Turin On a Rainy Day: 11 Things To Do

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Turin is the capital city of northern Italy’s Piedmont region and is one of its most important cultural and business hubs. The vibrant city is nicknamed “the Paris of Italy” because of its elegant atmosphere, stunning architecture and historic landmarks. Due to its incredible reputation, Turin has become one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations and a must-visit when on the northern side of the country.

When planning a trip to Turin, or to any destination for that matter, one of the biggest factors to consider is the weather. Naturally, you will want to go during a time when the climate is ideal for the activities you have planned. If you have outdoor excursions in the works, then you obviously want to avoid the wet weather seasons.

In Turin, the average annual number of rainy days is 80, distributed nearly evenly throughout the year. On average, the month with the most rainfall is May while the driest months fall around November and December. However, there is no assurance that there will be no rain during these months as precipitation can be unpredictable in the Italian city.

If you happen to experience rainy days during your stay in the city, do not worry because all is not lost. In fact, the weather should not greatly affect your plans as most of Turin’s well-known attractions are located inside. From science museums (look for Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile) to underground tunnels to shopping on the famous Via Roma, Turin has lots to entertain you on a rainy day.

To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together this guide on what to do in Turin when it rains. If you do get caught in the city when the skies open up, look for a luggage storage locker where you can keep your belongings safe and dry.

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Teatro Regio Torino

Situated in Piazza Castello, right in the heart of Turin, is the Teatro Regio Torino, the city’s most famous opera company and opera house. Also known as the Royal Theatre, the venue hosts a wide range of shows and performances, including operas, ballets and concerts. The theater’s season, which runs from October to June, is comprised of shows featuring various internationally-acclaimed artists and touring companies.

Watching a show at the Teatro Regio is the perfect rainy day activity in Turin! Because of its long season, you will surely catch one of the many spectacular shows hosted in the venue. Evening shows are typically sold out all the time so it is best to book tickets beforehand, which you can buy online or at any of the two sales points in the city. Pro tip: an hour before the performance, any returned or unsold tickets are sold at discounted prices, so you can try your luck to see if you can buy one.

Museo Egizio

The Museo Egizio, also known as the Egyptian Museum, is a world-renowned museum and one of the most popular attractions in Turin. Established in 1924, the facility houses a massive collection of artifacts from ancient Egypt, arguably one of the biggest Egyptian antiquities collections outside of Cairo, which was amassed by former French General Consul Bernardino Drovetti during his stay in Egypt.

At the Museo Egizio, you can find an array of historic artifacts, including statues, preserved mummies, sarcophagi, furniture, linens, art and more. While almost everything within the museum is interesting, its centerpiece is definitely the Tomb of Kha, which can be traced back to 3,500 BC. Visitors can also enjoy 3D films that tell a fascinating story of what life was like in ancient Egypt.

Mole Antonelliana

Arguably the most iconic landmark in Turin, the Mole Antonelliana has become the city’s unofficial symbol and an absolute must-visit during your trip. Originally built as a synagogue in 1848, the building was then bought by the local municipality and turned into a national monument. After its completion, a 168-meter tall spire was added and is now the most recognizable sight of the Turin skyline. Visitors can ride an elevator to the viewing deck on top of the building, which offers panoramic views of the city and beyond.

Apart from being an important landmark, Mole Antonelliana is also home to one of Turin’s best museums – the Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Museum of Cinema). As its name suggests, the museum boasts a collection of memorabilia and equipment that highlights the history of cinema – starting from the earliest period of film production up until present day.

Palazzo Reale Torino

Situated right in the heart of Piazza Castello, the Palazzo Reale Torino (Royal Palace of Turin) is a marvelous 16th-century building and one of the city’s most significant structures. Although the building might seem a little plain from the outside, when you step inside you will gain access to some of the most famous attractions in the city. Because of its sheer size, you will need a couple of hours to explore the entirety of the Palace, making it an ideal indoor activity in Turin when it rains.

Housed within the Palace is the Armeria Reale (Royal Armory), which is regarded as one of the world’s most important weapon museums. The facility has a massive collection of armors and weaponry (among the largest in Europe), including suits of armor and other artifacts that date back to the 15th century. Other points of interest found within the Palace complex are the Royal Library, the Royal Apartments and the Royal Gardens.

Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (GAM)

Established in 1895, the Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, also known simply as GAM, is the first modern art civic museum in Italy and among Turin’s most prominent museums. The permanent collection at the GAM consists of nearly 45,000 works on display, making it one of the biggest contemporary art collections in all of Italy.

Some of the works showcased at the GAM are created by Italian artists such as De Chirico, Guttuso, Modigliani, De Pisis and Carra. Additionally, the museum also houses works from international artists like Paul Klee, Renoir, Marx Ernst and Utrillo. GAM also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions that highlight the most unique and impressive modern art from all over the world.

