Rooftop Bars In Valencia: 10 Places To Drink With A View

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Bar in Valencia, Spain

When you're considering which are the top cities in Spain, Valencia has multiple assets which put it high up in the rankings. It's easy to mention the City of Arts and Sciences, the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia and the Playa del Cabanyal and say they're some of the city's best features. They are, but Valencia also has many rooftop bars that definitely deserve a mention.

Valencia is one Spanish city that hasn't been left behind in following the trend for converting the tops of buildings into rooftop bars. In Valencia, there are rooftop bars in the historic center, rooftop bars overlooking the marina, rooftop bars on top of hotels, and just about anywhere else you can think of. You'll even find some that make the perfect lunchtime drinking hole if you've been out all morning shopping in Valencia.

The majority of the rooftop bars in Valencia, no matter where they are, can boast a spectacular view. In the summer months when you're sitting on a rooftop terrace with amazing views, and can choose what to drink from a menu card full of delicious cocktails, you'll know you're on vacation. If you're not arriving in Valencia until fall or winter, don't worry, many rooftop bars in the city operate year-round.

Quite a few of the rooftop bars in Valencia are quite classy, so if you walk in with arms full of bags, you are not going to look in the least bit sophisticated and worse, you could even end up being asked to leave. The solution is to leave your surplus bags at one of the Bounce luggage storage facilities in Valencia. They'll be in a secure place, and you'll be able to watch the sunset from a rooftop terrace without ruining your street cred.

Best Rooftop Bars In Valencia

To save you strolling around the streets of the city craning your neck skywards in search of rooftop bars, here's a list of some of the best rooftop bars in Valencia.

Ateneo Sky Bar

If you're hoping to go to one of the best rooftop bars in Valencia, then the Ateneo Sky Bar is the one to choose. Located on top of the Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia, this rooftop terrace has some of the best views of the city skyline.

This terrace is simply decorated with white tables and chairs that are pretty basic, but serve their purpose. A lot of people forget the tables altogether at this Valencia rooftop bar. In the early evening, the spot chosen by most drinkers is to stand, cocktail in hand, against the balustrades to watch the sunset.

Our Recommendation – Forget drinking one of the classic cocktails and try a jug of champagne sangria instead. The color of the drink will match the color of the sunset to perfection.

Location – Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 18

NB: The views from here are so good that casual sightseers are now charged to go up, but if you stay to drink, rather than just view, the miniscule admission fee is deducted from your bar bill.

Terraza VLC Urban Club

The Terraza VLC Urban Club is the rooftop terrace of the Expo Hotel Valencia. It's one of the rooftop bars in the city that likes to call itself trendy. If you're into shabby-chic park picnic tables, menus on clipboards, and garden-style matted fiber fencing, then it is. Its saving grace is the rooftop pool.

Here the emphasis is on classic cocktails, regular bar drinks and, foodwise, gourmet burgers adorned with onion rings. All that aside, while it may not be one of the best rooftop bars in Valencia, the views are okay, and the bar has a nice vibe that attracts a younger crowd.

Our Recommendation – Take your swimming things, have a dip, then feast on burgers from the brunch menu and go somewhere else for better nighttime views.

Location – Avenida de Pius XII, 8

270º Terrace

The 270º Terrace is the rooftop bar of the plush Hotel Barcelo Valencia, so if you're planning on heading here for a night out, dress for the occasion. It's also open in the daytime and has a small pool and sunbathing area.

High up on the hotel's tenth floor, this rooftop bar has a chic style with superb blue-toned illumination that makes the place come to life after dark. Day or night, the views of the City of Arts and Sciences from here are fantastic. It's open year-round, heated in winter, and even better, the food and drink is reasonably priced, so everything from a cold beer to a delicious cocktail is affordable.

Our Recommendation – Save this rooftop bar for a nighttime visit. The pool is too small to be bothered with and mostly crowded with hotel guests, so unless you just want to freshen your feet up after a sightseeing session, skip it.

Location – Avenida de Franca, 11. Level 10

La Terraza de Blanq

La Terraza de Blanq is one of the most popular rooftop bars in Valencia, and not without good reason. Blanq is the rooftop terrace of the Blanq Carmen Hotel, which is right in the city's historic center and while not being overly spacious, is somewhere you could happily chill out for hours.

Lounge on the bamboo furniture at Blanq and you'll have almost panoramic views of central Valencia, with the Serrano Towers being one of the outstanding features. This boho terrace is open from midday to midnight, serving local cavas, wines, and cocktails.

Our Recommendation – They do serve meals here, but the tables are too low for comfortable eating. Have drinks and nibbles while the sun goes down, then go somewhere else for dinner.

