even during the winter, and many people come here just to enjoy the ambiance even during the off-season, although the strong wind can be a concern. As pretty beaches go, this is one of the best options on this list, and you will be missing out if you don't at least consider this spot.

Leucate Beach travel distance from Toulouse

It's a drive of only two hours to this Meditteranean location, or you can reach it by train in just under three hours, although the train station is some distance from the beach. In the summer, a shuttle bus can take you from Leucate station to the beach.

Activity recommendations

This is an area of the coast that you might want to visit if you have a couple of days to spend by the sea. During high season it can be a little busy, but there is nothing like golden sand, the soft sound of the waves on the beach, and a beautiful beach town to make for a special weekend away from the city. This is one of the most popular spots for Toulouse locals to get away from the city, and there is so much to do in this part of France.

You can elect to rent a chair and an umbrella and relax on the beach, or you might want to just wander along the soft sand with your toes in the water. You cannot rent equipment for fun in the water at this beach, but there are famous restaurants nearby and lots of shopping to enjoy.

Gruissan Plage near Toulouse

Gruissan Plage

Gruissan is a lovely old town with a beautiful beach. Many people come here to enjoy time away from the city during the peak of summer because of the wide array of things that you can see and do in and around the beach at this nice spot. This is a Blue Flag beach and one of the nicest places to swim along the coast.

This old fishing village has been transformed into a resort town, and there are many things to do and see in the area when you visit. The festivals that are hosted here have necessitated the creation of lots of local bed and breakfasts, as well as the opening of hostels and hotels. You can easily spend more than a day here if you wish so that you have more time to see the sights and really take in what the town has to offer you.

Gruissan Plage travel distance from Toulouse

This beach area is about a two-hour drive from Toulouse, or you can get on the train at Toulouse Train Station and spend about 3 hours getting here.

Activity recommendations

This beach location is the site of many festivals throughout the year, which means that there are many little hostels and hotels that you can choose to stay at if you want to extend your time in Gruissan. Enjoy lounging on the beach here, or choose to go swimming in the clear and beautiful water. The chalets on stilts that line the water are a common site of interest in this area, and you might even be able to stay at one if you extend your time here!

The Chapel of Auzils is close by, and you can also choose to visit the Barbarossa Tower. There are guided tours that are offered that leave from the tourist office if you want to learn more about the area in between visits to the beach.

Le Pirat Park is a great place to take small children to have a lot of fun in the sun during your visit. There are also often free concerts offered in the area, and street performers often come down by the water to entertain beachgoers.

Sandy beaches near Toulouse

Oasis de la Ramée

While not a beach location, this fun swimming pool and club area can be a great way to cool off when you are in the Toulouse area. There are three pools here for different activities, and you will be able to enter for a reasonable fee.

Oasis de la Ramée travel distance from Toulouse

The Oasis de la Ramée can be reached in half an hour by car, or you can get on the train out of the center of the city and be there in about an hour.

Activity recommendations

If you love having access to swimming pool locations, a sauna, and deck chairs, this is the pool facility for you to visit! You could combine this location with a day at the actual beach if you wish, getting access to the best of both worlds. There is something really peaceful and pleasant about hanging out here at the Oasis la Ramee, and it more than lives up to its name.

Ile du Grand Ramier

These beautiful island areas are in the process of being rejuvenated, and they can offer something very different from what you can do and see at the other beaches on this list. The local and authentic ambiance of this area is really enjoyable, and you will love how close these little island areas are to the center of the city.

Ile du Grand Ramier travel distance from Toulouse

You can get here by bus in about ten minutes, and the same travel time applies to taking a car to get here. The train will also take here you here, but your travel time could vary.

Activity recommendations

This is a great place to wander along the river and to take in the sights and sounds. There are many walking paths here and lots of lovely architecture to enjoy. The area is being refurbished, and the completed sections of the location are quite beautiful already. You can get to lots of shopping and dining within a short walk since this area is practically right in the heart of the city. This is a great place to go to enjoy a wander in the sun and the peace and quiet of a lovely river beach area.

Scenic beaches near Toulouse

Plage du Racou

For access to a great swimming beach with soft sand, there is no better place to visit. This location offers access to amenities like showers, and there are restaurants and other businesses nearby as well. The drive or train ride is worth the time when you see how lovely the beach is. This is a great place to sunbathe and hang out, and you can make yourself comfortable here for a whole day with ease.

Plage du Racou travel distance from Toulouse

You can drive here in a couple of hours, and the train ride will take about four hours.

Activity recommendations

This is a lesser-known beach area which means that things are much more quiet here. There are some little local eateries and places to get a drink right by the water but no huge hotels and therefore less hustle and bustle. This is an ideal place for little swimmers or those who like to paddle around in shallow water. The sand is very soft and powdery, and there are places to rent chairs and umbrellas so that you can get comfortable and read a book or just catch some rays.

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, and you will love this beach if you are looking for peace and quiet. You could also opt to head here for a weekend getaway and stay at a little hostel or a local boutique hotel where you will be treated like family. The entire community is welcoming and mellow here, making this a great choice to get away from the city and chill out for a day or even a weekend.

Best beaches near Toulouse


Traveling in France can get expensive, so if you're visiting Toulouse on a budget, these beaches offer cost-effective ways to spend a day. You should also consider leaving the expensive city and heading out on some exciting weekend trips from Toulouse to mix things up and save a little money.

Toulouse isn't necessarily known for its beaches, but there are many lovely beach locations nearby that you can choose to take advantage of during your stay. If you love the swimming pool, there are also some great swimming pool club locations that you can choose to visit during your trip. Kids will have fun at these different beach locations, and most of the beaches on this list are ideal for small swimmers or those who are not willing to swim where they can't touch the bottom.

From saving money on Toulouse hotels to visiting the right beaches with fine sand and amenities, there are so many ways that these guides can help you to make the most of your time in this part of France. Traveling should be fun and stress-free, and these tips and tricks will help you to have an amazing time during your stay.

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