Palazzo Madama

Found right in the heart of Piazza Castello, Turin’s historic center, is the Palazzo Madama. One of the city’s most stunning buildings, the Palazzo Madama is a fine example of Baroque architecture by renowned architect Filippo Juvarra. In fact, it is so captivating that at one point in history, Napoleon decided to make it his residence in the Italian city.

While the Palazzo Madama’s exterior is enough to marvel at, the real beauty can be found within its four walls. In the building is the Museo Civico d’Arte Antica, a four-story museum that houses an impressive collection of historical art. Here, you can find an array of works, including Medieval stonework, decorative arts, sculptures, fabrics, jewelry, ceramics and more. With its massive size and numerous areas to explore, Palazzo Madama is one of the best places for tourists to visit during rainy days in Turin, or even during winter months when the climate is cooler.

Allianz Stadium

Whether you are a massive fan of football or you just want to know more about the game and the local team, you should definitely plan a visit to the world-famous Allianz Stadium. Referred to simply as The Stadium by the locals, the sporting venue is the official home of Italian football team Juventus FC (arguably the most famous team in Italy) and is where their home games are held.

On rainy days, you can still enjoy the different facilities of The Stadium through daily guided tours of the venue. Tours are offered in English and you get to explore several parts of the building, including the locker rooms and press box. It also houses the J-Museum, which is dedicated to the team and houses important items and memorabilia, such as trophies and uniforms.

Galleria San Federico 

No doubt one of the most elegant buildings in the whole city, the Galleria San Federico is a hub for activity when in Turin. Reminiscent of the timeless Baroque-style architecture, the building was built during the 1930s and has since undergone renovations to become the commercial space that it is today. The building has six stories and is home to several establishments, including restaurants and bars.

Galleria San Federico is also considered one of the top shopping destinations in Turin. This building is home to some of the world’s most renowned designer brands and luxury boutiques. The commercial center also has the state-of-the-art Cinema Lux, Turin’s biggest and most modern cinema, where you can catch a film while waiting for the rain to pass.

Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile

Car manufacturing has always been a huge part of Turin’s history and there’s no better attraction to learn more about this than the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile. Known in English as the National Automobile Museum, it is one of the most popular museums of its kind in the world and is a must-visit for all vehicle lovers.

In here, you can check out over 200 vehicles from around 80 brands, including prestigious names such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Rolls Royce, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz. However, the main focus is on Turin auto manufacturers like Fiat and Lancia. It’s also the best place to learn about automotive history and how the future of the car industry is shaping up with the latest technologies.

Galleria Sabauda

If a rainy day is preventing you from enjoying the outdoors and strolling the city streets, head over to the Galleria Sabadua and be introduced to some of Turin’s greatest treasures. Located inside the Palazzo dell’Accademia delle Scienze, this art museum houses a collection of works by various artists, including some of the finest in Piedmont, accrued by the House of Savoy over the years.

Some of the artists whose works can be seen at the gallery include Canaletto, Paolo Veronese and Tiepolo. Other prominent Italian artists like Sandro Botticelli, Titian, Filippino Lippi and Duccio di Buoninsegna are also represented here. In addition, the Galleria Sabauda also showcases an extensive selection of Flemish and Dutch art, including the works of artists such as Rembrandt, Hans Memling, Rogier van der Weyden, Anthony van Dyck and Jan van Eyck.

Drink the iconic bicerin

Ever since the 17th century, Turin has built a reputation as a haven for chocolate lovers. Aside from the usual sweet treats and delicacies, the city takes it one step further by creating special coffee blends that feature chocolate as a main ingredient. As a matter of fact, it is in Turin where the iconic bicerin was born, a hot coffee drink made of espresso, milk and chocolate and served in a small glass. The bicerin is the perfect rainy day drink and in Turin, you will find a broad range of historic, longstanding cafés where this delicious beverage is served.

If you want to try the original recipe, look no further than Caffe Al Bicerin in Piazza della Consolata. Established in 1763, the café is one of the oldest in the city and was once a favorite hangout place by famous personalities such as Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Alexandre Dumas. Do note that because of its popularity, the café can get really crowded. Another excellent option is the Caffe Fiorio, which is also one of Turin’s most renowned coffee houses and is also known for its lovely take on the bicerin.

See Turin on a Rainy Day

Bad weather does not necessarily mean that your trip to Turin will be spoiled. In fact, with all the world-class indoor attractions in the city, there are still plenty of things to do on rainy days to keep you occupied and not make you feel like you missed out.

Whether you feel like going museum hopping, want to splurge some money on shopping or simply want to sit back and enjoy a cup of the famous bicerin, you'll have plenty of interesting activities to take on in spite of gloomy weather!

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