Where To Stay In Turin: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

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Turin is an important city located in northern Italy and although it is not one of its most popular cities for tourism it is a fantastic place to visit!

Turin was actually the capital city of Italy after it was unified and also home to the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. This city has always been important in the history and past of the country and is also the birthplace of some of Italy's most influential people, including Vittorio Emanuelle II of Savoy who was the first King as well as the Count of Cavour, Camillo Benso, who was the first Prime Minister.

Tourists who come here enjoy walking through its streets admiring the beautiful palaces and ancient towers, and Turin is also known for its cuisine. Did you know that this city is Italy's capital of chocolate?

As the fourth largest city in all of Italy, Turin can surprise you with its amount of attractions and things to do. It is a big city filled with different neighborhoods which are each unique and offer a different experience. When you are thinking about traveling to Turin you should do some research on the different areas to decide where you want to stay. And why not try a few places while here?

When you are out exploring the other areas, keep your luggage nearby in a suitcase locker in Turin. Once you've decided where to stay, pick up your belongings and head to your next accommodation.

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Where to stay in San Salvario

Turin is a beautiful city full of historic monuments and architecture, so there is lots of sightseeing to do. However, if you are someone who likes to party and would rather spend your evenings at a bar or dancing with the locals in a nightclub, there are areas suitable for that as well. Consider staying in San Salvario, the best part of the city for bars and nightlife.

This neighborhood is located southeast of the city centre and is where you can find a lot of pubs but also cafes, ethnic restaurants, bistros and clubs which began to take over the area in the late 20th century. You will have no problem partying here all night, but during the day you will need to find more to do and this neighborhood has plenty of options. You can swing by a local market since this area has two; one located in the Piazza Nizza and one in Piazza Madama Cristina. These markets sell everything from food to locally made products or secondhand items.

We also recommend stopping by one of the museums located in the area, like the Fruit Museum, the Luigi Rolando Human Anatomy Museum, or the Cesare Lombroso Criminal Anthropology Museum. This part of town is also where you can find the Teatro Colosseo, the Teatro Nuovo, and the Cineteatro Baretti which you can visit to catch a show or performance.

One of the best attractions in San Salvario is the Parco del Valentino which is the city's oldest public park and also its second biggest. This is one of Turin's most beautiful green spaces and dates back to the mid 17th century when it was just a simple park by the river. Today this park holds its own piece of Turin's history and is home to the Medieval Village, an accurate replica of a medieval old town and castle.

Some of the best hotels in Turin San Salvario include the Best Western Executive Hotel and the Duparc Contemporary Suites which are found right beside the park and have spacious rooms and even a spa. Try the Apart Hotel Torino if you are looking for something in the mid-price range with modern amenities, or the Hotel Elena which is perfect for budget travelers. Rest assured that you can easily reach other parts of the Turin city centre from here since it is well connected to the public transport systems.

Where to Stay in Borgo Po

If you are visiting Turin for a romantic getaway or as a family vacation then Borgo Po is where you will want to stay. This part of town is situated right on the eastern bank of the Po River and is nice and quiet, so you can relax with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of the area. The area is also built upon steep hills so it is a great spot if you like to go jogging or take walks and hikes.

One of the best things to do in this part of town is to just explore; it is filled with beautiful traditional houses and wooded forests so you can take a stroll and just appreciate the local scenery. Borgo Po also has its own attractions like the Mole Antonelliana, which is the main symbol of the city and one of its highest points. Journey to the top of the building for some of the best views in the city!

The Monte dei Cappuccini viewpoint is another great spot to admire the city from above and while you are there you should take some time to admire the Church of Santa Maria al Monte. The Villa of the Queen and the Church of the Great Mother of God are other top attractions. At some point, you will find yourself in the Piazza San Carlo which has some nice places to eat.

This part of the city is mostly residential so there will not be as many hotels as some of the other neighborhoods, but you can still find somewhere nice offering all the amenities that you need. The Villa Anna Suite has cozy rooms and breakfast included, as well as air conditioning and a rooftop terrace. The Del Nobile Apartment can be a great budget hotel and smart accommodation for those who want to save some money.

Where to Stay in Turin's Historic Centre

Of course, if you are visiting the city for the first time or don't have much time in the city then the best place to stay would be in the Historic Centre. You will be closest to all of the main attractions which is why it is the best spot for sightseeing, and it is the neighborhood in Turin with the most museums, shopping areas, landmarks and some great restaurants, too. Because of its central location, this neighborhood has the biggest selection of hotels in Turin.

