Best Brunch In Venice: The Definitive Guide

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Venice, Italy, is an amazing place to visit. There is incredible shopping, many historical places and sights to see, and fantastic food to enjoy. Brunch in Venice is easy to find and very enjoyable. You can sleep in and then head out for amazing food that you cannot enjoy anywhere else in the world.

If you have been looking for great brunch places while you are planning your stay in Venice, this guide will help you out. Always make sure that you drop off your luggage at a Venice luggage storage location before you set out to enjoy delicious food and incredible shopping. There is no reason that you should worry about your things while you are having fun and luggage storage that you can trust will give you this peace of mind.

Outdoor brunch in Venice

Caffè Florian

This is a 1700's cafe that was around when Napolean was in power. This was a favored location of the famous leader, and they still practice Sabrage here to open champagne bottles as a nod to Napolean. You can enjoy cocktails here during brunch hours as well as amazing food of various kinds.

This lovely spot is located in the San Marco area, and you will love the authentic decor that has not been changed hardly at all since the early days of this cafe's existence. You can have a highly authentic brunch here in cozy and charming surroundings.

Caffè del Doge

This location is not far from the Grand Canal, and it is a local spot that is not going to be full of tourists. This is a wonderful place for excellent service, amazing coffee, and pastries. You will not be able to sit down here as there are not really tables for this purpose in this small shop. This is a perfect breakfast option if you want to pick up food and head out to see the sights.

You will also be close to a lot of the most interesting museums and places to see in Venice when you start your day here. This is the right place to head to for a pastry shop experience with excellent Venetian coffee.

Brunch restaurant in Venice

La Palanca

If you want to start your day along the Fondamenta del Ponte Piccolo, this is a local favorite that will not disappoint. You can get coffee and pastries starting at 7 am here, but they serve a lunch/brunch for the rest of the early part of the day. This is a lovely place to eat near the canal and to watch the activities going on while you enjoy your breakfast.

This is a well-known stop for locals in the city of Venice, so you will get fair prices and one of the best breakfast menus in town for authentic cuisine. You can trust them to offer you the best brunch in Venice, Italy, and their good service and impressive location recommend this location over other quick breakfast stops.

Pasticceria Rizzardini

Located near Campo San Polo, this little hole-in-the-wall location offers access to Italian food that will amaze you. Come here for bakery goods made by hand by the family that owns the location. This spot is closed on Tuesdays but is open all other days of the week. You can get breakfast here or you can wait until 11 to order brunch to enjoy.

You will need to take your food and eat breakfast as you walk around when you choose this location. However, Venice is a beautiful city, and this is not a hardship. If you are staying in this neighborhood or a nearby one during your visit, this can be one of your daily stops to get your day going.

Majer - Piazzale Roma

This location is located along the Rio Novo, and they offer everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner here. This spot is not their only location, so you can enjoy this chain of delightful restaurants across the city. If you want to check out their website, you can find out which locations offer which kinds of foods and meals.

This is a great place to enjoy traditional breakfast and great coffee and drinks. Some of their locations only offer small plates and wine, while others will give you access to pastries and breakfast as well as brunch. This is a spot that will convince you that American breakfast is not nearly as good as what Venice can offer.

This location is also right by the Piazzale Roma, which is often the entry point for those arriving in the city. This is a place to get your adventures started on foot, and you will be so glad that you can find good food of all kinds here.

Restaurants on a canal in Venice

Niki Bar

This location only serves brunch and breakfast, and it is located right off the San Toma ferry terminal. You will be close to the Grand Canal here and have access to continental breakfast and amazing local brunch favorites. You can get really good coffee here as well. This is one of the best breakfast and brunch locations in the city, and you will be close to most of the best parts of the city.

You can easily cross into San Marco after you eat here and enjoy all of the best parts of the city. If you just want to grab a quick breakfast and head out, you can do that here as well.


This delightful family-owned coffeehouse and breakfast and brunch stop is right in the heart of the city. You can get an amazing breakfast here as well as a really filling lunch. Their coffee is delicious as well, and you will be close to all the things that you might want to see during your trip. Head out from here to the Rialto Bridge or to see St. Mark's Square with ease.

This is a location that is only closed on Tuesdays, and the family that owns the shop provides the service. You can pick up your food to go or sit in the delightful courtyard with flowers and fountains behind the restaurant.

Trattoria alla Rampa

This spot is away from the hustle and bustle of the center of the city and you can enjoy grab-and-go breakfast and brunch here. The prices are very fair, and you will enjoy authentic Italian food that you will not have access to anywhere else.

Don't sit down here since the fee for a table is quite high. Simply order your food like the locals and head out to adventure around the city! This location is not open on Sundays, but you can count on them during the rest of the week.

Brunch with a canal view in Venice

Gelateria Nico

If you like to start your day with a dessert, you need to come to this location. You will have a great view of the water here, and you can enjoy fresh treats and frozen yogurt. This is a really nice place to sit outside and enjoy your small bites and dessert for breakfast.

While this might not be your go-to breakfast every day while you are visiting, there is something really delightful about skipping over the healthy meals and stopping in to eat some chocolate and gelato at the start of your day. This is one of the best restaurants in the city for fresh baked goods and desserts and you will love that you can sit by the water as you enjoy your coffee and your snack.

Gondolas passing a restaurant in Venice

Panini e Vini da Babbo

This is a great spot for cichetti and drinks as well as breakfast and brunch. This restaurant is located in a great spot near a lot of hotels, and you can trust them to be there for you all day long, from breakfast to dinner time. You will find that peak times are not that busy either and the prices are excellent.

This is a great place for panini as well as breakfast and lunch, and you can enjoy the peace and quiet while you eat. You can also take your food with you and go looking for exciting things to do and see.

Crepes House by PePe

Located near Campo San Leonardo, this cute little shop offers crepes and vegan options for your dining pleasure. This is one of the best brunch places in the city, and you will love everything that you have decided to order here. This is a bustling and fun part of the city as well, which makes this a great choice for your brunch plans.

Dodo Caffe

This chic little bar and restaurant location is in Cannaregio, and it is a great place to visit for delightful eats and some great drinks or coffee. This spot is right along the Venice Canal, and the views here are amazing. All of your food will be offered at a great price when you visit, and the family that owns the shop often serves the customers.

This is a location that should be on your dining plans for your trip, and you should not miss out on brunch or evening meals at this spot. This is a great place to get dinner, a drink, or enjoy some peace and quiet along the canal with a snack on your plate.

Outdoor brunch in Venice

Getting Brunch in Venice is Easy

Venice is a place that is well-known for its sights and scenery, but it is also known for food and shopping. Tourists come here expecting to eat well, and brunch in this city is better than what is offered in almost any other country. You will be able to get everything that you have wanted to try at the locations on this list, and there is the perfect place for your brunch within easy walking distance from most places in the city.

Coming to Venice can be exciting as well as overwhelming. However, you can make your choices for places to eat and drink really simple when using this guide to start your day. You will never have to worry about sleeping in late and not being able to eat breakfast in Venice! Make sure that you plan to store your luggage safely, and then you can head out to adventure through the city and enjoy fabulous meals at all times of the day.

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