5 easy must-do weekend trips from Valencia

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Weekend trips from Valencia

The Spanish city of Valencia is not a place you can afford to leave off your European travel itinerary. Located on the country's Mediterranean coast, central Valencia is home to incredible museums like the City of Arts and Sciences, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of La Lonja de la Seda, which dates back to the 15th century, and the unique architecture of Valencia Cathedral, which is believed by some to contain the Holy Grail. With all that going on, you'll find plenty here to keep you busy the moment you arrive at Valencia Train Station or Valencia Airport.

If your time in this beautiful city is limited, you should focus on what there is to do within the city itself. But if you do have a little more time on your hands, it's well worth considering taking some weekend trips from Valencia. This region of Spain offers some truly fascinating places to explore, whether you want to dive into Spanish history or enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean coastline. And with excellent Spanish food and great weather available more or less year-round, you really don't need a reason to check out some of these incredible day trips or weekend trips from Valencia.

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Santa Pola weekend trips from Valencia

Santa Pola

Our list of weekend trips from Valencia begins with this beautiful seaside town just to the south of the popular resort of Alicante. Often overshadowed by its neighbor, Santa Pola offers beautiful coastal scenery and tons of things to do without the tourist crowds of the nearby city. If you want to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle for yourself, this is one of the most easily accessible trips from Valencia that lets you do just that.

Distance from Valencia:

At around 180 km from Valencia, you can expect driving to Santa Pola to take you about two hours. You can also reach the city by train, but by rail, the journey takes closer to three hours. That makes it a little far for a day trip, but no problem for a weekend trip from Valencia.

Our activity recommendations:

Beaches: You can't come to the Mediterranean and not spend at least some time on the beach. Santa Pola is blessed with some fantastic beaches and coves, from built-up resorts popular with families to isolated rocky coves where you can take a dip in almost total privacy. You'll also get some spectacular views, including the view you get of Tabarca, the only inhabited island in the Valencia autonomous region. If you like, you can even take a water taxi to explore this quaint island for yourself.

Museo del Mar: This maritime museum tells the story of Santa Pola's deep connection with the sea. This town has always been defined by its relationship with the Mediterranean, and you can learn more about how that nautical connection has shaped the town through the ages in this fascinating museum.

Pola Park: If you're traveling with the family, this amusement park can make a great place to visit and keep the kids happy. With carousels, bumper cars, bouncy castles, and other classic fairground attractions, this park can get the kids hours of fun — and you hours of peace.

Best season to visit:

If you plan to swim on one of Santa Pola's many beaches, anytime from June through to September should suit you. Be aware, though, that July and August are the height of the tourist season, and this small town becomes quite crowded at this time.

Weekend trip from Valencia to Bocairent


This historic town couldn't ask for a more dramatic setting. Built high up in the mountains, this town is a popular place for day trips thanks to its spectacular views as well as its historic interest. Wandering around the historic center of this charming settlement is a wonderful way to enjoy this jewel of the Valencian community and enjoy a quieter side of Spanish life.

Distance from Valencia:

It takes a little over an hour to drive from Valencia to Bocairent, a journey of around 100 km. It's also possible to get there using a series of trains, but it will take much longer to make the journey by public transport - expect to spend around three hours on the train.

Our activity recommendations:

Bocairent Historic Centre: Take a wander through the narrow streets and main square of Bocairent, and you'll see why it's regarded as one of the most beautiful towns in the province. As you explore by yourself, you're likely to come across some of the best sights in town by chance, including the famous old City Hall with its colonial architecture. Along with seeing some of the top attractions, you'll be treated to fantastic views and find plenty of places to stop for a meal or drink whenever you feel like it.

Molí L’ombria: If you prefer to spend your time in nature, this is the place to come. Fed by the waters of the Vinalopo River, this is a great place for swimming, hiking, and other outdoor activities. You'll also get plenty of stunning views of the surrounding countryside from this underrated area.

Bocairent Monastery: This 15th-century monastery is one of the most important historic buildings in Bocairent. Check out the caves carved into the rock the monastery is built on and ponder the lives of religious orders who called this home for centuries.

Best season to visit:

If you're traveling to Bocairent to enjoy outdoor activities, summer may be the best time. Then again, the heat in this part of Spain can be brutal, so the height of summer may not be the best time if you prefer cooler weather. Spring and fall have far more pleasant temperatures, along with the added benefit of fewer crowds.

