Is Valencia safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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Home to around 800,000 people, Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, attracting 2.2 million visitors who arrive at Manises Airport, the tenth busiest Spanish airport. It's the capital of both the province and the autonomous community of Valencia, as well as the historical capital of the medieval kingdom of Valencia. Although often overlooked in favor of the more famous Madrid and Barcelona, this ancient city is full of surprises, from its expansive beaches and stunning landscapes to avant-garde architecture and futuristic buildings.

Crowds in the city are at their heaviest in summer, despite the high humidity level and hot weather. It’s the best time to visit Valencia if you want to bask in the sun, but spring is an ideal season for moderate tourist activity or those who prefer a milder temperature to explore the city center and its iconic places like the Plaza de la Reina and Valencia Cathedral.

No matter your interest, visiting Valencia will guarantee unparalleled experiences. It is always recommended to be aware of your surroundings and protect your luggage by leaving it with a secure storage locker in Valencia.

Is Valencia safe to visit right now?

Valencia is a very safe city to stay in and travel to and a favorite destination among couples, families, and solo travelers worldwide. With Spain ranking 29th among 163 countries and 20th in Europe on the 2022 Global Peace Index, you’ll feel safe wandering around one of its major cities. Violent crime is rare in Valencia, and the natural disasters risk is low.

Overall, tourists should encounter no problems visiting this Spanish city. But like other cities or any famous tourist destination, you should beware of petty thieves and pickpockets in crowded places, like bus and train stations, and popular attractions.

We’ll inform you of ways to remain safe in Valencia, but securing your belongings and protecting yourself is entirely up to you. You should do further research about your destination, experienced traveler or not. We also recommend you check out your government’s travel advisory before visiting any city or country to help you make an informed choice.

Top petty crimes and scams in Valencia affecting tourists

Valencia is relatively safer than other Spanish cities. There are rarely serious criminal offenses in the area, and when they happen, they don’t really affect tourists. The only threats to safety that visitors may experience are petty crimes and tourist scams, such as those we describe below.


The pickpocketing risk in Valencia is low but can occur, especially in crowded areas. Pickpockets are looking for distracted and unsuspecting tourists or those enthralled with their phones. They may stage distractions, like sudden tripping or bumping. Practice situational awareness and secure your belongings regardless of where you are in the city. Even better, drop off your bags at a luggage facility in Valencia and only bring what you need for the day.

Shell game scam

While exploring the streets of Valencia, you may come across locals inviting you on a shell game. There are different versions of this, but the typical mechanics is to find which among the shells or cups has an object the dealer placed underneath. The chances of winning are close to none because the scammer will ensure that you lose every round and pay up for another game.

You may be tempted to join in, but ignoring these games in the streets is best for you. At first, it may look like you have a chance to win the round, but you’ll only be ripped off by the game dealer. Avoid being roped into this scam by not engaging with them.


There are many cases of overcharging in Valencia, especially in restaurants. You may be billed for something you didn’t order, charged a higher rate than what’s indicated on the menu, or given the wrong amount of change. This is why it’s important to always double-check your bill before paying.

Is Valencia safe to travel alone

Traveling alone can be thrilling. But there’s no reason to be alarmed or concerned about Valencia safety when planning to visit on your own. In addition to being a safe city for solo travelers, it has plenty of activities and sightseeing opportunities you can enjoy even without a companion.

Solo female travelers don’t have to worry as well. Spain is the 6th safest female destination based on Bounce Women Travel Safety Index, and as the country’s third-largest city, you can guarantee a trouble-free experience in Valencia.

Many newcomers who have visited this beautiful locale also report no issue walking alone at night in Valencia, though you should still be careful after dark and cautious of your surroundings. It’s best to stay away from deserted areas or poorly lit streets. Meeting new people is part of the experience, but don’t get too carried away and begin to trust strangers with your personal information.

Safest neighborhoods in Valencia

Most neighborhoods in Valencia are safe, and there aren’t many safety risks involved, no matter where you choose to stay. The most you can do to further ensure your security is to go for quiet areas, typically away from central Valencia. Here are some of the safest Valencia neighborhoods you may want to check out.


Although Beniclamet is technically part of the bustling city, it feels detached, for it has a small village atmosphere. Most locals know each other and often meet in nearby churches, pubs, and restaurants. The neighborhood is also laid back and peaceful, so many families choose to settle here. It’s far from beaches and the city center, but there are good public transport options if you want to go.

El Pilar

El Pilar is an excellent option for those who want quiet time in Valencia. It’s technically still part of the Cuitat Vella or the Old Town, but not as many people go to this district. Its visitors are usually couples who want to have a relaxed vacation in the city. Therefore, El Pilar is the place to be if you want to stay in a safe and peaceful neighborhood but don’t want to miss out on the city center’s attractions.

Valencia is peaceful enough that you can assume most neighborhoods to be safe. However, just to be sure, it’s recommended to do some research about the area beforehand.

Is Valencia public transportation safe?

You’ll have no problem taking public transportation in Valencia. It is safe, well-maintained, and efficient, though its underground light rail system tends to be more reliable than the buses. There’s low risk, but you should still be careful when taking public transportation or waiting at bus and train stations, as these are where many pickpockets operate.

Driving a car is a hassle because parking can be hard to find and the streets are too narrow. Also, keep in mind that it is illegal to rent a vehicle without obtaining an international permit.

Like many European cities, Valencia is easy to navigate on foot.

Important emergency numbers in Valencia

Part of your travel preparation plan should be to keep a list of emergency numbers with you. You should also know your embassy number when visiting a foreign country, as you never know when you’ll need them.

  • Spain Country code: +34
  • Valencia Area Code: +34-96
  • Emergency Service: 112
  • Health Care: + 34 900 161 161
  • Ambulance Service: + 34 963 67 73 75
  • RED-CROSS: + 34 963 67 73 75

Staying safe in Valencia

Valencia is a must-visit destination in Spain with striking architecture, rich history, a buzzing food scene, unique culture, and 300 days of sunshine per year. Since it receives millions of tourists annually, the government does its best to ensure everyone’s safety when visiting this charming Spanish city. So as long as you practice some basic safety rules and use your common sense, you can enjoy a tranquil and enjoyable trip to Valencia.

For more information about this beautiful city, check out guides on Where to Stay in Valencia: the Ultimate Guide and How to Get Around Valencia. Get additional tips on ways to navigate the city and neighborhoods worth exploring during your stay.

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