The 7 Best Hikes In Turin

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Located at the foot of the Alps in the northwestern part of Italy, Turin is a great city you can visit all year round. You can explore its incredible collection of museums, art galleries, and elegant palaces or appreciate nature in its breathtaking gardens and parks. Admire the Neo-classical, Art Nouveau, Rococo, and Baroque architecture the city is known for or have a taste of its rich food scene.

There’s no shortage of places to discover and things to do in this Piedmont region capital. Pick between relaxing entertainment and activities that will get your adrenaline pumping, from guided tours and history exploration to exciting nature hikes and off-road adventures. If you come in winter, Turin is only a few kilometers from the mountains, where you can enjoy skiing and be immersed in its natural surroundings. It has some of the most glorious views of the Italian Alps and various choices for day trips perfect for every adventurer.

But before heading out for a hike and tackling any mountain, place your extra bags and other unnecessary items with Bounce luggage storage in Turin. You’ll want to pack light, especially for long hikes, to prevent any injuries and fully enjoy the journey.

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Our Top Hiking Trail Picks in Turin

Gran Paradiso National Park

The Gran Paradiso National Park is truly a paradise for its stunning wildlife and marvelous alpine scenery. It’s often regarded as the Yellowstone of Italy, located in the Graian Alps, stretching across the Piedmont region and Aosta Valley. It’s the first national park in the country, covering an area of approximately 70 thousand hectares.

The park was first established to preserve certain species like ibex, a massive mountain goat that’s almost extinct, and to protect them from extinction. You might also encounter many unique species, such as alpine chamois, ermine, Eurasian badger, and other more known animals, including the weasel and hare. So watch out for woodland creatures and wild animals as you trek or hike.

If you’re here to hike, you’ll be delighted to know that Gran Paradiso National Park has a rich hiking area. It has some of the most exciting hiking trails in Turin and beyond for novice and experienced hikers. Gran Paradiso hiking area is known worldwide and is one of the best you can find in Europe. The trails are easy to walk by and well-marked; each will give you an unparalleled experience while enjoying incredible scenery along the way. Grab a takeout brunch meal and bring it along for energy because you'll want to spend the day.

Alpe Money Trail

 The Alpe Money Trail is one of the best hiking trails in Gran Paradiso National Park. It’s a short, out-and-back trail you can complete in a few hours, depending on your fitness level. But most people tackle this trail in three to four hours. Although short, it can be a challenging route, with a touch climb and tricky descent.

Once you reach your destination, you will be rewarded with the spectacular views of the highest mountain in the park and the glaciers below. The magnificent waterfalls and the valley are also a feast on the eyes, which will inspire you to keep going despite the daunting trail.

This is a destination where you'll want a car for getting around Turin. Your hike will start from the Valnontey valley. There’s a car park to leave your vehicle and walk along the river until you see a signpost. The walk in the valley is straightforward, but you’ll encounter a very steep path and some loose rocks. The hike can be muddy and slippery after rain, and there are streams to cross. That’s why it’s best to plan your journey during summer. There is also gravel on the trail, making it sometimes tricky and uncomfortable to walk on, so always watch your step.

The Alpe Money trail is also one of the best day hikes in Aosta Valley. It’s approximately 15km long, with the highest point of about 2,380 meters. Bring walking poles to assist with your balance and aid progress, as the route can be steep with loose rocks.

Valnontey River Trail

 If you’re looking for a hiking experience suitable for the family, take the Valnontey River trail. It’s a 2.2-kilometer hike you can complete in an hour with a track that’s easy to follow and broad. There’s only a slight altitude rise, but nothing a beginner cannot tackle, making it a wonderful stroll for families. This is a terrific activity for kids who like to use their legs and seek adventure.

The Valnontey River trail will take you through a stunning valley along the river. The hike starts at Valnontey village, where you can park your car for about $1 per hour or $4 per day. Keep in mind that the parking accepts cash only, so always keep coins on hand since there are no ATMs nearby. The closest one is 3.5 kilometers away in Cogne.

As you begin trekking, you’ll see the splendid mountain views around you and a waterfall flowing calmly from a mountain slope. You’ll have to cross the bridge to get to the other side of the river to enjoy the beauty of the incredible glaciers. Along the way, you’ll marvel at the sights of the streams flowing through rocky mountainsides, vintage farmlands, and majestic peaks.

Giro dell'Orsiera Trail

The Giro dell’Orsiera (GO) is a six-day hiking trip in the Parco Naturale Orsiera-Rocciavré, a sprawling natural area offering a number of hiking trails and scenic mountain vistas. It’s a 55-kilometer circular walk with frequent opportunities to stop in mountain huts for some hot chocolate and places to stay overnight.

Trekking here can be challenging but exciting, with easy-to-follow and well-marked trails and some altitude differences. The trail is incredibly versatile with interesting variations. You can go for the old military routes leading to the mountain huts and pick only a few stages. But you can also take advantage of the complex network of trails for short yet challenging hikes.

The hike provides great opportunities for learning about the local history as you come across a historic landmark, the Montebenedetto Charterhouse (Certosa di Montebenedetto). It also allows you to discover areas of untouched nature and take in the diverse mountain environments, including stony ground, beech forests, and alpine pastures.