This part of the city has everything that you need to have a good time in Turin, although you will also be close to the train station in case you want to explore different areas. While you are in the city centre, there are some places that you just have to stop by. Make time to visit the Palazzo Madama or the Palazzo Reale, also known as the Royal Palace, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other landmarks include the Piazza Castello, Piazza Vittorio Veneto and the historic ruins in the Roman Quarter. As for museums, this is where you can find the Egyptian Museum which holds the second largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the world, as well as the Museum of Oriental Art and the Sabauda Gallery which are perfect if you are interested in art. Fashionistas can go shopping at the boutique stores and shops on Via Roma, and there are some fantastic places to eat around here as well.

The Hotel Torino Porta Susa offers free WiFi and private parking which is perfect for anyone traveling by car. The Attic Hostel Torino is a great spot for those without a car since it is just a short walk away from the Porta Nuova Train Station and it also has double rooms if you don't mind paying a bit extra. If you are looking to stay in a luxury hotel you should check out either the Grand Hotel Sitea or the Corte Realdi Luxury Rooms Torino, which is housed in a 17th century palace, and offers delicious breakfast and room service. The NH Collection Piazza Carlina and the Principi di Piemonte are some of the best hotels in the area and the latter has a swimming pool.

Where to Stay in La Crocetta

This is a neighborhood for all travelers who want to treat themselves to an elegant and authentic experience in Turin. This has always been one of the more prestigious areas of the city so you will find lots 0f luxury hotels as well as pedestrian areas, elegant residential homes and mansions. You won't be cut off from the rest of the city since La Crocetta is well connected to the metro station.

There is lots to do here, from visiting art galleries to shopping along boulevards. There is a daily market called the Corso de Gaspari where you can find all sorts of clothing and accessories. You will have no problem finding somewhere to eat with all of the cafes, bakeries and restaurants in the area.

Some of the main attractions of La Crocetta include the Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art which will be a favorite among all art lovers. The Liberty Pedestrian Area is surrounded by some nice Art Nouveau architecture and can be a great spot for a walk. La Crocetta has its own collection of monuments and important buildings, like the Beata Vergine della Grazie Church.

Although this part of the city is fancier than others you will still be able to find accommodations in all price ranges. The Liberty Hotel is a good choice, it has air conditioned rooms and is within walking distance of the main shopping street. The Turin Palace Hotel is one of the more elegant boutique hotels in the area, offers breakfast, a private bathroom, has spacious suites, and is close to the Porta Nuova Station so you can get to central Turin in no time.

Where to Stay in Aurora

Aurora is a neighborhood in Turin that is situated north of the city centre and is an all around good place to stay. Many people say that it is the perfect spot for visitors who want to have an authentic Italian experience and it has some great foodie spots (take look for street food) and a vibrant nightlife as well. Hotels and very cheap accommodation are found here so keep it in mind if you are traveling on a budget, and you won't have to deal with crowds of tourists either.

During your stay in Aurora, you should absolutely reserve an afternoon to stop by the Balon, which is the city's most popular market. The Balon is full of colors, scents and smells that will awaken all of your senses and you can buy some authentic local products to bring with you back home.

The Porta Palazzo Market is another fantastic place to do some shopping and is actually one of the biggest outdoor markets in all of Europe, and the Turin Flea Market is also worth checking out although it is only open on weekends. You can still do some sightseeing in Aurora by stopping by places like the Monumental Cemetery of Turin which has some impressive funerary sculptures, or the Porta Palatina which is one of the old city gates dating back to the time of the Romans.

If you need more to do you can check out the Lavazza Museum or the Piedmontese Railway Museum. This neighborhood is also where you will find the stunning Basilica di Maria Ausiliatrice.

As for places to stay, we recommend checking in at the Hotel dei Pittori which has an on-site restaurant plus rooms with free WiFi and a flat screen TV. The Combo Torino has some comfortable modern rooms and is located close to the Porta Palazzo Market, and the La Terrazza di Arturo Guest House offers a great breakfast and beautiful views of the Dora River.

The Best Hotels and Areas in Turin

As one of the major Italian cities, this place is filled with attractions and there is much to do even outside of Turin's city centre. Since it is not as well known to tourists as some of Italy's other cities you can easily find somewhere to stay in a very central location and not have to break the bank, since Turin has a wide selection of budget hotels as well as pricier accommodations.

Although the historic centre has most of the activities and places for sightseeing you can still have a great experience in areas of Turin located further away. The neighborhoods mentioned above are all only a short distance away from each other thanks to the public transportation and main train station so you can move around the city easily no matter where you stay in Turin.

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