Cuenca weekend getaways from Valencia


This is one of the most legendary towns for day trips and weekend trips in all of Spain. Famous around the world for its hanging houses, Cuenca lies on the high-speed train line that runs from Valencia to Madrid, making it easy to reach for a day trip or a weekend trip.

Distance from Valencia:

Two hundred kilometers inland from Valencia, Cuenca takes around two hours to reach by car. The high-speed train is quicker, taking only one hour to bring you from one town to the other.

Our activity recommendations:

Hanging houses: These unique houses built into the cliffs of Cuenca are the main attractions in town. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, only three of these medieval houses remain, but you can get multiple viewpoints of the houses from around the city and even go inside one to enjoy a museum of abstract art.

Catedral de Santa María la Mayor: Another survivor from medieval Cuenca, this 12th-century Cathedral mixes Norman and Gothic architecture to provide a striking appearance to this day. Don't forget to also explore the bishop's palace, which has an impressive collection of art, including works by El Greco.

Best season to visit:

The historic attractions here mean it's a great place to visit at any time of year.

Sierra Calderona Natural Park

Sierra Calderona Natural Park

Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all and enjoy the great outdoors. For Valencians and for travelers to the city, Sierra Calderona Natural Park is a great place to do just that. A popular destination for day trips, the park can easily keep you occupied for even longer if you're a true lover of outdoor activities.

Distance from Valencia:

Just 35 km north of Valencia, this natural area is a lot closer to the city than it feels. You can reach it by driving for around an hour. However, public transport options are patchy in this area, so a car is definitely the best way to explore the park for yourself.

Our activity recommendations:

Hiking: The natural park is full of great hiking trails that will take you from one breathtaking view to another. Make your way along the rocky outcrops and through dense pine forests to explore the more natural side of Spain and get some exercise while you're doing it. If you're feeling especially energetic, you can take on El Gorgo, the highest point in the park, which rises 907 m above sea level or stick to more manageable but still interesting walks through the cliffs and canyons of this local treasure.

Explore historic ruins: Although it feels far from any kind of civilization, that's not really true. The Sierra Calderona region contains beautiful villages full of medieval towers, or you can check out the ruined castle of Alt del Pi, a fortification that dates back to the eighth century and the Islamic occupation of Spain.

Best season to visit:

Depending on your tolerance for heat, you'll want to time your visit to the natural park to coincide with the best weather available. Summers are hot and dry, while the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn can still be quite warm, so these may make better times to enjoy hikes in the countryside if you're not a fan of hot temperatures.

Weekend trips to Calpe from Valencia


Valencia is a coastal town, and you don't have to go far from the city to explore great beaches. But if you want to see some of the best beaches in Spain, take a day trip or longer weekend excursion to the nearby town of Calpe. See what all the fuss is about as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of this celebrated location.

Distance from Valencia:

Calpe sits 120 km south of Valencia and can be reached in and around an hour and 20 minutes by car. There is also a bus service that can bring you to this popular town, but the journey will take closer to three hours.

Our activity recommendations:

Beaches: Calpe is divided and, in some ways, defined by the massive 600-meter granite rock that towers over the town. The beaches sit on either side of this natural barrier and are absolutely huge, so it's never too hard to find a place to stretch out, even in the middle of summer. Known for their crystal clear water, these beaches are often awarded the Blue Flag in recognition of their cleanliness.

Boat trips: The coastline of the Costa Blanca is impressive from the land, but it may be even more beautiful from the water. Take a boat trip from Calpe to explore the coast, especially in the early evening as the light turns golden, and you'll go home with some unforgettable photos and memories of your time here.

Best season to visit:

Summer brings tourist crowds to Calpe, though not as many as it does to nearby resorts like Benidorm. You can also enjoy this Mediterranean paradise in September after kids go back to school, but the weather stays warm.

Best weekend trips from Valencia


Valencia has more than enough to keep you occupied during a short stay. So if you only have, for example, three days in Valencia, it's better to focus on what the town has to offer and not worry about the surrounding region.

However, if you have more time to spend, consider taking one of these day trips or weekend trips from the city to see more of what Spain has to offer. This fascinating region has plenty going on, and it would be a shame not to see it when you have the chance.

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