Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Venice

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Women on store-lined street in Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This is a place that most people have on their bucket list and it is easy to see why. Venice has everything from phenomenal art to amazing history. It also is a place that is well-known for its amazing retail options. You can shop in this city for everything from designer brands to local food and crafts.

When you visit Venice, you will find that the charming streets are narrow and cozy. This means that you will want to be sure to trust your bags to baggage storage in Venice during your time in the city. Being able to fit down the narrow little streets is much easier when you don't have bags in your hands.

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Shopping in Venice

Rialto Markets

This is a lovely open-air market that has been operating since 1097 A.D. This is Venice shopping at its finest. You will be able to get mostly food items here and the market is divided into the pescaria market for fish and the erberia market which is for fruits and vegetables. Even if you do not want to pick up fresh food ingredients during your trip to Venice, this is a really special local shopping experience that you should not miss out on.

This market is near the famous Rialto Bridge which is one of the oldest bridges in the city. You will probably have entered Venice through the Piazzale Roma and this area is one of the hidden gems in the city that is equally special. It's also an important transportation hub if you're wondering how to get around Venice.

There is something so essentially Venice about crossing beautiful bridges that stretch over the canals. You will be glad that you made the time to head into this part of the city to see what essential Venice is like and to enjoy a moment where you will be transported back in time.

This is a great place to take a few pictures or snap a selfie as well. There are not many places like the Rialto Markets in other cities and you will want to remember your visit to this spot for years to come.

Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

This is a luxury mall that takes up all four floors of an Italian Renaissance building. This location is right on the grand canal near the Rialto Bridge. This is a special place to visit because not only will you be able to enjoy some of the finest shopping in Venice, you can have drinks at the fancy bar downstairs. You can enjoy a view of the entire city from the top of the building as well.

There are art galleries and designer brands for sale here. There is a really good selection of shops here and the location could not be more beautiful. Fondaco Dei Tedeschi epitomizes the best shopping in Venice and you will feel like you have been transported to another world when you step into this mall.

How many other places in the world can boast of shopping malls that are located in centuries-old buildings? Venice is truly special and shopping in a historical building that is located right along an authentic canal is one of the most amazing experiences that Venice has to offer. Even if you do not buy anything here, you need to drop by just for the views and the amazing atmosphere of this mall.

Leather bags at a market in Venice

Il Pavone

This beautiful paper shop is a great choice if you love shopping for traditional stationery. Venice offers you the chance to buy all kinds of paper products from stationary to wrapping paper. This beautiful paper shop is right in the heart of San Polo and it is nestled in by all kinds of department store options.

You can buy some of the marbled paper that this shop is famous for when you visit Venice or you can stop in just to see one of the best shops in the city. Beautiful paper products have long been associated with Venice markets and craftsmanship and you will see why when you look at the inventory of paper products in this store.

The feel of the entire space is really historical and special and you will want to consider at least picking up a small bundle of notecards or stationery to commemorate your visit. Venice is full of historical things to see and do and this shop should be on your list.

The Island of Murano

This private island is the location of the glass-making center in the city, but there are also many lacemakers here. Head into the many shops that line the streets to look for beautiful and authentic wares of all kinds. This is one of the most iconic areas in Venice, Italy and you will be glad that you took the time to drop in here during your visit.

Shopping at night in Venice


This part of the city is readily accessible if you visit the Venezia Mestre. You can enjoy access to bars and cafes here as well as the restored 19th century Forte Marghera. This part of the city offers beautiful views of the Venetian Lagoon and you will be able to have your pick of trattorias for a delicious meal. This location sometimes also offers concerts which are very special and unique.

The Venetian Lagoon is one of the most phenomenal parts of the city and everyone who has ever planned to make a date to visit Venice has thought of this location as part of what makes Venice so unique. Even if you only visit this part of the city to see the lagoon, you will enjoy one of the city's oldest sectors and get to see what really makes the handmade industries in Venice tick!