Susa Valley

 The Susa Valley is the valley in the city of Turin in the Piedmont region. It is nestled between the Cottian Alps in the south and the Graian Alps in the northern area. It’s one of the longest valleys of the Italian Alps, spanning more than fifty kilometers that connect the city with France. It offers endless possibilities for hiking, trekking, and relaxing walks.

If you’re looking for an exhilarating summer outdoor adventure in Turin, consider the Susa Valley Ring Trek. Besides getting your heart pumping, this trek provides a historical experience for hikers. You’ll come across the Roman city of Susa, where you can find ancient Roman monuments and several Roman ruins. You’ll also cross the Thullie Hole, a 600-meter tunnel handmade in the 15th century.

For other hikers who are not into history, you’ll still enjoy this hike with great mountain lakes. Expect to meet the local wildlife, like chamois and roe deer. You’ll also marvel at the views of Rocciamelone and many fantastic landscapes.

Overall, the Susa Valley Ring trek is a wonderful mix of nature, history, and sport. The trail is about 38 kilometers long and can be completed in five days. It’s a long journey, but the route is safe and worth the experience.

Parco del Valentino

The Parco del Valentino is the oldest and oldest park in Turin, where you can have a relaxing walk or be immersed in nature by bike. Here you’ll find cycle tracks and tree-lined paths that will take you to more dazzling greenery.

The park is home to various essential elements of great artistic and architectural stature and hosts many cultural activities. You’ll enter the park through the Monumental Arch to the Artilleryman (Arco monumentale all'Artigliere), which was built in 1930 by Pietro Canonica. It was designed during the mid-19th century as a public park for the city of Turin by the iconic landscape gardener Barrilet-Deschamps.

The Parco del Valentino is 550,000 square meters wide, making it the city’s ‘green lung.’ It is home to a botanical garden and arboretum, featuring a herbarium museum and a heated greenhouse. It currently boasts a collection of more than 4,000 species of medicinal herbs and local flora.

You can take several trails from the park, including a 15.1-kilometer out-and-back route that will take you through Parco Michelotti to Parco del Meisino. This track is ideal for road biking, mountain biking, and birding. It can take about four hours to complete, depending on your pace.

High Way of the Lanzo Valleys

A trail for the expert hikers, the High Way of the Lanzo Valleys has a starting altitude of about 1,219 meters and an ascent height difference of over 5,000 meters. It’s a high mountain cross winding its way through the Southern Graian Alps, along the border between France and Italy. The trail covers around 47 kilometers, divided into six stages.

What makes this trail difficult is the high mountain environment, making it even more challenging during unpleasant weather conditions or when there’s fog or snow. If you want to tackle this journey, you’ll need good physical training, appropriate equipment, and adequate preparation. Note that some parts of the route are open and require sure steps and good skills to ensure safety.

You may leave from Forno Alpi Graie toward the north. Take the route southwards and complete the journey at Malciaussia or simply take the opposite direction. You’ll find several stopover points in the shelters, which are open year-round. The best time to hike in the High Way of the Lanzo Valleys is from June to early September to maximize the pleasant weather and enjoy amazing views.

Easy Hikes in Turin

Do you love nature and just want to admire glorious views without experiencing steep and rough climbs? If so, consider the Valnontey River Trail or have a relaxing stroll at the Parco del Valentino. They provide family-friendly routes, so you don’t need to have efficient training or be equipped with high-end gear to complete the track. There might be some areas where you’ll encounter narrow roads, but the clean, fresh air and breathtaking scenery at your destination and along the way will be worth it.

Intermediate Hikes in Turin

Those who want to take their hiking experience to the next level may tackle the Alpe Money Trail or explore the more challenging trails at the Gran Paradiso National Park. With the national park’s vast extension, you must organize your excursion and pick a trail suitable for you.

Besides the numerous trails, one of the best things about Gran Paradiso is that it’s stunning all year long. You can always visit at any time of the year to have a lovely day in the snow or witness the beautiful wildlife during spring and summer. It has an ideal alpine environment for hiking with glaciers, alpine lakes, cascading waterfalls, and different valleys to discover. From easy walks to more challenging climbs, the park has everything for nature enthusiasts and mountain lovers.

Difficult Hikes in Turin

For experienced hikers who want to test their endurance and strength, don’t miss out on the opportunity to tackle the High Way of the Lanzo Valleys. This hiking trail in Turin is not for the faint-hearted with a high mountain landscape, some loose rocks, and exposed sections. You need to prepare well before considering trekking here, ensuring you’re in excellent shape and have the right hiking equipment.

Another hiking trail for advanced hikers is the Giro dell'Orsiera Trail. It may not be as difficult as the Lanzo Valleys, but it’s a long journey that would require days to complete. The good news is that the routes are well-marked and there are places to stop and rest if you need a refreshing break.

Maximize Your Hiking Experience in Turin

Hiking in Turin is a year-round activity. So no matter what time of the year you visit, you’ll find a hiking trail suitable for your fitness level and skills. Whether you’re looking for an easy, manageable route to explore nature or more difficult trails with rough terrains and steep ascents, Turin has plenty of hiking opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

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