10 Things To Do In Turin With Kids

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Turin, also known as Torino, is a city in Northern Italy and the capital city of the Piedmont region. It was first the settlement of Taurisia but was eventually destroyed by the invader Hannibal in the year 218 BCE. Afterward, the territory was rebuilt by Augustus and used as a military colony for the Romans of which the ruins of the walls and gates can still be seen today. The city was eventually overrun by barbarians and given to the authority of the Frankish Empire and later on the French.

It eventually became a very important city for united Italy as it served as its first capital city between 1861 to 1865. Although Turin endured lots of damage during the Second World War, it is still home to some beautiful palaces and ancient monuments that have stood against time. Today, the city is a valuable communication and industrial centre for Italy but also a fantastic destination to take a vacation, especially if you have an interest in history and architecture. Don't forget to take a break for shopping too!

Turin is a great place to visit with kids so keep it in mind when you are planning your next family vacation. If you want to know what the city has in store for you then keep reading to learn about all of the fun things to do in Turin with kids. If you want to keep your luggage or the kids' backpacks safe and out of the way, stow your bags at a suitcase locker in Turin, Italy.

Explore the National Automobile Museum

Make your way to the Museo Nazionale dell' Automobile which is home to over a hundred old and vintage cars. Any kids who have an interest in cars will love it here and adults will have a blast as well. Aside from admiring the old vehicles, you can also learn a lot about the history of cars over the years.

The museum has an impressive collection of vintage cars and it displays about 200 unique vehicles from around the world. Aside from the exhibits, you can also participate in workshops and events teaching you all about mechanics, physics, and even road safety. All of the vehicles have had some sort of impact in the world of cars, like a nice 1911 Fiat Model 4 which was driven by King Victor Emanuel III, or a Ferrari 312 T5 that Gilles Villeneuve drove. Some of the other cars were featured in movies or films. Your children will talk about the time spent at Turin museums long after the trip is done.

Take a Trip to the Egyptian Museum

There are lots of interesting museums in Turin, and one of the favorites among children is the Museo Egizio. There are lots of exhibits and in total, they have 30,000 artifacts for you to see. It is a terrific place to learn about this impressive ancient civilization and is sure to keep the kids entertained for a couple of hours.

The museum was first founded in 1824 and since then has gathered quite an impressive collection of Egyptian artifacts, statues and sarcophagi. The museum houses the remains of 24 humans and 17 animals, and also has several monuments, sphinxes and papyrus on display. Come here to see the amazing Temple of Ellesyia or the Tomb of Kha.

Stroll Around Valentino Park

Valentino Park, also called Parco del Valentino, is a nice spot for the family to hang out on a sunny day. Kids can sometimes get rowdy which is why it is nice to find a park or public greenspace outside where they can run around and get some energy out.

Since it is located in the city centre this park is the perfect place to stop by between activities for a picnic or just a couple of minutes' walk around the area. This park has a playground, replicated Medieval Village, picnic spots and lots of friendly wildlife like squirrels and birds.

Go to the Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

It is always a good idea to let kids get creative, whether it is by playing music, coming up with stories or drawing pictures. At the Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, you and the kids can learn about and try different art forms through interactive workshops and beautiful exhibits.

All year round this art centre puts on different workshops and activities suitable for the whole family. There are also some nice permanent displays for you to enjoy, including paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of the European and Italian artists featured here include Boccioni, Ernst, Balla, Klimt and De Chirico.

See the Animals at Zoom Torino

Zoom Torino, which is located in the Cumiana Village, is an entertaining locale for spending an afternoon with the kids. It is an immersive zoo and park that offers lots of fun things for you to do as a family. Most of the kids who visit have a blast, especially if they love animals.

A good thing about Zoom Torino is that the animals are not confined to cages. Instead, the park has been constructed with waterways and ditches that keep the creatures away from the guests, but it is a more natural experience compared to other zoos. They host regular workshops and events and if you visit during the summertime you can enjoy relaxing on their beach.

Go to the National Cinema Museum

The Museo Nazionale del Cinema is another one of the must-see museums in Turin and a fantastic place to visit with the kids. Here you can learn all about different films, both old and new, and get an insight into how special effects in movies are made. Guests of all ages will enjoy walking through the different exhibits in this interactive museum which is located inside the Mole Antonelliana.

There are many interesting displays that can teach you all about the history of film. They have real posters, costumes, props, lighting and design sets, or you can go back in time to learn about shadow theater and the beginning of moving pictures.