San Marco

This is the area of the city where all the high-end stores are located. The Napoleonic end of the Piazza offers you all kinds of amazing window-shopping opportunities as well as the chance to buy high-end jewelry and designer clothing and purses. Bulgari and Gucci share space here with all kinds of other top-tier brands.

Even if you are not going to buy any designer products while you are here, you will be able to stop into the stores here and see products in person that are not sold anywhere else in the world. The appreciation for this kind of design art does not have to include buying anything and you will love that you were able to step into these designer stores and see fabled brands up close.

This is a really well-known area in Venice and if you love high fashion shops, this is the spot for you to make time to see. This location is also well-known for its proximity to the Piazza San Marco and the famous St. Mark's Square. You will be able to enjoy San Marco history here as well as unique European history that you cannot find in any other shopping location on earth.

Street art vendor in Venice


This area is dominated by world-famous shopping streets and you can find everything from gift boutiques to clothing shops and rare books stores here. Art supplies and Murano glass are on offer here as well. This is one of the oldest parts of the Campo San Stefano area and you will be amazed at the quaint and beautiful shops that you can step into along these streets.

These are the kinds of shops that people often associate with Venice. Stepping both up and then down to get into a shop is common in this area as the city has settled slowly over time. This is a special place in the city that is so memorable that you should not miss out on seeing it.


This area is known as the food and wine district, however, there are some clothing sellers here as well. Household goods are also on offer here and you will be invited into some of the locations to try food and wine when you pass by. This area is not far from the San Marco area and you will be happy you made the detour into this part of the city even if you are not going to be buying food or wine during your stay.

Where else can you taste some wine, and then walk to a bookstore for a new book? Italy offers you the chance to enjoy everything in a new and special way, and if you are not from Europe, you are probably going to be delighted at locations like this where new and old mingle with ease.

Store in Venice


This is the regular shopping district in Venice and locals will come here to get their groceries and other daily necessities. The wide pedestrian-only shopping location here is called the Strada Nova and you will see everything from a grocery store to an old-fashioned and family-run pet store here. This is an area of Venice that you need to go see if you want to experience an eclectic mix of daily life shopping and very Italian experiences.

Whether you want to actually pick up a pair of shoes or you need to grab some souvenirs or a snack, this is the right part of town for you to head to. The prices will be slightly better here and you can find every kind of shop to visit that will have the necessities that you have been looking for.

San Polo

On the San Polo side of the Rialto Bridge, you will gain access to narrow streets that are mostly souvenir streets. This area is also home to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum which is a must-see location when you visit Venice. Venice offers a unique mix of local fare, tourist attractions, and historical splendor that you will not find in many other places in Europe.

San Polo epitomizes what Venice can offer to visitors. You can shop, dine, and visit a museum all within the same few city blocks. Older cities like this craft a unique shopping experience that includes history and memorable things to see and do in ways that no other place on earth can.

You will be able to wander through historic museums all day long and then you will be able to pop into a shop and buy a scarf or some sunglasses with ease. Shopping in Europe is a full immersion experience and locations like the San Polo part of Venice can really show you what this experience is all about.

Locations in the UK like York can offer you access to local boutiques and unique wares with some historical points of interest along the way, but no city compares to Venice for historical beauty. It seems like every corner has a landmark standing on it that will take your breath away with ease.

Small shop in Venice

Venice Shopping is the Best in the World

There is no city that is as special as this one for offering you the chance to enjoy everything from the best street food to designer clothing and handcrafted wines. The food, the drinks, the shopping, and the atmosphere in Venice are second to none. There are few places on earth that are as beautiful and special as Venice and if you love shopping, this is a place that will top your list for sure!

Make sure to plan to take care of your luggage in a safe and secure way and then enjoy a day of beauty, history, and delightful shops. There is so much to discover and enjoy in Venice that you will probably run out of time to see and do all the things that you had in mind! Consider making time to see all of the most important shopping areas in the city so that you will not miss out on anything that Venice has to offer.

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