Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Valencia

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Best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Valencia

Take a preliminary wander around the streets of Valencia and after spying all of the bloody, carcass-filled fridges situated by the restaurant doors, you might get the impression that it's not a vegetarian-friendly city. Thankfully, you'd be wrong.

In fact, you won't need to search for very long before you find somewhere to eat that serves great vegetarian food. There are also some top-quality vegan restaurants in Valencia too, so you won't be lacking in choice as to where to go to get a decent meal.

Being in the know about where the best vegetarian and vegan food restaurants in Valencia are before you go will save you time when you get there. It'll also save you having to suffer the abhorrence of walking past fridges full of cuts of meat dripping blood which is a sight that would certainly put anyone off their veggie-based dinner.

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Vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Valencia

Top Vegetarian Restaurants In Valencia

Whether you need a vegetarian fast food-style fix or want a slap-up gourmet dinner of vegetarian dishes that have been created from organically grown ingredients and cooked by a Michelin quality chef, you'll find it in Valencia.

The Vurger

What it's like:

If you've been taking a stroll through the beautiful gardens in Valencia known as the Jardins del Turia and are near the Pont de Fusta bridge when hunger strikes, you're in luck. Turn down the Carrer del Mur de Santa Ana, it's right by the bridge, and after a few minutes walk you'll find The Vurger.

The Vurger is a restaurant that cooks up one hundred percent vegan food and uses only ecological, totally biodegradable packaging. The premise’s smart décor adheres to the use of natural products too, from the recycled wood frontage to the bare brick of the interior.

As the name suggests, The Vurger specializes in vegan burgers, hot dogs, and a variety of different vegetable fries. They make superior vegan desserts as well, so not only will you satisfy your fast food cravings here but you'll be able to satiate your sweet tooth too.

Our recommendation:

The three-item special lunchtime menu which includes a drink. Eat-in or have it as a takeaway and head back to the Jardins del Turia to eat it. Spoil yourself with one of their vegan brownies and you'll be glad you did.


Carrer del Mur de Santa Ana, 3

The Began

What it's like:

If you've just come down from the top of the Torre Miramar and felt somewhat disappointed with the views from the observation deck, food is the perfect compensation and you won't need to wait long. A five-minute walk from the concrete tower on Carrer de Jaume Esteve Cabells is a vegan restaurant called The Began.

Walk through the door and the angsty mood you're in because you paid to go up the tower will evaporate instantly. The contemporary interior design of The Began includes greenery covered columns, stone walls, and fresh white furniture. There's some great graffiti artwork to check out as well so that'll take your mind off everything else.

The Began's menu is full of tasty snack-style vegan food, some of which has added Mexican flair. Burgers, tacos, wraps, quesadillas, Quorn nuggets, and salad bowls are what you can dig into here.

Our recommendation:

The lunch menu Mex. It includes a spicy Quorn-filled tortilla, a big salad bowl and an organically produced, plant-based drink. For veggie food, it’s filling and excellent value for money.


Carrer de Jaume Esteve Cabells, 1


What it's like:

When hunger strikes after you've been visiting the Museum of Arts and Science, one of the best museums in Valencia, it's worth making the 20-minute walk to a vegetarian restaurant called Copenhagen.

As you might have guessed from the name alone, this vegetarian restaurant in Valencia city center is not a classic vegetarian restaurant, but a vegetarian restaurant with a definite Scandinavian influence. Not only does the name scream Danish, but the clean lines of the interior décor do too. If they ever went out of business it wouldn't take much to convert the premises into a sauna.

At Copenhagen they serve modern vegan-vegetarian food at its best using only organic, biodynamic, and seasonal produce. Think colorful, healthy art on a plate and you won't be far off course imagining what you'll be eating here. As well as mains like Thai Udon noodles with vegan shrimp, fiocchi stuffed with pear, and pumpkin lasagna, Copenhagen has a fantastic range of other vegan options including tapas, salads, and delectable desserts.

Our recommendation:

Absolutely everything on the menu. It's all delicious.


Carrer del Literat Azorin, 8

Best plant-based restaurants in Valencia


What it's like:

Khambu is a vegan cafe focused on fast food a couple of streets from Valencia's central market. It's the ideal place to drop into if you've been having a browse around the stalls.

While it may have a fully vegan menu, this colorfully eclectic restaurant isn't averse to plastic furnishings and greenery even though everything on their menu is created solely from plant-based ingredients.

Aside from the proverbial selection of vegan burgers, and they make about a dozen, Khambu have a long menu full of tasty dishes like pink falafel, broccoli with peanut sauce, spicy burritos, and pea protein tenders. The multiple choices of sauces and dips to go with the food plus their large array of desserts and vegan ice cream is the reason this joint is so popular.

Our recommendation:

The quinoa burger topped with kale and vegan cheese and curried mayo.


Carrer de Quart, 41b

La Tasta Olletes

What it's like:

There's no mistaking that La Tasta Olletes is a vegetarian restaurant. It might not be housed in an overly huge premises, but the walls are still big enough to make a bold statement with posters and wall art of plants.