Sightsee at the Basilica di Superga

You should definitely make some time to sightsee when you visit Turin. The Basilica di Superga is one of the city's top landmarks and an important building in Turin. Older kids and adults can have fun admiring the impressive structure, but there are also things that make it entertaining for younger kids too.

First off is the amazing view. Make sure that you bring a camera because you will want to capture some shots from the basilica terrace which offers a marvelous panoramic view of the city. While some kids like to hike, if you don't want to walk all the way to the terrace you can take a ride on the tramway to reach the top, which is fun and exciting for kids as well.

Learn About Space at the Astronomical Park

The Astronomical Park is somewhere that we recommend all families visit, and it shouldn't take too long to reach by public transportation from anywhere in the city centre. The park is composed of two main attractions; the Astrophysical Observatory and the Infini.To.

Together they create the perfect experience for any young astronomers or people who just like looking at the stars. It has a fantastic science centre with a Digital Planetarium as well as the Museum of Astronomy and Space that can teach you all about our solar system and the different planets. The Astronomical Park is located in Pino Torinese just southeast of the city.

Play Pretend at the Park of Venaria Reale and the Royal Palace

If you want to explore one of the nice green spaces or find somewhere to have a family picnic, the Park of Venaria Reale is a good place to start. It is a nice spot with natural beauty and from here you can enjoy some marvelous views of the Italian Alps behind you as well.

This park has some play areas and attractions targeted toward kids so take a short walk around the area before you leave. They will most likely want to explore the old games at the pavilion or pretend that they are royalty living at the impressive Royal Palace. Fun fact: this castle is the former royal residence of Turin's House of Savoy.

Stop by the Museo A Come Ambiente

The Museo A Come Ambiente is located in the pleasant Parco Dora. It is one of the best science centres in Turin and they often host school visits and activities targeted toward kids. They will teach you and the kids about the environment and you should all leave with some new valuable skills about recycling and reusing the things in your home.

This museum is spread out over three buildings so reserve an afternoon to explore it all. Its purpose is to teach its visitors about living sustainably and has several areas with different themes like energy, water or electricity. By the end of your visit, you should have a newfound interest in research and an appreciation for your environment.

What are the best family activities in Turin?

The best things to do in Turin with younger kids

There are some really fabulous museums in Turin, Italy and they are all great for kids. If you are traveling with young ones they are sure to be amazed by all of the impressive artifacts housed in the Egyptian Museum!

Zoos are always a hit among younger children. Take them to Zoom Torino to see some cool animals if you have a free afternoon during your vacation!

The Astronomical Park is a fabulous place for people of all ages to visit, and young kids are going to enjoy it just as much as you. The Digital Planetarium will definitely keep them busy and give them a wonderful experience.

Park of Venaria Reale and the Royal Palace is one of the nice parks in Turin and it is a top spot for families because of the playgrounds and the Royal Palace. Make sure to stop by if you are traveling with small kids.

The best things to do in Turin with older kids

The National Automobile Museum can be an optimal spot to bring any children, no matter what the age. However, it might be more interesting for older kids who have a passion for cars or know more about them.

The artwork in the Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art can be appreciated by anyone, especially since it has some interactive workshops and activities for kids to take part in. Try bringing your older children to see what they can come up with!

At the National Cinema Museum, you will learn about not only the story of films but also how they are made and what has allowed the process of filming movies to change over time. Try bringing your older kids since they will understand what is going on a bit more.

Consider the Museo A Come Ambiente. The world that we live in is important and everyone should learn about sustainability and how to care for the environment around us. Older children will be able to understand more from this science centre and it is definitely a place that you should visit with them.

Free Things to do with Kids in Turin

When you are on vacation it is nice to fill your schedule with fun activities, although it can get expensive. Why not enjoy free things to do in Turin? Valentino Park is one of the things that you can do as a family which won't cost you any money!

Or visit Basilica di Superga. This impressive church is monumental to Turin, and as a bonus, it can also be visited for free! You have nothing to lose so come admire its amazing architecture and design while you are visiting Turin.

Discover Turin as a Family

Turin is an incredible city and the perfect place for a family getaway. The town is full of entertaining areas and you can find some pretty interesting things to do other than just taking a guided tour around the city.

Discovering new places together is a fantastic way to form a close bond with your kids, and Turin is full of opportunities for you to make memories as a family. Consider this city when you are planning your next vacation and try some of these family friendly attractions if you are bringing the kids!

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