Location – Carrer de la Blanqueria

Green Rooftop

The Green Rooftop is the spring and summertime only rooftop terrace of the Hotel NH Collection Colon Valencia. It's an intimate terrace with an urban garden vibe that's both comfortable and refreshing.

The bar here is housed in a lattice-work kiosk that wouldn't look out of place on a beach, and the scattering of cushioned bamboo furniture matches that style. It's a well-stocked bar with plenty of variety spirit-wise, as well as a specialist smoothie and cocktail menu.

Our Recommendation – The Green Rooftop is the perfect place to drop by when you need a good coffee and somewhere comfortable to sit that has a great view.

Location – Carrer de Colon, 32

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Bar in Valencia

La Terraza de Miramar

Not all of the rooftop bars in Valencia can boast views of the city. Some can do better and offer you views of the beach and ocean. That's the case with the rooftop bar of the Hotel Miramar. This rooftop bar looks straight down onto Playa del Cabanyal, and there's nothing in between to block the view.

If the truth was said then the décor here is simplistic bordering on basic. A couple of dozen white tables with plastic chairs, half a dozen sun loungers, a section of decking, and a few potted plants are all there is, but it still works, especially at night once the strings of fairy lights come on.

Our Recommendation – Go for a sundowner cocktail like tequila sunrise and enjoy the cool sea breeze that wafts over the terrace of an evening. The ocean and beach views look better in the daytime as it’s too dark out there at night to see anything. 

Location – Passeig de Neptu

Restaurant and Terraza Panorama

Smart and sophisticated are the first two words that will come to mind when you see the Terraza Panorama of the Marina de Valencia. Open day and night, this terrace overlooks the marina, the Playa del Cabanyal and the ocean. It's, without a doubt, one of the best rooftop bars in Valencia for viewing the sunset.

During the day it's the ideal spot for a seafront lunch or coffee and at night, romantic dinner venues don't get much better than this. An even bigger thumbs up goes to the menu of both food and drink as they're both focused on local Valencian products.

Our Recommendation – Go here to eat a traditional Valencian paella accompanied by a bottle of Valencia wine in a truly incomparable setting. It'll be unforgettable.

Location – Marina Real Juan Carlos, 1

Cathedral Suites Rooftop

If you don't like sharing all the good things you find, you might want to check out the rooftop bar of the Cathedral Suites Hotel. This superb rooftop space is for hotel guests only, so to go there, you'll just have to make a reservation and get yourself checked in.

This rooftop bar is in the historic district right by the Plaza del Reina and looks out onto Valencia cathedral. What makes this terrace great is the large lap pool, the plush furnishings, and the potted trees. It's quite easily somewhere you could spend all day without thinking about going elsewhere.

Our Recommendation – Get up early and have breakfast on the rooftop while the cathedral bells are ringing. Do that, and you'll know you're in Spain.

Location – Carrer dels Cabillers

Atic Bar

The Atic Bar is a rooftop courtyard that serves as a bar and a restaurant which also converts into an event space and late night club. Located on top of the Palau Alameda restaurant but operating under its own steam, this place is all about informal dining, but informal dining with style.

The décor of the Atic Bar isn't going to win any awards - it's the basic garden-style bamboo furniture used in many of the city's rooftop bars - but the food may well do, given time. It's a great spot all round which you can enjoy any time of the day or night.

Our Recommendation – Go for an early dinner, follow that with drinks, and then stay until they throw you out.

Location – Carrer de Munoz Seca, 2

Restaurant Vertical

If you've met someone while you're on vacation in Valencia and want to impress them, take them on a dinner date to the Restaurant Vertical. The Restaurant Vertical is the sky-high restaurant of the Ilunion Aqua 4 Hotel and is easily one of the classiest places in Valencia.

The restaurant's contemporary décor is stylish and definitely a cut above many other rooftop locations in the city. What makes it extra special are the huge all-around windows that mean you'll have incredible panoramic views of Valencia while having your pre-dinner martini and while you're dining.

The menu here changes with the seasons, but whenever you go, it'll be  Michelin star quality food that you're served. If your date isn't impressed with this restaurant's ten-course tasting menu, do a runner and leave them to pay the bill.  

Our Recommendation – Make sure to reserve a table. This is not the sort of restaurant you can just walk into in your jeans and a t-shirt.

Location – Carrer de Luis Garcia-Berlanga Marti, 19


Valencia's great climate means you can visit the city's rooftop bars pretty much all year round without feeling chilly. Most of the bars don't have a strict dress code, but if it's a bar on top of a hotel, you'll get a better reception if you're smart rather than Grunge casual.

The rooftop bars in Valencia with the best views are definitely those in the historic district or overlooking Playa del Cabanyal. Any of those are the perfect spot for cocktails at sunset, and in all honesty, a night out in Valencia couldn't get much better than that.

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