La Tasta Olletes is located about midway between the Quart Tower and the Serrano Towers and around a 15-minute walk from Valencia Cathedral so it's a perfect stop-off point if you've been out sightseeing.

At this vegetarian restaurant in Valencia they serve a varied menu of dishes which includes tapas, wraps, Budha bowls, and mains like moussaka made with soya bolognese as well as multiple vegan options.

Our recommendation:

The Japo Budabowl. It contains sushi rice, seaweed wakame, marinated tofu, and edamame beans.


Carrer de Salvador Giner, 6

Lo de Ponxe en el Kinto Pino

What it's like:

Lo de Ponxe en el Kinto Pino is a vegan restaurant and neighborhood bar in Valencia's Plaza Rojas Clemente that may not look much from outside, there's a door-sized entrance on the street, but is full of surprises inside.

The characterful premises is adorned with collections of eclectic paraphernalia ranging from cartoon drawings and vintage magazine covers to a giant pumpkin. Read giant as the most ginormous pumpkin you've ever seen.

If you're after hearty hot food, this is the place for you. Lo de Ponxe en el Kinto Pino has a super menu of satisfying vegetable soups and bean stews, lentil dishes of all kinds depending on the menu variation of the day, and excellent salad bowls all made with macrobiotic ethics in mind. They're renowned for their friendly service too. If you want to get your Zen on, then eat here.

Our recommendation:

Before ordering from the regular menu, check out the menu del dia. This daily tasting menu usually includes three courses for a very cheap price. If you can't read Spanish just ask and the owners will explain what's in the dishes of the day for you.


Placas de Rojas Clemente, 5

Vegetarian restaurants in Valencia

Ana Eva

What it's like:

The vegetarian restaurant Ana Eva on the Carrer Turia is right by the city's botanical gardens and inside is a mini garden itself full of tropical plants and verdant greenery. While dining is done all inside, part of it has an outdoor feel to it as they have a covered patio area with a glass ceiling.

The vegetarian food at Ana Eva delights even customers who are not vegetarians, so you can guarantee you're in for something good. The dishes here are creative and consist of plates like seitan and funghi towers, traditional escalivadas made from aubergines rather than meat, and vegetable infused souffles.

It's a little more inclined toward fine dining at Ana Eva than many of the other vegan-vegetarian restaurants in Valencia, so if you're looking for an elegant vegetarian dinner date venue, this could be the one. It's a very special menu and it's one you're bound to enjoy choosing from as it's all excellent food.

Our recommendation:

Beetroot hummus to start followed by a spinach crepe and Flan Caruba to finish.


Carrer Turia, 49

La Lluna

What it's like:

La Lluna is a vegetarian restaurant in Valencia that first opened its doors way back in 1980. It was the first vegetarian restaurant in the city and is the one with the longest history of serving vegetarian food.

The classic interior décor of dark wood, white walls, and the occasional display of Andalusian-style ceramic tiles give it a fresh, timeless appeal that's a pleasure to dine in. If you like to dine in elegant surroundings, this is the vegetarian restaurant for you.

At La Lluna they specialize in vegetarian meat-free versions of traditional Spanish dishes like Valencian paella, bean stews, and Spanish omelet, plus vegetable pates and tapas such as vegetable croquettes.

Our recommendation:

The oven-roasted stuffed peppers or the vegetable pie.


Carrer de Sant Ramon, 23

Les Maduixes

What it's like:

Les Maduixes is one of the vegetarian restaurants in Valencia with a long history of serving tasty homemade food, but also with a well deserved reputation for keeping up with the times.

Les Maduixes may have first opened in 1986, but it's housed in a premises which perfectly reflects the freshness of the food they create. Internally, everything is white on white from the furnishings to the curtains, the neutrality of which is offset by the dark polished wood floor. It's a classy look and their selection of vegetarian dishes follow that trend.

At Les Maduixes you can expect beautifully presented food, that's easily up to Michelin star quality, made with well-thought-out combinations of fresh ingredients. Your taste buds will start tingling from the moment you pick up the lunch menu and read the first item on it which is sundried tomato and smoked aubergine hummus. The rest of the veggie food served here you'll have to discover for yourself when you take a table there. You’ll be in for a veritable vegetarian feast.

Our recommendation:

The mushroom pate stuffed cannelloni with smoked tofu and grilled vegetables.


Carrer de Daoiz I Velarde, 4


After reading all about the vegetarian restaurants in Valencia you now know you won't need to go scouting around tourist cafes in the hope of finding something suitable to eat. Valencia has a superb selection of vegetarian restaurants which serve amazing food on their lunch menu and their dinner menu. You'll also come across plenty of places that are dedicated to producing quality vegan-vegetarian fast food too.

Don't skip trying the vegetarian version of a typical Valencian dish accompanied by a bottle of organic wine. The ingredients, though not the wine, will more than likely have come from the Rojos Clementes food market which is renowned for its local produce. You'll eat so well on the great food while you're in Valencia, you may have to loosen your belt before you go home.

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